Test drove the Tata Punch EV Empowered+ LR Variant: Pros & Cons

Fun to drive, feels like driving a high powered go kart, sharp handling and good pickup

BHPian SchnelleKurven recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I recently test-drove the Tata Punch EV Empowered+ LR Variant.


  • The car looks nice and well differentiated from Tata Punch ICE, especially at the front
  • Fun to drive, feels like driving a high powered go-kart, sharp handling and good pickup
  • Loaded to the gills with features; more importantly with all safety tech
  • One-pedal driving is possible in re-gen mode 3. The use of paddle shifts to change regenerative braking settings is a nice touch.
  • LR has decent enough range, 300 kms in the real world, AC Fast Charging Available
  • Cheapest practical EV option (MG Comet serves a unique use case)
  • 8 Year Warranty on battery pack, extended warranty options available


  • At 15 lacs plus on the road, seems overpriced at a 50% premium over the corresponding Tata Punch ICE top-end model; payback period of 5 years @ 10000 km/year
  • A brand new electronics-loaded product from Tata is a short and long-term reliability question mar
  • The rotary 'gear' selector is fiddly to use
  • Raised Floor (due to battery pack) compared to that of Punch ICE makes for an odd seating position, especially on the rear seat
  • Recent Nexon EV price drop, yet to flow down to Punch EV
  • Nosediving global resale prices of EVs vs. ICE Vehicles

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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