XUV700: Facing E-parking brake & autohold issues due to parking surface

Once the car is parked and put in Park mode, the EPB engages automatically, following which I turn off and exit the car.

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This is my first post here.

I got my XUV 700 AX7L Petrol from Indraprastha Mahindra Delhi on 17 may 2023 after booking on 07 October 21. Glad as i could be, the car has started to show issues after driving merely 350Kms. The major issue being problem with EPB and Auto Hold.

Now before I go in detail, i searched plenty about the issue but couldn't find any discussion on same anywhere on net.

The problem arises during cold start and witnessed it first on 06 August and again on 09 August.

Once the car is parked and put in Park mode, the EPB engages automatically, following which I turn off and exit the car.

However, when i cold start the car after 1-2 days, wearing seat belt, all doors closed, shift to D from Park, the car starts to move forward without me pressing the accelerator, while EPB is still engaged. The red light on EPB switch glows and the dashboard shows epb still engaged. Yet the car starts to move forward. I have to press the brakes to stop it.

This only happens on cold start. Consecutive stop start, the car functions normally and does not move until i press the accelerator when D mode is engaged and EPB is still active.

Now, normally, once you enter the car, put on seat belt and close the doors, turn the car on and shift to D mode, press accelerator, the car automatically disengages EPB and moves forward.

This still works fine but not at cold start.

Issue 2: the autohold problem.

Sometimes, the autohold despite being engaged and showing green on dashboard doesn't hold the car in place even on flat road. The car crawls forward if i leave it in autohold + D mode. This happens very less but does happen. I also make sure to press the brake fully so that autohold can maintain enough brake pressure and yet the issue arises.

Issue 3: beading near left orvm came loose: i used a strong double tape to stick it back but quite surprised beading falling loose on a brand new car.

Issue 4: the Mahindra A.S.S.- to get above issue checked, i called indraprastha service 13 times for appointment and in turn got one call back to book appointment. I started calling them at 10.30 in morning and was finally able to make appointment at 6 in evening.

Here's what BHPian Vid6639 had to say on the matter:

Does this issue happen only in your basement parking? Have you tried parking the car outside and checking in the morning?

Can you send a pic of the parking spot especially the floor? Is it rough cement or very smooth?

BHPian TMittal93 replied:

So far i have seen this issue happen only in my parking. My parking has smooth granite(photo attached). No I couldn't test it outside my parking because my locality is too congested and cars are parked bumper to bumper. Plus, i dont want some menace scratching the car.

I also thought earlier that perhaps due to smooth surface, the tyres are unable make a grip. But if that was the case, the issue should arise everytime and not just when car is off for more than 10-12 hours.

The issue doesn't repeat if i immediately turn the car off after the problem comes, and restart the car and try to repeat it . It works normally then.

Even 4-5 hrs is not sufficient time for this problem to reappear. It takes a while.

I have 2 videos of issue but i am unable to upload it here.

As far as i understand, it has something to do with engine sending too much power to wheels or epb motor loosing power or grip while long idling:

BHPian Vid6639 replied:

I think this answers everything. Morning the rpm is higher for few mins for engine to warm up. The higher rpm means there is some power going to the front wheels. The electronic parking brake is for the rear wheels.

So in the morning the electronic parking brake is correctly holding the rear brakes but since your parking surface is smooth and slippery, the tyres aren't gripping and it's merely sliding forward with the front torque.

You can prove this theory in another way. This issue won't happen if someone is sitting in the rear seat, as the weight will give more traction to rear wheels and car won't slide ahead in the morning.

I don't think you should bother with Mahindra fingering around further. This is more parking surface issue than car issue. Something which Mahindra probably never thought about.

You just have to work around it by keeping the box in N or P and only slotting in D when starting off or hold it on brake pedal which brakes all 4 wheels.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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