Tyres on EVs wear out faster than on ICE cars; says study

EV-specific tyres are available from companies like Michelin and Goodyear.

According to new studies, tyres on electric cars tend to wear out faster than those on conventional ICE-powered vehicles. The studies report that daily EV drivers tend to go through a tyre's life very fast without even realising this would happen. As per a JD Power study, EV owners tend to anticipate tyre wear similar to that of an equivalent ICE-powered car.

Ashley Edgar, Senior Director of Benchmarking & Alternative Mobility, JD Power, stated, "The widening satisfaction gap between EVs and gas-powered vehicles highlights an opportunity for tyre manufacturers and automakers to educate EV owners on the differences in performance. Additionally, because of the inherent conflict of maximizing vehicle range and optimizing tyre wear for EVs, tyre manufacturers and automakers need to work together to overcome the challenge without completely sacrificing tyre performance in other areas, especially as the EV market continues to increase."

In another study by CDK Global, conducted in 2023, a respondent commented that "when it comes to EVs, tyres are the new oil change."

A few big tyre OEMs though have started selling tyres specifically for electric cars. EV-specific tyres are available from companies like Michelin and Goodyear. These tyres come with different strengths, weight and resiliency to prevent hampering the EV's range, while also avoiding excessive noise. However, EV-specific tyres, at the moment, are expensive, costing as much as $201 apiece.

Source: TheDrive

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