What all happened with my MK5 VW Jetta in the last 1 year

I'd parked the car in the basement & someone brushed through the entire left-hand side.

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Here's a brief update about the car.

It's been exactly a year since the repaint was carried out. Apart from that, I just kept on using the car quite regularly. However, one fine day the dreaded (but expected) warning flashed. The gear indicator (PRNDS) flashed. Referring to an issue with the gear selector. After a fair bit of analysis (mostly DIY, courtesy of VCDS and no thanks to the ripping fancy garages of Hyd), I narrowed it down to a worn-out clutch pack (which was confirmed by the garage later from whom I got the clutch pack replaced). Got the original VW clutch pack alongside the LUK Flywheel and got the DSG fluid and filter changed as well.

14,000+ kms since the clutch pack replacement, the car has been driving good. Touchwood. Apart from this, the car didn't see any running whatsoever from the month of March to May. I was busy travelling with the family (read a road trip) all through March and April. I got the clutch pack replaced around the same time (saved me a bit of downtime) as well. June was no different. Was busy with another vacation in Goa followed by my return.

After I was back, I also ended up with a 5'er home. Around the same time, oil change was due in the Jetta. While I was headed to the FNG to hand it over for an oil change, a freak incident took place at a client meeting. I'd parked the car in the basement and left for my meeting. By the time I was back, someone brushed through the entire left-hand side of the car. Had to get the entire left-hand side repainted for no fault of mine. Thanks to this, a half-day affair ended up becoming a two-week sojourn.

27th June 2022, Natasha and I celebrated our first anniversary together. However, she was still at the body shop. Anyways, she was home on the 29th. Did a customary puja since my grandmom wanted to get rid of nazar which Natasha was garnering off-late. Post that, I've used the car a fair bit. But the usage has been erratic. Having multiple cars at my disposal doesn't help either (cars that I pick up as a part of my trade, I use them quite often to keep them running as well). Despite that, the car did see a respectable mileage. What didn't help the case further was the highway running being split between this and the 5. Either way, from last December to this December, the car has clocked 20,000 kms which isn't bad.

Need to sort out a few bits (very minor) in the upcoming service which is due now. Current odo is well past the 120k kms mark. Hoping to see the 150k kms mark by the time she turns two because my running, starting from 2022 is going to go up a fair bit and going forward, this will be my only car.

Apart from the usual bits, the car has been quite reliable and I don't have to think twice before doing a long highway drive.

Attaching a pic for your viewing pleasure from the recent TLC sesh:

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