Upgraded the audio & lights on a 2012 Toyota Fortuner after 2.6 lakh km

This is an example that's done over 2,60,000 km and still looks so fresh.

BHPian vigsom recently shared this with other enthusiasts.


Bhpian @RAHS had the following to say on his ownership update on his beloved 2012 Toyota Fortuner:

2nd anniversary is around the corner; can't believe that it's almost 2 years already.

Once again, he was keen that I do the honours on updating you all with a small gift that we gave this wonderful machine on @RAHS' second anniversary with her - the gift of a sound and light upgrade.


My association with Fortuners dates back to even before I met Bhpian @ RAHS, but his car has been rather special, cause this is an example that's done over 2,60,000 km and still looks so fresh. When bhpian @RAHS has an itch, he has to have it done and doesn't look at options this way or that way. For his second-year celebration with the car, he was keen on the following:

  1. A new head unit to replace the archaic silvery head unit that came in the 2012-2015 Fortuners
  2. New speakers to replace the meow speakers that came with the car
  3. New lights for the headlamps and fog lamps

The task on hand

To find the right place to perform this upgrade, he examined a few places in south Bengaluru and JC Road. Fresh after a DIY on my car, I offered him a few options of him sourcing stuff from elsewhere and getting them installed, but he was keen on an end-to-end solution in Bengaluru. He'd got some stuff installed on his then Swift at Car Shringar JC Road some 10 years ago, and also had a few options in Koramangala. After some due diligence on options and pricing with a few places, he zeroed in on Car Shringar Mission Road for this mission!

Mission Mission Road

I was returning late at night from Pune after an official trip and @RAHS asked me if I was okay to accompany him on this mission the following morning. Knowing him, he was earnestly looking for support to help him make some informed choices, and I agreed. So off we went to Car Shringar early in the morning. The budget he'd kept was approx INR 60k for the audio upgrade and approx INR 15k for the lights.

Statutory Warning: Sound and light upgrades can be injurious to one's wallet!

Options available

Audio and audio support systems

  • Head Unit - Pioneer 5290BT, Sony 5500, Sony 4000, Pioneer 5450BT
  • Drivers - Components + coaxials - Hertz, Morel, Helix, Cerwin Vega, Alpine, Infinity, Audison
  • Damping - Nautilus, Moco, Pioneer
  • MDF rings with leatherette covering plus silicone water protection covers


  • Plenty of options from INR 6k a pair to 15k a pair

Final choices

  • Pioneer 5290BT
  • Audison APK165 components and APX 6.5 coaxials
  • Pioneer DS-N180R damping
  • X-7 Seven LEDs

Reasoning behind the choices

  • 5290BT - tried, tested, best seller, and a good tradeoff between price and quality
  • Audison drivers - stretch and get the best that your budget allows
  • Damping - well, the best priced among options available
  • No reasoning

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