TVS Apache RR 310 set new quarter-mile record at Valley Run

The power output of the modified engine is almost twice that of the street version.

A TVS Apache RR 310 has set a new quarter-mile record at The Valley Run 2022.

TVS debuted the specially modified Apache RR 310 at this year’s event. It competed in the Indian Open Unrestricted Class and was ridden by Jagan Kumar, who set a new quarter-mile record of 11.5 seconds at 195 km/h.

The drag-tuned Apache RR 310 is powered by a 312.2cc engine equipped with an electronically controlled turbocharger. The engine features titanium connecting rods, titanium valves and forged pistons. The company claims that these modifications have resulted in a power output that’s double that of the standard road bike.

The dragster is said to be 37% lighter than the street version. It uses carbon wheels and aero-efficient carbon bodywork and subframe.

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