Squeaky sounds coming from my 5 year old Ignis: What could be the cause

There was a “thud” once heard when the car went over a speed-breaker at about 25 km/hr.

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Hey there,

The dreaded day has finally come when I post about my car having issues.

A little backlog to the problem, my Ignis turned 5 in February 2023 and has clocked just about 45k kilometres on stock Bridgestone Ecoplas (they’re due for a change, I know) and has been running perfectly until a couple of weeks back, me and my brother started noticing a squeaky sound when driving over potholes and bad roads. There was a “thud” once heard when the car went over a speed-breaker at about 25 km/hr.

The car was serviced in November 2022 when the left shocker was also changed, the sound in particular is coming from the driver’s side, close to tyres. The car is mostly driven in NCR with a few very rough patches near Gurgaon.We do pride ourselves in keeping our cars well maintained over the years which is why this problem is giving me some sleepless nights. What could be the issue and is it expected in a car that has run only 45,000 kilometres?

Please note, the car is mostly driven by myself in a very sedate, annoyingly slow manner and only touches 80+ on highways.

Here's what BHPian Jaggu had to say on the matter:

Get the front suspension checked again, it can be worn out bush or trailing link that is the issue. Do get the right side shocks also checked, ideally while replacing them do it as pairs for best results. Good thing is Maruti has one of the cheapest parts bin and should not cost more than few thousands.

Here's what BHPian vishy76 had to say on the matter:

As Jaggu said, get the front suspension examined thoroughly once. It could be a bad bush in the control arm or the anti-roll bar. Additionally, the strut mounts also tend to squeak sometimes during winters in some cars.

Additionally, please get the other front shock changed too. It is always advisable to change dampers in pairs as opposed to changing just one at a time.

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