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Default Re: What's your sweet spot? (RPM)

My Getz 1.3 has a sweet spot post 3000 rpm in the 3rd gear all the way till about 5000 rpm.

The best thing I love about my ride is the Torque it offers in City Driving conditions. Its almost diesel like and can putter along in the 2nd and 3rd gear @ 1400-2000 rpm all day long.
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Default Re: What's your sweet spot? (RPM)

Most of the times in city in my Vento I shift before 2200 RPM. But I guess the sweet spot would be around 2500 RPM where the engine is fairly relaxed and because Vento makes it top Torque at this range gives a nice push to the back also.
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Default Re: What's your sweet spot? (RPM)

For my Accent its 2.5k RPM, from here it pulls like rocket pushing me slightly back to seat. For my M1000 the sweet spot starts from idle RPM in 1st gear only!
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Default Re: What's your sweet spot? (RPM)

Originally Posted by sagarpadaki View Post
i20 CRDi has the sweet spot at 2200 RPM. It like an injection filled with adrenaline with the needle just touching your skin.Press the pedal and the needle will sink in and give you a blast of power!! Literally smokes any other similar powered cars! Pulls like a Fighter jet on afterburner!

i20 CRDi @2000 to 2200 rpm, There is sudden thrust & you get pushed back to the seat. Particularly, I feel it in the 2nd gear given the lower rpms (~1000) in 2nd gear is the bitter spot of i20 across all gears.

Never tried 2000+ rpm in 5th gear as its a gear meant for maintaining the speed rather than acceleration (at least that's how I understand). Anyway, 5th does 100+ in 2000 rpm easily. Never felt a need to go beyond.
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Default Re: What's your sweet spot? (RPM)

Since this was an RPM related thread, I had a question.
Am I "under utilizing" my duratec??
I can safely say that apart from twice in my ownership, I have never hit the redline. At the most, she's been upto 5/5.5 k, no redline.
One, because I don't see any perceptible extra being provided. Its more fun to build it up to 4k in 2nd, and then slot to 3rd getting the sweet spot again.
And two, it doesn't feel good through the steering/pedals/psychologically. I "feel" I'm being step fatherly to the engine.
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Default Re: What's your sweet spot? (RPM)

In my Chevy Beat Petrol- It used to be 3rd gear 2000 ish rpm earlier(the second gear is a shame). After installation of K&N it is 2500 to 3500 rpms. The sound is music
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Default Re: What's your sweet spot? (RPM)

My observation on SX4 Zxi VVT; this is a petrol engine:

You get good balance of FE and the pull between 1700 to 2500 rpm.
If you want good power (for a quick overtaking etc.), go to 2500 to 3500 rpm.

In the city, I change the gears to maintain the rpm between 1500 and 2000.
On highway, I go till 2500 rpm (100 kmph in 5th gear) and occasionally 3000 rpm.

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Default Re: What's your sweet spot? (RPM)

Diesel Innova

Within city limits is always < 2000 RPMS. Sometimes , I slot the car in the gear and declutch slowly , the car gently rolls forward in bumper to bumper traffic.

On highways ,I can easily do 80KMPH @2000RPMs, I can comfortably cruise at 100KMPH@ 2500RPM. Best RPM for me to shift is between 2000 to 2500 RPMS. If I need power to overtake a long vehicle then I gun the pedal to 3000RPMs
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Default Re: What's your sweet spot? (RPM)

Maruti Ritz K12M

As has always been the case with small capacity NA petrols, this block is no different when it comes to low end torque. That said its definitely adequate for pottering around on Kochi roads with shift points anywhere between 1400-1600 rpm to as high as 2400-2700 rpm depending on the scenario. For normal driving its always below 2000 rpm. Sometimes I have the habit of short shifting and K12M is very tolerant unlike the 1.2 iVtec on my friends Brio which gives you the feeling it's going to stall.

For spirited driving shift point are always above 3000 rpm. It's useless to upshift below 2000 rpm after 3 rd gear. The real party like the iVtec is right at the top, from 4000 rpm. Comes alive really nicely with a nice sounding growl although the iVtec sounds better. Nonetheless its fun to take it to the red line. For normal highway driving shifting happens at ~2500 rpm.

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Default Re: What's your sweet spot? (RPM)

Maruti Swift Dzire 1.2 VVT Petrol

For spirited driving, or when with full load and/or AC: 2500-3000 rpm
For quick overtaking (read, on the outskirts or on 2-lane highways) with or without AC: 4000-5000 rpm on 2/3/4th gears
For downward slopes, I short shift... leveraging gravity to raise rpm/speed
For normal city driving with zero or one passenger on board, I usually shift at around 1500 rpm (this engine has decent low end torque for a petrol)
For cruising, it's usually 2500-3000 rpm which translates to 90-100 kmph in the top gear.

The FE I get: 14-16 kmpl in city to 17-19 on highways
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Default Re: What's your sweet spot? (RPM)

Tata Nano Twist XT

No Tachometer, I shift up depending upon the engine noise or speed. Normally in the city, I have to keep toggling between the 2nd and 3rd gear. With the AC, I have to shift to the 1st gear. Did a small highway trip in June to Satara, The 4th gear/overdrive was extensively used. The car can accelerate up to 100kmph without much drama. Toggling between 3rd and 4th gear can easily help you stay with the traffic.

Toyota Corolla

In the City, I normally shift between 1.8-2k RPM. On the open roads, I shift between 2.5-3k RPM. Due to the strong low end, I barely have to down shift to the 1st gear. Normally the 3rd gear does the job right from 15kmph. Out on the highways, I normally cruise between 80-100kmph i.e 2000-2500RPM. On 4/6 lane highways, I never have to downshift while overtaking. It quickly accelerates from 60-70kmph in the 5th gear. It's only on the 2-lane roads that I have to downshift to the 3rd or 4th gear if I have to slow down behind a vehicle before overtaking it.
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Default Re: What's your sweet spot? (RPM)

2016 VW Golf Estate 1.4 TSI 125PS

From 2000 rpm it pulls like a torquey diesel and even at 160 km/h most of the time in Autobahn, I am getting an average FE of 17.5 kmpl.

Within city, I will be at 2000 rpm (max torque range) and usually shifts at 2000 rpm.

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