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Default The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!

Wishing all of you a happy and prosperous Dussehra!

Disclaimer: This is my very first thread on the forum. I would sincerely request the members to not be harsh on me for any flaws in the write-ups, grammatical errors or snaps. Please pass on your suggestions so I may edit the post(s) and make improvements wherever necessary. This may be a lengthy thread but I can assure you, it will be worth your time!

I drove home a new Polo GT TDI on 7th October 2013, Monday. This happens to be my first car - my first love, an awesome experience and how! I would like to share with the members about the whole thing, the car inside-out and the events that transpired in between.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2735.jpg

What I loved:
  • Amazing diesel engine - 250 Nm torque and 103 hp on a hatchback. 'nuff said.
  • European styling exudes elegance and charm. Solid build quality inside-out.
  • Excellent vehicle dynamics at high speeds. Incredible stability at higher speeds.
  • Impressive NVH levels for a car with a diesel engine under the hood.
  • Smooth and slick gearshifts - the best among the hatchbacks I've driven till date.

What I disliked:
  • VW India's cost cutting measures for the Indian variant of Polo.
  • Absence of seatbelt reminder dashboard indicator/chime is a major omission.
  • Huge floor hump is obtrusive for the fifth passenger onboard.
  • Expensive spare parts and VW's service is still a concern.
  • Interior rear view mirror - as useless as it can get!

If you would like to quickly browse through the review, proceed to EXTERIORS and continue. If you would like to read a little bit about the backstory, why I opted for this car and how the test drive went, start right after the break.


First things first. Why buy a car? Why not a bike? And why not a second-hand car?

Commutes to workplace/restaurants/multiplexes/supermarkets plus the fact that I do not have a two-wheeler’s license! Strange but true. When I was taking my driving license tests when I turned 18, my mother arrived on the test grounds and insisted the RTO inspecting officer NOT to issue me a two-wheeler license! He grinned, promptly struck the entries and counter-signed it. Because as per her notions, there has been a lot of fatal accidents involving two-wheelers and many young souls losing their lives. This was during my second year of graduation and at a time when most teenagers would dream of owning a Pulsar or a Bull. And there goes mine! I did not have much regrets later on, knowing that I could have taken a two-wheeler’s license against my mother’s will but then if she wanted it that way, I appreciate her feelings for it and let it slide. So two-wheelers were out of question.

I work at Surat, Gujarat and wanted an alternate means of commute from my residence to my workplace which is located at the SEZ, Hazira (approx. 20 km from our apartment) during the weekends and those occasional days when I tend to snooze the alarms in the morn (and miss the company bus thus), to the supermarkets to fetch groceries during weekends, to the multiplexes etc. It has been more than 5 years ever since I have been here and I badly wanted a car now. And having driven a friend plus a fellow Team-BHP member - Amey's Vento TDI recently, I was completely blown away by the car’s sheer performance and the massive low-end torque! I had decided that night - it has got to be an oil burner when I eventually buy one. That’s for sure! I had evaluated many second-hand options when the time was ripe but I could not trust the second-hand market here without knowing how well the owner must have maintained it and what problems may arise later on. I was a bit skeptical about it so I gave up that option and decided to buy a new car.

So why opt for a hatchback? Why not a sedan? Or the Ecosport?

I had always considered buying a hatchback as my first car due to various reasons. In a densely populated city like Surat where every well-to-do family owns a car, it makes a lot of sense to go for a hatchback than a sedan due to the difficulty in maneuvering in the city roads during peak traffic hours and sometimes even parking by the road side wherever it is permitted to. There may be just enough space to park a small hatch but not enough to park something as lengthy as a Honda City or say a Linea. Granted that there are the more recent alternatives like the Amaze and Dzire with their lengths being more or less the same as that of the current-gen. hatchbacks but somehow either their interiors felt unimpressive or maybe I did not like the car at all. I will be brutally honest here - I’d take a European car over a Korean, Indian or Japanese any day - their designs tend to be rather clean and unobtrusive without being excessively curvy or fluidic. In my books, they have always been winners. The customer support in the country is a completely different issue though.

For instance, I hate the Dzire’s boot design whereas the Swift itself looks pretty cool and has a very efficient diesel engine although it may resemble the looks of the Mini Cooper. And looks are a matter of personal preference and as they say, one man’s meat could be another’s poison. I found our family owned Dzire extremely distasteful but my parents found it to be the cheapest good looking sedan from Maruti! I did consider the 1L Ecoboost at one point considering the 123 hp engine, the safety options (6 airbags!) onboard and the impressive equipment features but the lengthy waiting period and the recent price hike by Ford completely put me off. I also came across a few instances wherein genuinely interested customers were given vague responses by the staff at Ford showrooms. This was pretty dissuading to say the least.

Why the Polo GT TDI? Why not the 1.2 TDI or the i20 or the ever reliable Swift ZDI?

Because the rumors of the 1.6L TDI engine from the Vento coming to the Polo and the numerous test mules being spotted, were spread around extensively on various forums including Team-BHP, Autocar India, Facebook etc. and my dream of owning a classy European hatchback with a tried and tested performance Diesel engine just got truer by the day! As much as I loved the interiors and features of the new i20, the over fluidic design did not quite suit my tastes. The Swift was also ruled out because of the lengthy waiting periods and the efficient Diesel engine lacked that kick. It just felt a bit bland to me. Ruling out Hyundai and Maruti, I knew I was taking a huge leap of faith by sidelining the two major players in the market who offers impeccable customer support in the industry right now and comparatively inexpensive maintenance and service charges.

And then one fine day, I came across that post on Facebook wherein a member from Chandigarh claimed he is the first owner of the GT TDI in India. I was completely shocked! I was wondering how a car that has not been launched on the market already delivered to this guy?! I call up VW’s showroom and the sales representative confirms that the 1.6L TDI is indeed coming to the Polo and the launch is imminent. I was extremely elated to hear the response from the guy. At that moment, I told myself, “This is the PALIO GTX moment for me! This is the car I have been waiting for all this while. Go take a test drive and take a call!”

Fast forward a week, the day is September 13th, Friday. The VW website is updated to reflect the GT TDI model, but these buggers copy the specifications from the GT TSI variant blindly which was why there were confusions regarding the hill-hold and ESP (which was corrected after a few days though). The news are afloat on the websites - the GT TDI is to be launched today! I decided to take a test drive on the launch day, registered on VW's website for a TD and 10 minutes passed, I got a call from VW’s PR located at Bombay, confirming the details! That was quick! I visited the showroom the same day evening after work, got a quotation but the demo car had not arrived yet. The sales rep. however was very prompt and gave a call the next day afternoon informing that the demo car has arrived and that I may come over. I visited their showroom around 4 PM and to my shock, there was a power failure with absolutely no backups, not even for the computers! The glass doors were kept wide open and all the people inside felt exhausted with the AC gone and no source of natural ventilation. Luckily the demo car was parked outside and we went for a test drive.

So how did the test drive of the GT TDI go?

To save me some time, let me just Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V the test drive impressions from the other thread:

Took a test drive a while back with my room-mate and 2 sales guys at the showroom. Mind = blown!

The good things:
  • There is a noticeable turbo lag upto 2000 rpm. And then suddenly the turbo kicks in and felt as if we pressed the NOS for an instant!
  • The engine seemed rev happy going all the way up to 5000 rpm without issues. Idles at 900 rpm in the first gear with no vibrations felt in the cabin.
  • Massive low-end torque! Without downshifting much, I was able to zoom past some of those crawling cars on the highway.
  • Gear shifts were seamless, much much better than the Dzire VXi we have at home.
  • Amazing plastics inside the car. No rattling of any parts observed at higher speeds.
  • Driver seat is height adjustable = blessing! No lumbar adjustments though.Good upholstery with dual black-beige combination. Seats felt comfy.
  • Doors auto lock around 25 kmph.
  • An audible warning when the speedo touches 130 kmph.
  • Good NVH for a diesel engine! The bonnet has a dampening provided.
  • Good boot space for a hatch. The rear seats could have been shifted by a notch backwards for a better legroom for the rear passengers.
  • The horn is the classic European horn. A very meek 'peep'. A Roots/Hella horn may be in order.
  • Stalks are interchanged. Left is for directions and right is for wiper controls. I kept turning on the wiper each time I took a turn! Might take some time to get used to.
  • Spare wheel is an alloy = yay!

The bad things:
  • No warnings on the MID or audible indications for the seat-belts! Sorely missed. Most basic cars have this safety feature.
  • No dead pedal.
  • No arm rest for the driver or the rear passengers. Will have to fix one in the front.
  • Useless interior rear-view mirror. The only thing visible through the mirror was the gap between the rear headrests. An aftermarket fitment seems to be a necessity here.
  • Apollo Acelere 185/60 R15 tyres (even the Vento gets the same set and from the same OEM). The Jetta and Passat parked on the showrooms had Goodyear and Pirelli rubbers on them! VW should have at least opted for MRF IMO.

Paid the booking amount. OTR price at Surat comes to 9.31L including a bumper-to-bumper insurance. I asked the dealer to cancel the accessories worth 5k (those were a Teflon coating, a small Ganesha idol for the dashboard, a fragrance, rubber mats and mudflaps).
Tentative delivery in a fortnight's time.
Need I say more? I instantly paid the booking amount of Rs. 10k to the dealer - no questions asked. While the two of us kept telling ourselves about the insane turbo boost and the torque at low speeds while heading back home.

And the remaining payment?

By now, most of us knew that the 1.6L engine on a hatch is going to attract 27% excise duties which meant the car was definitely not going to retail for cheap! As soon as I paid the booking amount, I met a lot of naysayers who weren’t really willing to shell out close to 10 lakh for a hatchback. As for me, I decided to take a loan from SBI for 6 lakh and pay the rest 3.31L from my wallet. The loan would also ensure that I have sufficient savings for the monthly expenditures and other emergencies. In the meantime, the required documentation for the SBI loan were being done by dad from Palakkad and we were constantly in touch over phone calls and mails. SBI had recently enforced a new rule for issuing car loans to prospective loan seekers; a gross salary of 6 lakh per annum - Related Thread (Earn at least 6 Lakh / Year for an SBI Car Loan). Mine was fortunately well above the limit but the documentation part as told by a colleague was a bit painful! Fortunately, my parents were related to SBI (to be a bit more specific, dad retired three years back and mum still works there) so there was always an edge for the employees here. The EMI for 84 months comes to Rs.1683 per lakh, at the current rate of interest, i.e. 10.45%. There is a processing charge of 0.51% (Rs.3060) plus the stamp duty around Rs.350. The processing charges could not be waived however. The documents were appraised in a day's time. Then, they were forwarded to a branch here in Surat and I had to sign them in front of the officer producing a local ID proof. It was done, and the documents were sent back. After a couple of days, the documents were received and the loan sanctioned. I heaved a huge sigh of relief! All the formalities were over.

The final amount was then RTGS'd to the VW dealer's Axis Bank account. The payment process was through and we called up the VW salesperson to confirm the payment but there were a few hiccups because the accounts guy ended up checking their HDFC Bank's account when we had transferred the sum to the Axis Bank! But this was sorted out with a few calls and he confirmed the payment. Then we chose to see the car in flesh at their stockyard a.k.a the Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI). Downloaded the the forum's PDI checklist and took a printout with me which proved very useful. I was very nervous - not sure why but I was going to see the car for the first time and there were a lot of things in my mind at that time. We reached the showroom and our salesperson took us to the stockyard which was located a bit far from the showroom in a chilly Vento. Saw the car and he had requested us not to click any photos because it was forbidden. We wrote down the VIN and they dropped us back. Checking the VIN with our in-house VIN decoder guru Wildon revealed that the production date was 19 September 2013.

To complete the pre-delivery formalities and the dealer's documentation work, we went to the showroom on the 5th October, Saturday. A few feedback forms were filled, VW appraised me of the service part and an agent from the RTO office had come over for the registration formalities. While all this were happening, there she stood smiling at us knowing I am going to be her new owner. I requested the salesperson for the key fob so we could sit inside her for a while. The RTO agent asked me to sign the form, opened the car's bonnet and took a pencil-tracing of the VIN engraved on the chassis on his form. We bid bye to the salesperson, shook hands and left.

On the delivery day, I took an off from work. Went to the showroom around 10 AM. She was eagerly waiting for her owner! I distributed some sweets to the folks in the showroom, the salesperson helped me get acquainted with some of the features of the ride, I drove her out of the showroom and parked her at a place where I could click some snaps in peace. I did and drove to a famous temple here where pooja is performed on new rides. Then, we proceeded to my friend's garage to get the armrest installed. The armrest was installed within an hour and we left to our apartment. What a fun-filled eventful day! I had driven home my first love!

In a nutshell, the whole timeline of events goes like this:

September 13 - VW updates their website with the GT TDI variant. Launch day. Registered for a test drive.

September 14 - Took a test drive. Booking amount paid on the spot.

September 20 - All the documentation work processed from the SBI branch at my hometown - Palakkad and the papers are sent to Surat.

September 23, 24 - Floods in Surat! Some of us are stuck at our homes with no power for 48 hours and limited rations. Pouring continuously. Most establishments shut down.

September 25 - Situation eases, roads are cleared but heavy rains continue for the third day.

September 26 - Courier service resumes and the papers are delivered to the Surat SBI branch. I am asked to appear with the ID proof for signing the papers. Papers signed and sent back to Palakkad the same day.

September 30 - The bank receives the papers, processes it further. Loan is approved and sanctioned.

October 2 - Gandhi Jayanti. RBI holiday. Thus, no NEFT/RTGS transactions for inter-bank transfers.

October 3 - Remaining amount transferred to the dealer's bank account. We go for a PDI of the car at the dealer's stockyard.

October 5 - Documentation work from the dealer completed, signs the RTO papers.

October 7 - Delivery day! Super excited as if I was expecting the delivery of my baby! Left home around 9:30 AM, went to the showroom and I was handed over the key, a box of chocolates and some documentation by the dealer. Clicked a few snaps and left for the temple for a small puja.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2718.jpg

Since I wasn't familiar with the location of the temple, I requested the dealer for some help in this regard and he promptly asked his accessories guy to accompany me for a short trip. He did, the puja was done, a garland was tied to the bonnet and we left.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2720.jpg

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2725.jpg

And she was taken to a calm and serene place for some photoshoot. After all, a hot hatch deserves her private space for some exotic photoshoot right?

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2730.jpg

Before we proceed to the ownership review, a quick glance through the specifications of the ride:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-specifications.png

I have tried to capture as much as information and click as many snaps as I could. Please click on the snap for a higher resolution version.

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Default re: The VW Polo GT TDI - Update @ 3500 kms & new head-unit


The car like any other European car, looks classy from any angle you look at it. Not too fluidic nor blocky. No part jutting out of the profile nor any inconsistent panel gaps evident throughout the construction.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_3003.jpg

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_3006.jpg

- Headlamps get the black treatment and look a lot more cooler than the previous one:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2739.jpg

I have always had a thing for classy sharp-contoured European headlamps than the fluidic or pulled-back designs.

- The front grille gets the GT badging on the twin chrome slats:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2740.jpg

I don't think I'd ever replace it with the aftermarket GTI grille. This one suits me just fine!

- The fog lights:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2744.jpg

- This cover conceals the hole on the frame where the towing hook is threaded:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2745.jpg

Back in Kerala, you would notice a LOT of modified Polo cars with a towing hook in various shades and forms.

- ORVMs have to be manually folded inwards/outwards but the mirrors are electrically controlled:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2760.jpg

- Fortunately, they fold a bit outwards so that's a lifesaver from the nagging cyclists:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2763.jpg

ORVMs lack blinkers (forget puddle lights; they are still a long way ahead!) when most hatchbacks sold in the country have them! A classic case of cost cutting by VW India? The Polo sold elsewhere abroad have them. (Source: VW Polo UK)

- Strangely, the wipers cannot be folded up just like that! The ignition has to be turned ON and OFF, now flick the wiper stalk down and the wipers would now switch to the Service Mode.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_3078.jpg

Not sure if this was intended to be an anti-theft measure by VW but this is extremely inconvenient! I hope the guys at the car washing outlets are well informed about this though.

- The washer nozzles are concealed on the water drainage pocket below the windshield. Hard to miss:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_3000.jpg

The nozzles work as advertised and the spray a good jet on the windshield.

- Door handles not chunky enough a la the Swift. But a pleasure to pull and neatly integrated within the door without jutting out.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2765.jpg

- The subtle wheel fenders:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2755.jpg

- The GT TDI gets the Estrada 15" alloy rims with the 185/60 Apollo Acelere tyres including the spare wheel just like the GT TSI and the Highline variants of the new Polo.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2759.jpg

We get disc brakes for the front tyres and drum brakes for the rear ones. I really wish we got disc brakes for the rear tyres as well considering this is a performance hatchback with an engine that is rated at a higher power. The car is equipped with ABS as well.

- The rear quarter glass on the C-pillar aids in adequate lighting in the rear and makes the space roomier and a little less claustrophobic.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2779.jpg

The unwarranted sticker on the GT TSI doesn't make it to the C-pillar! Good job VW! Some folks prefer cleaner looks IMO. Besides, that's the only way you can distinguish a GT TSI from a GT TDI looking at the side profile of the car:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2864.jpg

- Moving on to the rear, just like the GT TSI variant, VW has done away with the lengthy VOLKSWAGEN and POLO badges on the boot lid:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2775.jpg

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2870.jpg

- Parking sensors integrated within the rear bumper:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2777.jpg

- Classy tail lamps. Not too blocky nor too curvy IMO:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2995.jpg

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2939.jpg

- Sporty rear spoiler with the brake lamp fixture:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2783.jpg

- Rear windshield gets the defogger and a wiper. The washer is integrated within the brake light fixture.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2781.jpg

- The roof lacks the ribs which aid in stiffening. May be it isn't required after all. The good thing is there is no molding at the sides of the roof.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_3008.jpg

- The bonnet/hood is opened by a lever located at the driver side. Opening the bonnet reveals the engine bay. Thanks to the under-bonnet insulation, the NVH levels inside the cabin is exceedingly good:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2791.jpg

The heart of the matter :

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2789.jpg

The inline 4-cylinder 1.6L TDI engine shared by her elder sibling Vento, is rated at 105 PS (103 bhp) at 4400 rpm and a MASSIVE torque of 250 Nm that peaks between 1500-2500 rpm. The engine also finds its way into several other cars from the VW group such as the Audi A1, Skoda Fabia (never made it to India unfortunately), VW Golf and a bunch of cars from the SEAT stable. Fact: This 1.6L engine is imported from Uitenhage, South Africa - an industrial town located 35 km from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. VW might start an engine manufacturing plant in India next year.

- A quick walkthrough of some of the components in the engine bay:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2786.jpg

Clockwise from bottom-left:
1. The windshield washer reservoir.
2. The coolant reservoir - notice the sensor missing on the plastic thingy jutting out.
3. The brake fluid reservoir.
4. The engine.
5. The air filter housing.
6. The battery.
7. The fresh air intake inlet.

- The massive radiator behind the grille:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2752.jpg

In addition to the fan that helps dissipate the heat from the fins of the radiator through convection, the flow of air through the grille also eases this process. The cooling fan remains ON for a while (approx. 8-10 seconds) after the engine is shut down.

- There is no separate unlock switch or lever for the fuel door. Unlocking the car unlocks the fuel door as well. A gentle push on the door opens it, revealing the fuel cap and the tyre inflation pressure ratings:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2767.jpg

- Coming to the rear, the boot is unlocked using the flippy key fob. There is no separate boot unlock switch nor lever inside the car. Like any other VW car, the logo at the rear is flipped to unlock the boot:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2772.jpg

Did I mention, the VW logo (like Skoda's logo) is one of the most stolen logos by miscreants (mostly school going kids!) here at Surat? This has got me worried as well. I may have to reconsider the parking spots before I take the car out. Parking the car on an open space is a big NO!

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Default re: The VW Polo GT TDI - Update @ 3500 kms & new head-unit


Next up, the innards of the car. Good quality plastics inside out. Neatly finished with no sharp or uneven edges. Mating of the plastics at their joints are well done. At least they do not scream Made for India! However, cost cutting is evident compared to the variants sold outside India which I shall be making a mention of.

- All the four doors open in three stages as indicated in the snaps below and shut with a mild pleasing thud.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2841.jpg

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2842.jpg

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2843.jpg

- All the four doors get a speaker (full range drivers) and a storage compartment. The front doors have those which can comfortably hold a 1 L bottle among other oddities such as books, maps etc. The door latches get a touch of chrome.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2861.jpg

- The driver side door gets the ORVM controls, door lock controls and the window controls. When all the doors are locked, the lock icon illuminates itself - a nice and simple touch.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2799.jpg

- Rear doors get a child lock. Use the key in the slot to turn it. No your average fingernails don't have sufficient torque to do that before it breaks and bleeds! Only the key can.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2857.jpg

- The door sills get the GT garnish plate in a brushed metallic finish just like the GT TSI except that the TDI part is missing - suits me! And looks pretty cool. Please excuse the blue wrap - I haven't removed it yet!

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2965.jpg

- All the power windows feature one-touch up and down functions. The rear windows do not roll down completely. This is the best they could:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2894.jpg

- Did I mention ALL the windows get anti-pinch protection? Good job on this aspect VW! I cannot stress how important this feature is when it comes to the safety aspects of a car (esp. with children and oldies onboard!) and I wish it makes itself to all the cars that has power windows.

Name:  Antipinch prot.gif
Views: 23527
Size:  935.9 KB

The dashboard is a mix of beige and black shades. I would have preferred an all black shade on the dash with the touch of beige only on the door padding but that's alright.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_3038.jpg

- Thanks to the dark shade of the dashboard top, there is minimal to no reflection on the windscreen on a bright sunny day. Sometimes this tends to be a major distraction.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2820.jpg

- There is plenty of room in the footwell. The GT TDI gets the sporty Alu. pedal cluster with rubber inserts just like the GT TSI. A dead pedal is sorely missed. Bumper-to-bumper traffic is going to be a major pain!

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2901.jpg

- The steering is wrapped in leather and so is the gear-knob and the handbrake lever handle. Exclusive GT treatment you say! The 3-spoke steering design feels comfortable to hold and operate. Finger contours are missing from the wheel though.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2808.jpg

Note: The thread you notice to the right of the bottom spoke was tied by the pujari.

- Steering-mounted audio and phone controls on the left spoke of the steering wheel.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2801.jpg

With the illumination at night:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2962.jpg

- Like the other Polo variants, the GT TDI also get the height and reach adjustable steering to suit the best driving position for the user.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2847.jpg

- The European style rotary headlamp control system is something new to me, having operated only cars from the Maruti Suzuki stable so far (which btw was purely using the RHS stalk).

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2796.jpg

Notice that the central knob lacks that silver trim outlining found on the Vento and the GT TSI. Why VW?

- Here is a shot in the dark with the bright illumination when the headlamps are turned on.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2952.jpg

- Durable and meaty stalks on either side of the steering wheel.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_3042.jpg

The stalks are interchanged, coming from a user who is adapted to driving Maruti Suzuki cars so far. The left stalk controls the turn indicators and the right one controls the wipers' functionalities and the MID functions with dedicated toggles. Thanks to this reversed logic, I kept turning on the wiper every time I intended to take a turn during my TD!

- The center console has a subtle tilt towards the driver side and has the audio HU neatly integrated below the aircon vents. The chilly climatronic AC is also equipped with a dust and pollen filter. The whole console is surrounded by a piano black finish trim. The console lacks a dedicated clock or a secondary MID a la the i20.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2809.jpg

- The GT TDI comes with a four speaker RCD320 system with support for USB, SD card, Aux. input (using the 3.5mm TRS jack) and Bluetooth (with A2DP support). The HU is manufactured by Visteon Corp. for VW (as indicated by the sticker I had noticed in one of the RCD320 HUs at the service centre).

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2825.jpg

Notice the mic at the top-left corner of the HU for answering the calls via BT. The SQ is good for 320 kbps tracks. I converted a bunch from my FLAC collection to 320 kbps and these played well compared to the 192 kbps tracks. With the low bitrate tracks, the mids felt washed away overpowered by the bass. For music enthusiasts and perfectionists, a good HU with separate components and amps may be in order.

The bright side is, for Android smartphones (with BT) there is a nifty little app. called Radio Remote Control which enables the user to control the functions on the HU. This is a good feature for passengers on the rear seat.

Link to the app from Google play store - Radio Remote Control

The HU has another good thing that goes with it - if Bluetooth is enabled on both the HU and the phone (after it has been paired before), the HU pairs itself automatically everytime you step into the car with the phone with BT enabled. A small beep can be heard after a while which means the phone is paired. Amazing so I need not pair it everytime when I step into the car!

- AC vents can be shut completely. Direction and flow control knobs feel rock solid and isn't made of flimsy plastic. The piano black outlining with silver garnish on the sides exudes elegance:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2821.jpg

- Cigarette lighter is provided on the 12V receptacle. Further ahead of the receptacle lies the cup holders and an additional pocket in front of them. Too many storage spaces!

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2832.jpg

- The 12V receptacle is illuminated in the night by a ring of light. The snap doesn't do justice to it.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2959.jpg

- The passenger-side sun visor gets a vanity mirror but no light. Airbag warning label is missing (adds to the Euro NCAP rating scores!):

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2852.jpg

And the driver-side one gets a ticket holder.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2853.jpg

Although I'd have loved it if that plastic ticket holder was provided on the windshield at the driver's side like this one. (Image courtesy - Team-BHP's Skoda Octavia Review)

- Gearshifts are the best I've come across in a hatchback and has a slick-n-smooth shifting. Coming from the Dzire VXi, this was a huge upgrade! I could feel the vibrations from the clutch while shifting the gears - not sure if that's a good thing but it felt like force feedback!

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2830.jpg

Notice the 'R' reverse gear mode ahead of the first gear. That's again a first for me. The lever has to be pressed down and engaged. Reminded me of a similar arrangement on the Opel Corsa a friend had owned except that the lever had to be pulled upwards to engage the reverse gear.

- Useful pockets on either sides of the handbrake:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2835.jpg

Some of them may get blocked with an aftermarket armrest though. The arm-rest is badly missed on the Polo including the GT variants. The one that the Vento comes with, is sold as an aftermarket accessory by VW which is mighty expensive at 14k (Source: Vagtune, Cochin) and thereabouts! I managed to fit a cheaper armrest (refer the accessories part for the snap).

- The glovebox is HUGE with specific storage slots for the sunglass (felt lining is missed - scratch alert!), coins and the essential documents etc. The glovebox does not get a cooling duct from the main AC - I do not miss it much either. For relative size comparison, that's a Lumia 920 atop the user-manuals pouch.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2838.jpg

- As I had mentioned during my TD, the internal rear view mirror is absolutely useless! All we could see is the space between the rear head restraints. I'll let you guys be the judge.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2813.jpg

VW, for the love of God! Please replace this mirror with a wider one for your next batch.


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Default re: The VW Polo GT TDI - Update @ 3500 kms & new head-unit


- The instrument cluster with the central red backlit MFD is pretty much self explanatory. The good ol' analog temperature gauge is sorely missed; a warning indication for coolant high-temperature is provided however. Even the driver-seatbelt reminder is missed.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2794.jpg

The MFD indicates the time, outside ambient temperature, distance-to-empty, average speed, gear, odometer, fuel gauge, fuel efficiency, recommended gear among others.

- I would like to point out something here. Notice that the MFD is conspicuously covered at the top and bottom with the plastic:

Name:  IMG_2794_MID.JPG
Views: 22354
Size:  52.3 KB

Compare this MFD with the ones that are found on the Polo variants sold elsewhere. Not only is it larger and the information well laid out but the display has a pleasant white readout instead of the bright red readouts on the cramped Indian version MIDs. Several other sensor indications are also missing from the instrument cluster. So much for the cost cutting VW? At least the GT models should have had these upgrades IMO.

Name:  vwpolo_24.jpg
Views: 23133
Size:  127.1 KB

(Image courtesy - Volkswagen Polo Mark-V CNET Au Review)

And if you thought that instrument cluster was good, take a look at this from the Polo Blue GT.

Name:  2013volkswagenpolobluegtinstrumentclusterphoto444318s1280x782.jpg
Views: 22796
Size:  69.4 KB

Now THIS, is what you call a classy instrument cluster. This is available at Vagtune for an aftermarket purchase at 38k INR! The GT models at least deserved this bit IMO.

(Image courtesy - Car & Driver - VW Polo Blue GT 2013)

- The GT TDI gets the same fabric upholstery as that of the GT TSI variant. VW calls it the Milan Titanschwarz fabric. Schwarz in German means Black. It is also the name of a municipality in Germany.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_3046.jpg

- The driver seat gets the height adjustment functionality with adequate thigh support. Lumbar adjustments are missing as is evident from other cars in this segment. Shorter drivers may have an issue with the dashboard height and may have to raise the height of the seat to get a good view.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2990.jpg

- Lateral support of the front seats is very good. They even have a decent bolstering on the sides! What is missed? Back pockets! The maps and magazines must now be stuffed in the door pockets.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2891.jpg

- Rear seat comfort is very good thanks to the plush fabric upholstery and the inclination of the back rest although the leg-room space is bad. If the driver and/or the front passenger is a 6 footer, expect the rear passengers to frown when the front seats are pushed all the way towards the aft.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2860.jpg

The snap above gives a clear idea of the legroom when the front seats pushed towards the FWD and AFT.

- Notice the conventional head restraints for the rear seats which also explains why it is missing for the center passenger:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2887.jpg

When most manufacturers have switched to the inverted L-shaped head restraints for the rear seat, VW is yet to do so in India. The Polo sold elsewhere have the inverted L-shaped restraints. Another classic case of cost cutting? You bet!

Name:  vwpolo_14.jpg
Views: 22540
Size:  102.3 KB

(Image courtesy - Volkswagen Polo Mark-V CNET Au Review)

- The car is equipped with a 3-point front and rear seat belts with a lap belt for the passenger seated on the center.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2851.jpg

The car lacks the ISOFIX tether points for the child safety seats. Also notable is the fact that some of the Polo variants sold elsewhere (outside India), sports height adjustable seat belts with pretensioners. If the Vento could have the height adjustable seat belts, why not the Polo? At least on the Highline variants? This is definitely not an expensive addon considering it is just a basic attachment that slides up and down.

- Bag holders on either B-pillars. Nice!

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2865.jpg

- Rear grab handles get a coat-hook as well.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2815.jpg

- Rear parcel tray is durable and large enough to hold that odd tissue boxes and cushions:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_3049.jpg

But this may potentially block the view from the IRVM (which already offers a poor view to the driver!).

- Ingress/egress is easy and effortless thanks to the wide and large clear space for the door opening. Even a healthy and stubby 6+ footer shouldn't find it hard like my friend Sagar:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_3055.jpg

- The floor hump as evident from the snap below is largely obtrusive and is VW's way of subtly putting across the message that the 5th passenger is unwelcome.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_3053.jpg

Taking a peek below the underbody reveals that the exhaust pipe is routed this way. In that sense, I recall that the Toyota Etios has a very low floor hump.

- The boot is spacious for a hatch rated at 280 litres. The wheel wells do not eat into the boot space much.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2877.jpg

Luggage hooks are provided on either side of the boot. A dedicated light and a 12V receptacle is missed in this space however. Sadly another cost cutting measure by VW.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2881.jpg

- The bootlid/tailgate is equipped with a safety measure to open it from the inside, in the event of an accident when the other doors are locked/jammed:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_3111.jpg

Insert the key into the slot and slide it to the left to unlock the boot.

- Shockingly, the rear seat cannot be folded in a 60:40 split way! It can only be folded completely and doesn't go all the way down either (I tried my best, moved the front seats as much as I could, removed the head restraints from the rear seat but nada.)

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2884.jpg

- Lifting the boot space hardboard reveals the spare wheel. The spare wheel is an alloy and the standard set of tools including the jackscrew is neatly tucked into the alloy in a polyurethane packaging. The spare wheel sits snugly in its well screwed to the car's body and secured using a wing nut.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2883.jpg

- 2 spare fuses and bulbs are bundled enclosed in a polyurethane packaging:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_3113.jpg

- The Polo does not have a keyless entry system. Not yet! The flippy spring-loaded key fob:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2927.jpg

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2929.jpg

Most of it is self-explanatory. However, it is also possible to wind and unwind the windows using the key. Long press the lock button to wind up all the windows and long press the unlock button to unwind them. Pretty nifty I say! A good instance when this could come in handy - the car is parked under the hot sun for a long time while we go shopping/to a bank (say), while returning back unwind all the windows from a distance to exhaust the heat inside as the passengers arrive.

- And the spare key:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2934.jpg

That essentially concludes the interiors part. Let us move on to the next.

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Default re: The VW Polo GT TDI - Update @ 3500 kms & new head-unit


The 1.6L engine packs 103 bhp and 250 Nm of torque. How does the torque numbers fare you ask? For starters, the i20 offers 220 Nm @ 1500-2750 rpm, the Renault Fluence 1.5 DCI packs 240 Nm @ 1850 rpm and the outgoing Skoda Laura 2.0L TDI Ambition does 250 Nm @ 1500-2500 rpm. The sheer torque in a small hatch ensures it seamlessly pulls through crawling traffic without breaking a sweat!

Turn on the ignition and you would instantly recognise the classic diesel-engine hum plus rattles, with a great deal of noise dampened inside the cabin thanks to the padding provided under the hood. Like I had mentioned before, the NVH levels inside the car is extremely good. Turn on the radio/stereo and you wouldn't know if you were inside a car equipped with a diesel engine! The engine idles at 800 rpm. Slot the gear into 1, gently take the foot off the clutch and she gradually glides. Floor the gas, engage the 2nd gear and there is a noticeable turbo-lag until 1500 rpm and here's where the fun begins. The next thing you know, is the instant and sudden acceleration kicking in when the turbo activates itself just as a flight preparing for its take-off would pull you back due to the sudden increase in the g-force. Caught in the middle of a traffic or a bunch of slow moving cars? No problem. Downshift to the 2nd or 3rd gear (depending on the speed) and zoom past all the crawlers on the road - the rev. happy diesel engine will not let you down. Power delivery post 1500-2500 rpm is largely non-linear with the turbo boost kicking in for a short burst.

Unfortunately, I am not in a position to comment on the high-speed cruising aspect of my new ride because I haven't gone past 90 kmph as yet. I am patiently waiting for the engine to run in for the first 1000-1200 km so as to not affect the long-term mileage. However, based on my limited experience from the test drive, I can safely say cruising ability at 150+ kmph is commendable for this car. The car is absolutely rock solid at high speeds and I am pretty sure touching the 180+ kmph mark should be a walk in the park with this engine under the hood. I recall feeling the vibrations (albeit light!) inside the cabin of our Dzire VXi when the speedo goes above 120-130 kmph and my parents asking me to slow down instantly! I bet they are not going to realise that feeling on this ride when they are going to be here come this January. All said and done, there is one downside - the vibrations are felt on the clutch. Take that as force feedback if you want to from a mighty engine under the hood!

Gearshifts are absolutely seamless - no hiccups observed throughout the ride. It did take me a bit coming from the Swift Dzire though to adapt to the new settings. The MFD is equipped with a gearshift indicator that suggests which gear has to be deployed at the current speed with an arrow up and down for upshifting and downshifting respectively. In case, the correct gear is engaged, it displays a dot adjacent to the value. Suspension is incredible and maybe a bit stiff to my liking. It could possibly be because this is a new car and may soften up eventually. Speed bumps and smaller potholes were negotiated with ease without scraping the underbody and I did not hear the passengers onboard complain or scream anytime! I recall missing a speed hump on a couple of occasions but none of them complained - I shall take that as a good thing.

The electric power steering is extremely light, virtually effortless and easy to operate. Maneuverability in the city and around tight parking spots is greatly improved as a result. The downside? Absolutely no feedback from the steering! Lastly as far as the braking aspect goes, the car is super-responsive. There was a recent instance when a bullock came out of nowhere smack in the middle of the road and stood there, while we were approaching at a speed of nearly 70-80 kmph and barely about 100 m away from it (I do not recollect the exact numbers but this could have gotten really messy!). The passenger sitting next to me panicked for a moment alerting me of the animal ahead, I pressed the brake pedal firmly and the car came to a collective stop while I steered past the animal through the left side. No drama there. I only wish the rear brakes were discs though.


A word about some of the crucial safety aspects of the ride:
  • The car is equipped with a 3-point front and rear seat belts with a lap belt for the passenger seated at the center.
  • Airbags are equipped for the driver and co-driver side.
  • When the airbags are deployed in the event of an accident, the entire vehicle is unlocked.
  • Power windows are equipped with anti-pinch protection.
  • There is a provision for unlocking the boot/tailgate from the inside using the key to safely evacuate the passengers in the event of an accident and the other doors being jammed/locked.
  • Height-adjustable head restraints are provided for two rear passengers.
  • The car is equipped with ABS to prevent locking of the brakes in the event of panic braking.

The 2009 Polo 1.2 LHD scored 5 stars for the Euro NCAP ratings. However, the Polo sold in India lacks some of the safety features such as side body airbags, audible/visual seatbelt reminders for the driver and passenger seats on the instrument panel, ISOFIX anchorage points and airbag warning labels on the sunvisors. None of those are available as accessories either. As a result, the rating might be on the lower side IMO.


Navjivan Auto Square is the lone dealer for VW in Surat whereas Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki have at least three dealers. So I did not have much choice but to buy the car from this dealer. The next nearest dealer was located at Navsari which was 35 km away from where we stay right now and since we had no alternate means of commute we gave it a miss. The salesperson I was introduced to was one Mr. Manan Trivedi. He had a very good attitude right from the start when I had inquired about the test drive until I took the delivery. He was extremely prompt in communication and always returned the calls in case he was unable to answer them (happened on a few occasions). I always like people who are communicative - this reduces the chances of confusions and conflicts to a large extent. He was very knowledgable and explained the nuts and bolts of the new car. For the most part, I was well versed with all the features of the car thanks to this forum but I kept silent and let him do his work. The dealer was kind enough to offer us their lounge while completing all the remaining formalities - the desks tend to be a bit crowded otherwise.

Since I wanted to get a puja done for the car, I wasn't very confident of the location of the temple and the roads were a bit crowded being the start of the week. I requested the dealer for some help and he sent along a guy from the showroom who takes care of the accessories department. I thanked him profusely for the help!

Before I drove out of the showroom, I took a box of sweets and distributed it among all the guys who were at the showroom - right from the watchman standing guard outside to the sales head who was sitting in her dedicated room and staring at her PC display all the time. I drove out of the showroom a happy man!

Freebies given - a Ganesha idol for the dash-top and 15L of fuel at the nearby fuel station.

Dealer - Navjivan Auto Square

Rating - 9/10

Overall Experience - Very good. There's definitive scope for improvement regardless.


- Floormats:

Instead of the rubber mats, I chose to go the DIY route and get the noodle mats installed. Kudos to member dinu2506 for inspiring some of us! Took a template using the newspaper and got it cut to perfect dimensions. Looks and feels much better now. The carpet would not be soiled now. Got these for Rs 95 per sq. ft. Got 12 x 2 sq. ft and paid Rs. 2150 after a bit of negotiation.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2911.jpg

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2919.jpg

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2912.jpg

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2915.jpg

- Mudflaps:

Got the OEM VW Polo mudflaps installed by the dealer. Cost me Rs. 900.

- Front arm-rest:

Vagtune is retailing the OEM armrest but at a higher price tag of Rs. 14k and thereabouts. I chose to go with the cheaper universal variant retailing over at eBay. I bit a deal for a Black colored one and got it installed at a friend’s garage/service centre.

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2981.jpg

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2985.jpg

The shade of the arm-rest gels well with the dual-tone upholstery shades. Plastic quality is bad to be honest but I am assuming it would last a while before it calls for a replacement. The faux leather rest slides towards back and forth and feels very comfortable to rest the arm. This has to be the best aftermarket investment for the car I have made. Long distance drives can be super comfortable now! Damages - Rs. 955. Source - eBay India.

- Belkin MicroCharge USB car charger:

Cheap, works well as advertised and sits flush with the receptacle just like the cigarette lighter. It has an output DC voltage of 5V at 1A so iPads and any other devices that require 2A and upwards would not work. Damages - Rs. 190. Source - eBay India.

- Volkwagen key chain and silicone keyfob cover:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_2932.jpg

The keychain is built of metal and has a nice mirror finish. Build quality appears to be good but I doubt how long would the shiny texture last. Can always swap it for a new one later. Damages - Rs. 140. Source - eBay India. The silicone keyfob cover is also available at eBay India.

- Sandisk Cruzer Fit 8 GB:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_3071.jpg

*sigh* I realized I had a spare 4 GB SD card lying around in my desk drawer after purchasing this! The newer batches of the Fit seem to come with a Red stub whereas the older ones came with a Black stub. Not much protrusive as you may have noticed in the snaps. Damages - Rs. 400. Source - eBay India.

- Ambi Pur Car Mini Clip:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_3063.jpg

I stumbled upon these newer range of air fresheners during one of my recent supermarket visits. There were testers for all of them and I chose the ‘Sky Breeze’ flavor. The good thing is the car has a welcoming pleasant smell every time I open the door - brings a smile to my face! The bad thing is, it consumes the content pretty quick! Damages - Rs. 200. Source - eBay India.

- Ganesha idol:

The VW Polo GT TDI - 8000 kms and counting!-img_3066.jpg

When there’s so much of real estate on the top of the dash, how can we not have one small cute idol of Lord Ganesha there! The VW dealer was kind enough to give this for free.

- Jopasu car duster/mini duster:

I read through the thread on the forum and members seem to have a high praise for the quality of this duster. Looked no further and bit a good deal for the combo on eBay. Yet to open the package! Price - Rs. 600.

- Amway car wash 500 mL:

Looks like the Amway car wash is quite popular among the members of this forum. I am yet to receive this as the seller hasn't shipped it yet. Got it for Rs. 200 inc. of shipping from eBay.

Before, I conclude the report, I would like to thank the following people:

1. My parents for their love, blessings, having supported me through all the phases of my life and for all the help you guys lent me for processing and sanctioning the loan. Had it not been for you guys, I would never perhaps seen this day. I wished you guys made it here for the delivery of the car. I love you guys!

2. The Almighty.

3. My organisation where I currently work and my boss who is extremely supportive and dedicated. (I've lost count of the number of times he granted me offs for completing the formalities!).

4. Member Amey - Had I not driven his Vento TDI when he had come to Surat last year, perhaps I wouldn't have chosen the GT TDI not knowing what was under the hood of this insane ride! I owe my deepest gratitude to him.

5. Team-BHP - For the comprehensive reviews compiled by the moderators and the members, the beautiful travelogues especially those to Leh accomplished by a lot of members on the forum (kudos to you guys; you have inspired me to take this up next year!), the informative threads in the technical sections and International automotive scene. I would not have compiled this review but for the other threads in this section. Thank you guys! I hope I can do my bit by contributing whatever little I can. I'd like to extend a special word of thanks to GTO and Viddy for helping me through the course of this review with proper guidance and pointers!

6. My roomie Kich a.k.a Moorthy - Thanks a bunch for accompanying me during the test drive, the umpteen visits to the showroom, the bank, for everything else. Thanks a lot dude. I owe you one!

7. SBI for sanctioning the car loan.

That would be all guys. Thank you for reading through the lengthy thread. I hope I did not bore you with the over-dramatic parts. Over the course of time, I shall constantly update this thread with any findings, upgrades done, the experience and service details.

Shoot away any queries you may have and I shall try my best answering those.


Gannu signing off.

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Default re: The VW Polo GT TDI - Update @ 3500 kms & new head-unit

Thread moved from the Assembly Line (The "Assembly Line" Forum section) to the Initial Ownership Section. Thanks for sharing!
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Default re: The VW Polo GT TDI - Update @ 3500 kms & new head-unit

Let me be the first to congratulate you on the GT TDI!

First GT TDI on TBHP and what an initial ownership review! Nicely detailed and loved reading every bit of it.

Drive safe, and keep updating this thread!
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Default re: The VW Polo GT TDI - Update @ 3500 kms & new head-unit

Hey Gannu_1,
Congratulations on your hot hatch.
Exceptionally well-written write-up.You have covered almost all the details & have matched the "Team-Bhp Official Reviews" standard.

Enjoy your new ride!
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Default re: The VW Polo GT TDI - Update @ 3500 kms & new head-unit

Congrats on your new car and thanks for the lovely, detailed review.
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Default re: The VW Polo GT TDI - Update @ 3500 kms & new head-unit

Congratulations on your hot hatch. Looks stunning in Black. Thanks for the very detailed report of the hot hatch. It was like the official report. Wishing you many happy miles with your car.

Originally Posted by Gannu_1 View Post
Looks like the Amway car wash is quite popular among the members of this forum. I am yet to receive this as the seller hasn't shipped it yet. Got it for Rs. 200 inc. of shipping from eBay.
I have used Amway car wash for quite sometime and was happy with it. The Amway car wash is known to be little strong on the existing polish/wax hence use it with some extra care accordingly.

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Default re: The VW Polo GT TDI - Update @ 3500 kms & new head-unit

Very in-depth review.
Congratulations on your car.

Just a suggestion, if possible get DRLs. The car will look stunning with it!
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Default re: The VW Polo GT TDI - Update @ 3500 kms & new head-unit

Congratulation on your New GT TDI, the black colour looks awesome.

The in depth detailed review makes this one as good as the Official review if not better, do keep updating as the miles climb up!!

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Default re: The VW Polo GT TDI - Update @ 3500 kms & new head-unit

Extremely well composed review. Have rated a well deserved 5 stars.

The black looks good; wonder whether you would be able to maintain it in the long run.

The GT TDi is there in my buy list (may be sometime next year). It is actually the GT TDi or the Octavia as of now. Lets see.

IMHO the red coloured mats do not gel well. (atleast in pics).
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Default re: The VW Polo GT TDI - Update @ 3500 kms & new head-unit

Originally Posted by Gannu_1 View Post

- Shockingly, the rear seat cannot be folded in a 60:40 split way! It can only be folded completely and doesn't go all the way down either (I tried my best, moved the front seats as much as I could, removed the head restraints from the rear seat but nada.)

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Gannu_1 , What a report! covered almost everything. Rated a well deserved 5 stars.
With respect to the rear seat folding, you have to first fold the bench with a small lever under it, and then you can get the seat folded flat. You will have to remove the head rests though.
As you rightly mentioned the missing 60:40 split is quite a pain.

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Excellent review! Pointed out a lot of facts for new buyers. I have a doubt, is the clutch same as the one in vento, heavy and hard to press?
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