Want to buy an EV for city use but my family won't let go of our Innova

I have a Toyota Fortuner AT for highway runs. I want to experience EV technology and have test-driven the BYD Atto 3 and Hyundai Ioniq 5.

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In Jan 2022, I was on the verge of being bankrupt because of COVID. In 2022 June, purchased a used Innova and my family thinks it is our Lucky 15.

Since this is a public forum I don’t want to narrate what exactly happened in my life, long story short, I have a business in Kerala and an IT job in Bangalore. I purchased Fortuner AT for highway runs, for city runs I use Innova and I wanted to purchase an EV for city runs, makes perfect sense since I wanted to experience EV technology. I took a test drive of BYD Atto 3 and Ioniq 5.

Here comes trouble, my family thinks our Innova brought good fortune to our life and no matter what I say, they won’t budge. We purchased a small piece of land right next to our house just to park the Fortuner, I don’t have parking for 3 cars. Wife wanted to use only Innova for her and our son's pickup and drop by our driver when I am out of the station.

I have a normal marriage. This means when we disagree... Wife wins.

Life is not linear, you have ups and downs. I asked “How long do you think you can keep a car? 50 years?” The answer was, “Even if it is not running, just keep it in our possession.”

I dropped the new car purchase idea till I can find secure parking for one more car near home, which is very important. My parents stay 3km from my house and they have ample space for parking but I don’t want to travel 3km just to use one car.

Option 2: Is there any?

Kindly note, I am not looking for financial benefits over this, and Innova does the duty without any issues or niggles as expected from a Toyota.

Car in question

Here's what BHPian Turbanator had to say about the matter:

I will keep that Innova. Not just because it brought you good times back but also for doing errands or those highway runs where one has to sit at the rear.

What you need is a new car to satisfy your itch in my opinion.

Don't worry; you are at the right place. Sell that Fortuner and buy something better. Have you looked at iX? BMW has a special offer under buyback 3/4 Years at 4.99%. That's around 12 Lac off if we consider the usual 10% ROI otherwise. You mentioned business, I hope you are aware of the depreciation benefits of EVs. If you buy before 30th, you can claim 40%.

If you find this expensive or don't want to part with Fortuner, do check EV. BMW is running a One-year special offer on the Electric Minis. You claim 40% depreciation, and buyback is assured. Sample enclosed cost; it comes at less than 30k a month.

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Both the Ioniq & Atto are quite good for highways. So, they should be able to take Fortuner's place. You can also check the:

BYD E6 - bigger range but might need a bit of interior overhaul to make it nicer or soon to be launched Tata Harrier that might have a big battery pack.

Tata launches are to keep an eye on if you are not in a hurry to purchase, especially since they have been sticking to their timelines, unlike other manufacturers.

Can you squeeze in a smaller car like the MG Comet or the Tata Tiago as the 3rd car?

Here's what BHPian ninjatalli had to say about the matter:

First of all, let's be honest and stop with the other "reasons" - the need for an EV is basically an itch for a new car (as rightly pointed out by @Turbanator too). I'm guessing your wife doesn't have the same itch so her argument of not disposing of a perfectly good-running Innova seems quite logical and not an easy one to argue against.

Do your parents have a car that can be swapped with the Innova (or the Fortuner for just parking)? That way the Innova stays unsold, you have the Fortuner for highway runs and you can respond to the new car itch (let's be honest and stop with the other "reasons") with a new EV.

If Innova is parked there, that's fine; the usage will be reduced once the EV is brought into the house. If Fortuner is parked there; that should be fine as you'll have to do the 3km drive only for those relatively rarer highway runs.

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How about the Kia EV 6? Certainly, it does alleviate the range concern if you would like to take it for long-distance runs but need a good stretch on the budget. XC40 Recharge can also be considered. Otherwise, try the hybrid ones available. Hycross will be a good choice, a bigger vehicle with more of an SUV-ish stance. You may also exchange your Fortuner for the same. Just my suggestions.

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