Upgraded from a Toyota Altis to a BYD Atto 3: Initial impressions

I know many may dislike its funky interiors but I found them refreshing. Quality of materials also at par with my Altis.

BHPian aseemsood recently shared this with other enthusiasts.


I picked up a Ski White BYD Atto 3 last week.


I currently drive:

  • 2018 BMW 330i GT.
  • 2010 Toyota Corolla Altis.

I wanted to replace my Altis and started looking at options. Started with ICE options (including Hybrids) but then started looking at EVs also.

My requirement:

  • Interior quality/ feel same or better than Altis.
  • Space for 5 people.
  • Needed the car in 2 months - by end of Apr 2023.

Here are the EVs that I evaluated. I liked all of them but I am sharing the reason why I dropped them.

  • BMW i4: Dropped it because it just does not have space for 5 people. Seat at the back is tight on space for 2 adults also. Seating position is very low. (sorry for comparing this to my 330i GT).
  • MG ZS EV: Did not like the interior design and quality. Can seat 5 but not comfortably.
  • Hyundai Ioniq 5: Long waiting period. If this was available sooner I would have bought this one.
  • Kia EV6: Long waiting period. Also, I wasn't sure if I should spend so much for a Kia.
  • Volvo XC40 Recharge: Can't seat 5. Also, boring interiors.

What I liked in BYD atto 3 include:

  • Spacious- Can easily seat 5 adults. And good leg room.
  • Interior design- I know many may dislike its funky interiors but I found them refreshing. Quality of materials also at par with my Altis. Tech is also fairly advanced and fast.
  • Promising Battery Tech- read that their blade technology is the most advanced at present.
  • Uniform pricing/ features across countries- When I bought my BMW 330i GT I read that the same vehicle was being sold in UK at 70% (or less) of the price in India. BYD atto 3 was launched in India, UK, Australia, NZ recently. It costs more or less the same in every country ~INR 35L OTR (GBP 38,000 in UK). Somewhere this also looked good to me. Also, same features are being offered in every country.

Have driven around 600km so far. Happy with the purchase.

7.2KW Charger has been installed at my house. It charges the car in around 10 hours. Speed is around 10% per hour.

Also, please note:

Apple CarPlay is wired at present. They say that wireless may be offered in future but can't confirm. CarPlay disconnected a few times and I had to reconnect the cable.

Some promised features are disabled at present - (i) 4G Data service sim which is promised for 3 years. This will allow car to access internet for music and to create hotspot in car (ii) Map my india navigation is missing for the time being (iii) Android auto missing for now but promised via an update later this year.

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