Understanding the difference in technology between bikes & scooters

I have both, a Honda CB350 and an Activa & still the scooter always gives me trouble.

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This question has been in my mind for a long time now. Hope experts here will be able to answer. What is the difference between technology for Motorcycles and scooters? For example a Honda motorcycle and Honda Activa? IMHO both should have similar technology but totally different designs and purpose. I am asking this because scooters always give starting trouble, not sure why. If you don't use Activa for 3-4 days, you have to make an attempt to start it with multiple button starts or kicks. Whereas for bikes, mostly it starts in the first starter and never gives any issue even if you start it after a week. I have a Honda CB350 and it always starts in first starter only, but when it comes to my wife's Activa, it always gives trouble when not used for 3-4 days. Both are from Honda and are well-maintained. Still, scooters always give trouble whereas bikes are mostly trouble-free in this area.

Ideally, both should be using the same technology here for starting a vehicle and should work seamlessly. But in the actual world, it is not. Also kicks for scooters like Activa are very poor and take special skill to start. Bike kicks are straightforward and you can easily start a bike quickly. Hope experts throw some light here. Thanks in advance.

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You're comparing a fuel-injected bike with an old carburetor-fed scooter. Try starting an old Honda Unicorn, a Gladiator or even a Splendor (newer ones) and you will see the difference. A lot also depends on the fueling.

The BS6 scooters start in 1-2 kicks even after 8-10 days of dormancy.

PS: wherever I have owned/ridden two different generations of the same model, I found the newer generations had better fuel efficiency but invariably suffered from cold start issues, which alludes to my last point. HH Splendor, Passion, Glamour, Bajaj Caliber (and 115), Pulsar - all had this observation across generations.

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I'm sorry but our old Unicorn (2006) and Bajaj Discover 125 (2005) never gave starting trouble. Not once, unless there came a time to replace the battery. I'm also starting to question this now.

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I live in a society with ~1000 flats. If I hear a long starter being run, being run multiple times, 9 times out of 10, it is a scooter. I work from home and my desk is next to the window so I tend to hear such things a lot. I wouldn't be able to make out the brand of the scooter but we all know which one is the largest selling model. If it helps, I have seen this happen on a 10-day-old Honda Grazia as well.

There *is* a problem that exists. A problem that was solved by Yamaha using the more powerful Smart Motor Generator (SMG) on their new Fascino and RayZ scooters which make no sound at all.

It would make sense that we acknowledge that a problem exists and switch to a superior product that doesn't have that problem. Already far too many Activas are selling, it's time to choose differently maybe?

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