UK: Tata confirms Somerset for its battery factory

Battery production is expected to start sometime around 2026.

Tata Motors has confirmed that its new battery factory will be set up at its 'Gravity Smart Campus' in Somerset, UK. The new facility will be operated by Tata's Agratas business and is said to become Britain's largest battery factory.

As per Tata's Agratas business, the operation of the factory will create up to 4,000 new jobs, with "many thousands more expected to be created." The company also stated that by the early 2030s, the plant "will contribute almost half of the projected battery manufacturing capacity required for the UK automotive sector."

The factory will have the capacity to produce 40 GWh of battery cells after a boost from the government via a subsidy of 500 million GBP. Reports suggest that setting up the factory would cost around 4 billion GBP, although the exact figures haven't been revealed.

Primary construction of the plant has already begun, with battery production expected to start sometime around 2026.

Source: AutoExpress

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