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  • Enfield Electra 350: 1 lakh kms

    I have clocked a lakh kms in the last 11.5 years. The actual odo reading stands at 99100kms now. There were around few hundred kms put together in the last few years in which the speedo was dead.
  • Which Scooter for the Wife?

    We are moving back to India this month and the first thing on the shopping list is a scooter for wifey dear! She previously owned a Kinetic Nova (2005-06). It wasn't the best available back then but…
  • My Harley Davidson Street Bob

    Riding, that’s what had been missing for the last couple of years for me. But before I go the whole hog (pun intended) into the story, let me give you guys a precursor!
  • Ridden: Harley Street 750

    Today is an important day. Finally got to ride around on the Street 750. I say important as it happened a full 2 weeks in advance. I was promised the test ride in the first week of April. Guess Christmas…
  • PICS: Royal Enfield Lifestyle Store

    Royal Enfield has opened up its lifestyle & branding store in New Delhi.
  • My Ninja 250 R

    It all started a few years back. 2009 I guess. I saw the Ninja on the road. It was something else to see her in flesh. I was awestruck and spent the next half an hour collecting the pieces of my jaw…
  • TVS Jupiter or something else?

    Have test ridden the Suzuki Access 125 a couple of days ago. Today took a test ride of the Vespa 125S (this one is being launched tomorrow at INR 92,000.00 on road Bombay) and the TVS Jupiter (INR…
  • My Honda CB Trigger

    Ten years. My TVS Victor GL 110 had served me for almost 10 years. But the signs were there. Increasing traffic, and decreasing road safety. Long distance to office and back. Long distance to anywhere…
  • TB500 vs Harley 750?

    I have a major knee issue for a few years now. While it's not a daily issue, I need to keep them in proper posture & no impact activities as well. Hence prefer cruiser style seating to prevent knee…
  • Enfield's new 400cc engine

    After 60+ years and 3 different engine platforms and crores spent on consultants and foreign R&D companies, RE eventually comes back to increasing the swept volume to increase power.
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