Uber driver scammed me & charged more fare: Poor customer care response

I was helpless and couldn't prove anything. Maybe he took advantage of our ages - my friend and I are both 16+ years old and we were going to our tuition.

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I take an auto along with my friend twice a week on weekends to travel to tuition, which is approximately a 5km travel and usually costs <100 in the day time and slightly upwards of 100 during night time.

In this instance, I booked an auto and this man, let us call him X accepted the booking and we began to wait. Fast forward 10 minutes, he still has not moved. I called him via the Uber free call. No response. Called his mobile. Again no answer. The second time around he picked up and said he would be there in a few minutes.

We waited for 5 more minutes but he still did not move. We were getting late for the class, hence I opted to cancel and rebook. The same man accepts it. I call, he picks up and promises to be there within 2 minutes and arrives after 5 minutes. I checked the price on the app as attached and it read ₹79. Did not think of taking a screenshot then.

When we reached, I got the customary message which read 'Please pay your driver ₹79'. I gave him a 100 rupee note and waited for change but got none. He claimed that he 'accidentally' ended the ride and did not see the price. I showed him the message on my phone, but he was busy showing his previous trips on his phone, where my trip apparently read ₹101. By the time I saw the location, he quickly went out of the app and I was helpless and couldn't prove anything. I am 100% sure that I saw his phone when we stopped and it showed that I must pay ₹79.

We were already around 15 min late by then and I had no choice but to rush and the man claimed to be generous for willing to forego ₹1. I have seen the initial price changing in case of traffic, or a different route. But never have I faced this type of situation.

I am unaware of how he did it, but the response from Uber was pathetic. Raised the help option in the app and they refunded ₹0.37. I cannot say whether he took advantage of our ages (we both are 16+), but know for sure that we got scammed. I would advise all of you to take screenshots of the price and have some evidence to prove this. Attaching the ride details.

Thanks for reading.

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