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Default 6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon

Last 3-4 years, the plan to do Spiti/Leh was struck in progress mode, never promoted to execution mode. Fast forward, decided to buy CBR250R with intention to complete the so called dream within a year.
Dec 31, 2011
On new year party eve, spoke to my friend(Milind Hiremath) about my intentions of doing this circut. Super, i would also join with 2 more friends was the instant reply. Milind had already done this region once on a Enfield Bullet except that he had to skip the spiti valley due to weather conditions. Overall, he had a good knowledge about the terrain/roads, etc.

So planning started, we divided the work of route/stay planning, spares(specially for CBR), transportation of bikes, To and fro ticket bookings, etc between ourselves.
Intially, it was only 4 riders
Milind Hiremath (CBR250R)
Abhinav Sonakar (CBR250R)
Raghav Sharma (Classic 500) and Myself (CBR250R)

Initial plan was to
Delhi - Shimla - Narkanda - Saraharan - Chitkul - Kalpa - Nako - Tabo - Kaza - Kee - Kibber - Losar - Kunzum La - Chandratal - Gramphoo - Tandi - Keylong - Barchala - Pang - Tagalanga La - Upshi - Leh
Leh - Khardung La - Diskit - Hundar - Agham - Shyok Valley - Pangang tso - Leh
Leh - Tso Moriri - Tso Kar - Leh
Leh - Kargil - Phanikar - Rangdum - Padam - Kargil
Kargil - Srinagar - Dalhouise (Chamba valley) - Delhi

Circulated the plan with HVK and Laluks, got to know from them the plan is little aggressive and have to skip certain places.

Before the start, and as mentioned by HVK, we decided Chamba valley would be too much to include in this trip and it has to be a exclusively done separately. Too add to that just before the start, got news that it was raining in Chamba Valley, too much of foggy days, so not worth doing it.
So it was decided that from Srinagar it would be direct to Delhi with a stop over in between.

By this time, there was one more rider added to the group. So it was 5 riders in total
Prashanth (Classic 350)

And just before 3 weeks from the journey, one more rider joined making it 6 in total.
Ashok (CBR250R)

10 days before the trip, we packed all the bikes and transported it to Delhi through GATI. Bikes reached Delhi in time.
Also got to know from Raghav who received the bike that one of the CBR side stand had broken during transit. What a way to start the trip !!

29th June
Evening, we took a flight to Delhi. It was 4 riders from bangalore, 1 from Pune and 1 from Delhi.

Reached Delhi and crashed at Raghav's residence. Bikes had actually reached Raghav's residence 3 days earlier.

30th June
Time to unpack the bikes and fit back things like mirrors, indicators, etc which was removed before transportation. And also the side stand broken on a CBR had to replaced.
As soon as we started unpacking, we were in for lot of surprises.
GATI, had gifted us with a neat and huge dent on 2 CBR tanks, 1 CBR right handle was bent, as known earlier we already had the CBR side stand broken, C350 main stand was broken and the last CBR silencer cover was scraped.

Called up GATI guys and they were literally no use. Practically it is waste of time, fighting with those people at this moment when we need to be on road next day early morning. The main repair was to get a new handle clip ons for one of the cBR. So called up couple of dealers and got to know that they have the handle bars in stock.
Took the bike to the Service Center and we had the next shock of the day. They would require 2 days to change a handle clips ons. All they had to do his unscrew couple of bolts and nuts and refit a new one. After speaking the Service Manager, they agreed to do it in half day.

In the mean, we had to do some small shopping like boots, engine oil, etc. After that we collected the bike from the service center and headed back home to retire for the day.

July 1
Today's target - Saraharan
What happened - Reached Narakanda

We planned to start by 4 am but ended up leaving home by 5.30 am. Still we could cross Delhi without much traffic. Few kms from the start we had the first stop over, one of the CBR's luggage bungee cord was touching the tire and tore into pieces.

One of our local friend joined till the breakfast point, finished breakfast headed towards Shimla. Un-eventful ride, we reached a Cafe coffee day on the way to Shimla and had lunch. As we were reaching Shimla, it started raining. Re-fuelled in Shimla, started towards Narkanda. Initial plan was to reach Saraharan but due to the late start in the morning, we could not reach there.

Reached Narakanda around 9 pm and got into a hotel, retired for the day.
All packed and ready
Name:  001DSC03783.JPG
Views: 10478
Size:  277.1 KB

Final checkup
Name:  002DSC03784.JPG
Views: 10442
Size:  259.6 KB

Stopover for the first glitch of the trip
Name:  004DSC03793.JPG
Views: 10523
Size:  338.3 KB

First glitch of the trip, bungee cords touched the CBR tire and got cut.
Name:  005DSC03798.JPG
Views: 10449
Size:  308.5 KB

First breakfast
Name:  007DSC03799.JPG
Views: 10368
Size:  361.1 KB

Awesome four laners to Shimla
Name:  010DSC03808.JPG
Views: 10263
Size:  314.2 KB

Roads in between the mountains
Name:  011DSC03810.JPG
Views: 10012
Size:  294.1 KB

Famous Shimla train track
Name:  013DSC03813.JPG
Views: 10044
Size:  404.8 KB

Freshly laid and inviting road to Shimla
Name:  014DSC03816.JPG
Views: 9801
Size:  249.9 KB

Scenic view
Name:  015DSC03818.JPG
Views: 9727
Size:  267.9 KB

Pitstop due to rains
Name:  020DSC03828.JPG
Views: 9741
Size:  311.9 KB

July 2
Today's target - Chitkul
What happened - Reached Chitkul

Instead of taking metal roads to Saraharan, we thought we will try some interior roads and took the roads via Baggi. Roads were not good and took a toll on the time. So we had to skip Saraharan, rode to ramapur directly. Had lunch in rampur.
From here, we reached tapri by 6. Except few places, the roads were too dusty in these regions. There are in the process of metalling the roads i believe.

As we were near Sanga la, a local person stopped by and enquired about us, where we are going, etc. As we mentioned that we are heading to Chitkul, he warned us there is a nala just 5 kms before Chitkul and it might be overflowing because of ice melting during day. This was a surprise for us, because we had got information before that all nala on the way to chitkul have bridges now.

We had two guys race ahead and check the status over there. We enquired about the Nala in Sangala, but folks mentioned that we can easily cross it. We reached the Nala around 9 pm and as mentioned by the local guy earlier, it was running high and fast. So first obstacle of the trip, freezing cold water, knee level, rapid force and to add, big round stones in the nala path. And one more thing to add to the twist, its pitch dark night now. Phew !! Just 5 kms away from destination !

We crossed the nala and reached chitkul by 10.15 pm. Found a hotel, which was run by a lady. She made us hot yummy roti and sabji. Finished dinner and hit the bed.

View from the hotel at Narakanda
Name:  021DSC03836.JPG
Views: 9582
Size:  304.7 KB

Hotel at Narakanda
Name:  022DSC03842.JPG
Views: 9515
Size:  284.3 KB

All set to start for the day
Name:  023DSC03845.JPG
Views: 9444
Size:  331.1 KB

With the horses ready
Name:  024DSC03848.JPG
Views: 9416
Size:  316.4 KB

Group pic
Name:  026DSC03852.JPG
Views: 9411
Size:  323.4 KB

Starting of the off beat road
Name:  027DSC03853.JPG
Views: 9283
Size:  325.9 KB

One more view
Name:  029DSC03856.JPG
Views: 9213
Size:  286.0 KB

Scary roads
Name:  031DSC03858.JPG
Views: 9183
Size:  323.7 KB

Towering mountains and awesome view
Name:  033DSC03860.JPG
Views: 9128
Size:  304.0 KB

Challenging roads
Name:  034DSC03862.JPG
Views: 9094
Size:  315.5 KB

Name:  036DSC03865.JPG
Views: 9110
Size:  321.3 KB

Break and photoshoot
Name:  037DSC03867.JPG
Views: 9016
Size:  305.6 KB

A new challenge after every turn
Name:  039DSC03869.JPG
Views: 9036
Size:  285.9 KB

Not far from Shimla
Name:  041LEH_0015.JPG
Views: 9078
Size:  305.2 KB

One more turn and one more challenge
Name:  042DSC03875.JPG
Views: 8990
Size:  305.8 KB

Wow !! what a view
Name:  043DSC03876.JPG
Views: 8880
Size:  283.6 KB

One more view
Name:  044DSC03877.JPG
Views: 8806
Size:  285.6 KB

Get together, break, little chat and the next plan
Name:  046P1080088.JPG
Views: 8777
Size:  268.3 KB

Local architecture
Name:  047P1080089.JPG
Views: 8737
Size:  292.3 KB

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Default Re: 6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon

Day 2 Pics Contd.
Sitting on a edge and enjoying the beautiful view
Name:  048P1080090.JPG
Views: 8632
Size:  227.3 KB

Roads we left behind
Name:  049P1080091.JPG
Views: 8694
Size:  276.4 KB

Scenic view
Name:  051P1080095.JPG
Views: 8490
Size:  205.2 KB

Waiting for others to join
Name:  053P1080098.JPG
Views: 8568
Size:  285.9 KB

Road which lies ahead
Name:  055P1080105.JPG
Views: 8536
Size:  316.0 KB

Break point and admire the beauty of nature
Name:  059P1080109.JPG
Views: 8499
Size:  283.0 KB

Some locals
Name:  062P1080120.JPG
Views: 8470
Size:  354.5 KB

Looking ahead what in store
Name:  065P1080130.JPG
Views: 8410
Size:  333.2 KB

Beautiful view from the top
Name:  066DSC03879.JPG
Views: 8375
Size:  389.8 KB

One more view of the nature
Name:  069P1080131.JPG
Views: 8391
Size:  341.2 KB

The famous road and its characteristics you get to see all along
Name:  095LEH_0036.JPG
Views: 8337
Size:  346.6 KB

Name:  098LEH_0038.JPG
Views: 8364
Size:  267.9 KB

Interestingly cut !!
Name:  099P1080181.JPG
Views: 8239
Size:  304.4 KB

Best view i could capture
Name:  100P1080183.JPG
Views: 8230
Size:  280.5 KB

Did the contractors testing their pen was writing or they planned the road !! Hmmm
Name:  103LEH_0044.JPG
Views: 8169
Size:  335.1 KB

Rivers were always by our side throughout the journey
Name:  105P1080198.JPG
Views: 8188
Size:  330.2 KB

Again, one more turn and a new challenge
Name:  106LEH_0048.JPG
Views: 8155
Size:  260.3 KB

A guy from Chandigarh, cycling all the way to Chitkul, Hats off to him. Felt we did not accomplish anything after meeting him.
Name:  107LEH_0049.JPG
Views: 8407
Size:  277.6 KB

Rivers/bridges and dams all the way along
Name:  108P1080199.JPG
Views: 8246
Size:  329.8 KB

Can you see the road on the extreme left, edges of this road were really scary as they were very loose.
Name:  113P1080212.JPG
Views: 8059
Size:  270.2 KB

First view of beautiful Chitkul
Name:  115P1080219.JPG
Views: 8039
Size:  245.9 KB

Snow capped mountains around Chitkul
Name:  116P1080221.JPG
Views: 7994
Size:  280.8 KB

The nala we crossed in the night
Name:  117P1080222.JPG
Views: 8029
Size:  262.6 KB

July 3

Today's target - Kaza
What happened - Reached Nako

As we reached chitkul in the night, we were all waiting to see this beautiful village in the day light. When we got up and saw the village, it was mesmerizing. Village was surrounded by snow-capped mountains, beautiful "BASPA" river flowing right in front of the village.
We had our breakfast and started from Chitkul. We thought to refuel the bikes in Sangala and when we reached there, we found that there was no petrol at all. Next re-fuel was at Reckong Peo only. One of the bullet and one CBR was running low on fuel. But we did not had any choice but to ride further.
We reached Recokong Peo and re-fuelled. We filled the spare jerry can with few liters just as a backup.
Headed to Kalpa to watch the beautiful Kailash-Kinnaur mountain ranges. We had lunch while watching the mountain ranges right in front of us.
Our initial plan was to reach Kaza but as we reached here only in afternoon, we realised Kaza was not possible. We revised our target for the day as Tabo.
Our pace for the day was not up to mark to reach even Tabo. It was getting dark as we reached near Nako and we took a wrong road near Nako, ended up doing 9 kms on a wrong road. One of the local person, stopped us and informed us that we are heading in a wrong direction. He also warned us that we won't be able to reach Tabo, reason 1, its dark already. Reason 2, "Malling Nala". He informed us that "Malling Nala" was flowing with too much of water and we won't be able to cross it at this time.
So we had to re-calculate our target for the day. We decided to reach Nako and stay. Reached Nako, had dinner, there we meet one Bhpian(sorry do not remember name) and his couple friends, who had travelled from Mumbai in a Gypsy. They told us that they have camped near the helipad area for the night. We also decided to join them and camp for the night.So first camping of the trip.

First view in the morning of Chitkul
Name:  118P1080224.JPG
Views: 7918
Size:  189.0 KB

One more view
Name:  119P1080225.JPG
Views: 7911
Size:  204.6 KB

Our rides sleeping
Name:  120P1080226.JPG
Views: 7956
Size:  325.3 KB

Baspa river at Chikul village
Name:  121P1080228.JPG
Views: 7941
Size:  258.9 KB

Electrocuted Sumo
Name:  122P1080229.JPG
Views: 7979
Size:  275.3 KB

Scenic view right in front of the room
Name:  123P1080232.JPG
Views: 7854
Size:  200.3 KB

Bike and the snow capped mountains
Name:  124P1080233.JPG
Views: 7829
Size:  198.1 KB

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Default Re: 6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon

Day 3 Pics Contd.
some more Snow capped mountains
Name:  125P1080234.JPG
Views: 7955
Size:  457.4 KB

Name:  126P1080235.JPG
Views: 7771
Size:  192.1 KB

Name:  127P1080241.JPG
Views: 7828
Size:  372.4 KB

On the way back from Chitkul
Name:  128DSC03892.JPG
Views: 7841
Size:  290.8 KB

Milkway !!
Name:  129DSC03893.JPG
Views: 7821
Size:  262.9 KB

The views which we missed during our night ride to Chitkul
Name:  130DSC03894.JPG
Views: 7799
Size:  317.6 KB

Name:  131DSC03895.JPG
Views: 7751
Size:  298.3 KB

One of the 'n' numbers of bridges we crossed
Name:  132DSC03897.JPG
Views: 7738
Size:  319.4 KB

Mermersing views at Chitkul
Name:  133DSC03899.JPG
Views: 7679
Size:  314.3 KB

One more bridge
Name:  134DSC03900.JPG
Views: 7729
Size:  317.7 KB

Break point just after the nala
Name:  135DSC03901.JPG
Views: 7706
Size:  284.3 KB

Nala, which was over flowing in the night
Name:  139DSC03906.JPG
Views: 7676
Size:  297.0 KB

Was really surprised with the water level in the morning
Name:  141P1080246.JPG
Views: 7625
Size:  271.7 KB

Crossing it Was a cake walk in the morning
Name:  143P1080249.JPG
Views: 7580
Size:  287.0 KB

Last one to cross
Name:  144P1080250.JPG
Views: 7535
Size:  302.1 KB

It was just roads, bikes and rivers along
Name:  145DSC03908.JPG
Views: 7534
Size:  298.1 KB

Lots of ups and downs, zig-zag
Name:  147DSC03910.JPG
Views: 7504
Size:  330.6 KB

Where is the road ??
Name:  149LEH_0067.JPG
Views: 7493
Size:  297.4 KB

Bike trying to compete with the water speed
Name:  150P1080257.JPG
Views: 7486
Size:  289.3 KB

Kailash-Kinnaur Mountain Ranges
Name:  151DSC03911.JPG
Views: 7461
Size:  307.2 KB

One more view of the mountain ranges
Name:  154P1080258.JPG
Views: 7492
Size:  327.2 KB

View of the mountain ranges from the hotel
Name:  155P1080261.JPG
Views: 7450
Size:  236.7 KB

Bikes take a break, as we have our lunch facing Kailash-Kinnaur mountain ranges
Name:  156P1080263.JPG
Views: 7401
Size:  297.0 KB

Name:  157P1080264.JPG
Views: 7466
Size:  373.3 KB

Landslides getting cleared
Name:  158DSC03915.JPG
Views: 7382
Size:  315.9 KB

Is it water or milk going down
Name:  159P1080268.JPG
Views: 7398
Size:  302.6 KB

Name:  160P1080269.JPG
Views: 7303
Size:  314.5 KB

Wow !! what a view !!
Name:  161P1080271.JPG
Views: 7327
Size:  300.1 KB

Nature at its best
Name:  162P1080277.JPG
Views: 7292
Size:  332.2 KB

A small break and photoshoot
Name:  163LEH_0071.JPG
Views: 7247
Size:  338.7 KB

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Default Re: 6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon

Day 3 Pics Contd

One more stop for landslide clearance
Name:  164DSC03917.JPG
Views: 7220
Size:  299.1 KB

Break and a photoshoot
Name:  166DSC03921.JPG
Views: 7197
Size:  287.7 KB

Posing with a style
Name:  167DSC03925.JPG
Views: 7199
Size:  271.6 KB

New police check post in this area, heard from the police that they would be introducing permit compulsory in this area soon.
Name:  168DSC03927.JPG
Views: 7190
Size:  347.2 KB

Break, photoshoot, hydration break, etc.
Name:  170LEH_0074.JPG
Views: 7159
Size:  298.8 KB

It was just we, our bikes and the river all along.
Name:  172LEH_0075.JPG
Views: 7130
Size:  306.3 KB

Camping at Nako
Name:  174P1080298.JPG
Views: 7141
Size:  311.0 KB

Camping at Nako
Name:  175P1080299.JPG
Views: 7112
Size:  270.7 KB

July 4
Today's target - Losar
What happened - Reached Losar

Early morning, we decide we will cook our first maggi of the trip for breakfast.
As we left Nako, our immediate stop was "Malling Nala", heard from army personnel over there that, the previous night it was over flowing too much that even the army trucks were unable to cross. It had mellow down in the morning and we crossed the nala.
Next stop was Tabo. A silent and beautiful village. We visited the Tabo Monastery and stopped over here for one more round of maggi and tea.
Next we reached Kaza, headed straight to Kee and Kibber monastery. First we went to Kibber monastery, had lunch over there. Then on return back, we visited Kee Monastery.
Reached Kaza, as it was re-fueling point, next re-fuelling was at Tandi next. Re-fuelled and left Kaza towards Losar.
Most of the road till losar was good, except few kms before losar. As usual, two of our bikers reached losar early and booked a hotel to stay. We reached Losar pretty late, had dinner and retired for the day. Losar was very cold that night.

Early morning view at the camping place, Nako
Name:  176P1080301.JPG
Views: 7116
Size:  246.8 KB

First cooking of the trip, maggi for breakfast
Name:  178LEH_0081.JPG
Views: 7077
Size:  307.9 KB

Lucky Labbie, got to see Spiti and Leh on a gypsy
Name:  179P1080305.JPG
Views: 7028
Size:  324.7 KB

Nako Monastery
Name:  180P1080309.JPG
Views: 6979
Size:  256.8 KB

Group pic at Nako
Name:  181LEH_0085.JPG
Views: 6936
Size:  182.1 KB

The famous Malling Nala
Name:  182P1080312.JPG
Views: 7009
Size:  374.6 KB

Army trucks crossing the malling nala
Name:  184P1080315.JPG
Views: 6999
Size:  399.9 KB

Crossing Malling nala
Name:  186LEH_0086.JPG
Views: 6939
Size:  305.1 KB

Even though water was less in the morning, it had huge round stones, so team work needed badly over here
Name:  187LEH_0088.JPG
Views: 6932
Size:  288.9 KB

Final look after crossing the challenging Malling nala
Name:  188LEH_0089.JPG
Views: 6937
Size:  314.3 KB

Just after malling nala
Name:  189LEH_0091.JPG
Views: 6911
Size:  246.4 KB

Amazing landscape
Name:  190P1080318.JPG
Views: 6860
Size:  283.5 KB

One more amazing landscape with beautifully tarred road
Name:  193LEH_0092.JPG
Views: 6864
Size:  278.8 KB

A kid at one of the checking point.
Name:  194DSC03940.JPG
Views: 6844
Size:  310.6 KB

Road to Tabo
Name:  196DSC03943.JPG
Views: 6814
Size:  253.5 KB

Beautiful Landscape
Name:  197DSC03945.JPG
Views: 6801
Size:  287.7 KB

Straight road to Tabo
Name:  198DSC03946.JPG
Views: 6789
Size:  296.9 KB

Tabo Monastery
Name:  199P1080327.JPG
Views: 6796
Size:  277.8 KB

One more pic of Tabo Monastery
Name:  200P1080329.JPG
Views: 6756
Size:  313.6 KB

The famous Tabo Monastery
Name:  201P1080331.JPG
Views: 6781
Size:  276.9 KB

Each turn would lead to a different terrain and challenges
Name:  204DSC03950.JPG
Views: 6748
Size:  275.1 KB

One more turn
Name:  206DSC03952.JPG
Views: 6728
Size:  319.8 KB

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Default Re: 6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon

Day 4 pics Contd.

Name:  209P1080339.JPG
Views: 6727
Size:  311.0 KB

Tabo to Kaza road
Name:  212DSC03954.JPG
Views: 6745
Size:  320.8 KB

Interesting way of living, hats off to them
Name:  215P1080344.JPG
Views: 6716
Size:  345.2 KB

Name:  218P1080355.JPG
Views: 6724
Size:  319.2 KB

Name:  219P1080357.JPG
Views: 6680
Size:  334.1 KB

Name:  220LEH_0112.JPG
Views: 6668
Size:  245.6 KB

Winding roads to Kaza
Name:  222DSC03958.JPG
Views: 6653
Size:  274.1 KB

The bridge just after Kaza, straight goes to Kee and kibber, left goes to Losar
Name:  233LEH_0128.JPG
Views: 6682
Size:  292.2 KB

On the way to Kee and Kibber
Name:  234DSC03966.JPG
Views: 6641
Size:  280.1 KB

Best place for photography
Name:  237LEH_0129.JPG
Views: 6590
Size:  202.5 KB

Long straight to go..
Name:  238LEH_0130.JPG
Views: 6652
Size:  275.8 KB

Famous Kee Monastery
Name:  240P1080380.JPG
Views: 6597
Size:  342.0 KB

Looks like a art work, amazing landscape and place
Name:  241P1080381.JPG
Views: 6589
Size:  337.2 KB

A beautiful view of a far of village
Name:  247P1080393.JPG
Views: 6601
Size:  317.5 KB

Name:  253P1080402.JPG
Views: 6589
Size:  377.4 KB

No words to explain
Name:  255LEH_0148.JPG
Views: 6542
Size:  249.2 KB

Sun playing hide and seek in between the clouds
Name:  259P1080408.JPG
Views: 6540
Size:  271.5 KB

Kee monastery seen for away on the way to Losar
Name:  261LEH_0167.JPG
Views: 6522
Size:  234.0 KB

Name:  263P1080414.JPG
Views: 6504
Size:  303.3 KB

Is this our own India ? Wow !! unbelievable
Name:  267LEH_0180.JPG
Views: 6551
Size:  326.8 KB

Incredible India
Name:  268LEH_0181.JPG
Views: 6478
Size:  237.6 KB

Photoshoot on one of the straight roads after Kaza to Losar
Name:  275LEH_0186.JPG
Views: 6516
Size:  247.6 KB

July 5
Today's target - Darcha
What happened - Reached Keylong

We had our breakfast at Losar, started early as we had a long journey today. Today's road condition would be horrible till we reach the Leh road, after that we would have the metalled road.
Every inch of the roads from Losar was a challenge for the biker.
Today we would pass the famous "Kunzum La". We reached "Kunzum La", stayed for sometime taking pictures.
Next destination was "Chander Tal". For this once we come down from Kunzum la, we have to take a right deviation towards Chandertal. From deviation, it is 11 kms to Chandertal.
There is absolutely no words to explain the road to chandertal. The width of the road was same as a width of big SUV. If there is one more vehicle from opposite direction, then there was no option to go past each other. Apart from this, the roads slant on both sides like this "^". Bikers could not ride on the left side, as a small mistake over here, would send you tumbling down the gorge. On the right hand side, there were huge round shaped stones on the road, which made the riding impossible. This was for 6 kms of stretch. We almost took 2 hrs to complete this stretch.
We reached Chander Tal, here we need to trek for a km to reach the lake. We were tired because of the 6 kms super stretch, we could trek only 3/4th towards Chandertal. Saw it from far, took pictures and returned back.
On the way back, we stopped at Batal for quick snacks/tea. After this the roads were challenging till we reached the intersection to Leh road just after Rothang pass.
Had my first fall of the journey over here. We stopped for photographs, and just after the stop was a nala, i started the bike and entered the nala, the front tire got struck in between the round stones and i could not move further. The bike titled towards the left, i held on to the bike, but later realized that in that process i might either sprain my hand or legs, so slowly left the bike on the ground and luckily because of it there was no damage to the bike.
After this, for a change i was leading the pack and did not realize that some of them were left behind. Once i reached Chhatru, realized nobody was behind me. So decided to stop there and wait for others. As i was hungry also, decided to have a maggi in a dhabha over there as i wait for my friends.
15 mins, no sign of my friends..
30 mins, no sign..ah, i got into thinking mood, never in 4 days, none of us were distant from each other for not more than 10 mins difference.
45 mins..still no sign of anybody..no phone network..my mind started thinking.. just then saw a Tata sumo coming from that direction. Stopped them and checked with them and they mentioned that they saw the bikers and they had stopped there. They didn't know the reason. The news again got me into serious thinking mode, what next, should i return back ? then need to think about the petrol also ? lot of things were running on my mind.
1 hour, then saw two bikers coming. Stopped them and checked with them. They told me that one of the bullet had a slip in one of the nala and air filter went kaput. They were repairing it and they were getting ready to start from there. This information gave me some relief that all were fine and they are on their way.
30 mins later, they arrived at Chhatru.

As we reached the intersection to Leh Road, metal roads invited us. And this was the end of the famous Spiti/Lahulal Valley.

We quickly had a cup of tea, as we thought we will reach Tandi early and re-fuel. We were running late due to the wonderful roads we encountered at Chandertal and our target had to revised to Keylong.
But by the time we reached Tandi, the petrol bunk was closed. We could not get any accommodation at Tandi, so we reached Keylong and called the day off.
It was quite a tiresome day !!

Kunzum La
Name:  282P1080424.JPG
Views: 6503
Size:  295.9 KB

Clouds and snowcapped mountains around Kunzum La
Name:  284P1080427.JPG
Views: 6490
Size:  248.1 KB

Chander Tal
Name:  288P1080431.JPG
Views: 6467
Size:  288.1 KB

Name:  291LEH_0198.JPG
Views: 6449
Size:  269.2 KB

Batal, regrouping, chai, etc
Name:  294LEH_0200.JPG
Views: 6448
Size:  225.5 KB

Roads after Batal towards Keylong
Name:  295P1080445.JPG
Views: 6469
Size:  307.8 KB

Lost count of Nalas over this stretch
Name:  298LEH_0202.JPG
Views: 6438
Size:  341.5 KB

Waiting for others to join at Chhatru
Name:  300P1080450.JPG
Views: 6452
Size:  327.2 KB

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Default Re: 6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon

Day 5 Pics Contd

If i am not wrong, this the nala just after Chotha Dhara
Name:  304DSC04002.JPG
Views: 6442
Size:  311.7 KB

Analyzing how to cross it
Name:  306DSC04004.JPG
Views: 6439
Size:  278.7 KB

Name:  307LEH_0204.JPG
Views: 6451
Size:  365.1 KB

Gift from the nala to the bullet
Name:  309DSC04008.JPG
Views: 6414
Size:  279.5 KB

Rest after crossing the nala
Name:  312DSC04010.JPG
Views: 6405
Size:  290.1 KB

Time for the personal belongings to cross the nala
Name:  316DSC04014.JPG
Views: 6397
Size:  344.1 KB

July 6
Today's target - Pang
What happened - Reached Pang

Today, we decided to do some basic checking of the bikes as we had done quite kms till now(Appx 1000kms and not good roads). And also most of the roads today was metaled, assuming we could cover the distance we need to easily. We checked for the loose bolt and nuts on the bike, cleaned and lube the chain and checked for tire pressure. Had breakfast at keylong. We had one more issue today, as we did not re-fuel at Tandi the previous day and the next re-fuel is at Upshi/Karu. We went back to Tandi, refueled and started our journey.
Next we stopped at Sarchu for light snacks.
Then a small pitstop at Darcha for photos. Darcha known for camping or trek's paradise area and there is lot of tents available for accommodation.
Next stop was Baracha La. Few of them encountered the snow for first time, so they spent quite some time over here enjoying the snow.
After this before our final destination for the day, we went past Nakeela and Lachalung Pass. We covered these passes little late in the evening, so it was very cold. Finally we reached Pang and called the day off in one of the Dhabha.

View of the mountains from the room at Keylong
Name:  317LEH_0210.JPG
Views: 6357
Size:  172.9 KB

Name:  320LEH_0211.JPG
Views: 6342
Size:  213.3 KB

Before Barchala
Name:  327DSC04019.JPG
Views: 6342
Size:  278.4 KB

Name:  329DSC04021.JPG
Views: 6329
Size:  293.3 KB

Name:  330DSC04023.JPG
Views: 6302
Size:  295.5 KB

On the way to Barchala
Name:  332P1080474.JPG
Views: 6385
Size:  323.6 KB

Name:  335LEH_0217.JPG
Views: 6327
Size:  261.1 KB

Name:  340P1080491.JPG
Views: 6312
Size:  321.8 KB

One more pic at Barchala
Name:  342LEH_0221.JPG
Views: 6323
Size:  290.2 KB

Name:  349LEH_0232.JPG
Views: 6279
Size:  232.1 KB

Surrounding Darcha
Name:  351P1080528.JPG
Views: 6253
Size:  315.1 KB

Gata Loops
Name:  353P1080531.JPG
Views: 6258
Size:  308.8 KB

July 7
Today's target - Leh
What happened - Reached Leh

As our today's target was Leh and had to reach Leh early so that we can get the required permits and wouldn't have to waste one more day for that, so left Pang early.
We crossed Morre Plains, we missed the original morre plains, riding on the sand, as they had metaled the road just then. But just after morre plains, the roads were horrible.
In fact had my second fall here. As there was too much of sand, people made their own roads at these stretch. At one stretch, the road was on the slope of a small hill with lots of sand, i was doing pretty slow speed over here. But still lost the grip of the front tires and had a slide. As i was in slow speed, left the bike on to my left, without hurting myself neither to the bike.
We reached Debring Camp and had a relaxing tea.
After regrouping, started and reached Tangala, the second highest motorable road in the world. Spent some time clicking pictures and then headed straight to Leh.
Reached Leh around 3 pm and went straight to Commissioner office for the permits. As we knew what all documents to be taken plus the application form filled earlier itself, we were out of commissioner office with permits by 4pm.
Next was to find a accommodation. One of the check post person near Upshi had given us a hotel card. We thought to check there and found the place was reasonable, had good parking space for the bikes plus we could do some servicing of the bikes peacefully without disturbing anybody.

So here we are finally, reached Leh after 7 days of awesome, mind blowing riding.

Name:  355P1080536.JPG
Views: 6251
Size:  363.0 KB

Freshly laid roads at Moore Plains
Name:  356P1080538.JPG
Views: 6268
Size:  302.4 KB

Group photo at Moore plains
Name:  357P1080542.JPG
Views: 6258
Size:  294.5 KB

Name:  358P1080543.JPG
Views: 6246
Size:  306.3 KB

Name:  360P1080547.JPG
Views: 6276
Size:  246.5 KB

View of the roads from Taglang la
Name:  363P1080553.JPG
Views: 6264
Size:  441.2 KB

Name:  364P1080555.JPG
Views: 6230
Size:  292.2 KB

View of the roads from Taglang la towards Leh
Name:  368P1080561.JPG
Views: 6211
Size:  327.7 KB

Name:  370P1080567.JPG
Views: 6201
Size:  284.1 KB

July 8
Rest day

As it was the rest day, first thing we did was get the bikes washed. Found a good place little away from city and got the bike washed neatly. Got back to the hotel.
Started with some small maintenance on the bike like oil filter and oil change, tightening of the bolts and nuts, air filter change, tire pressure, coolant top up, chain cleaning and lubing,etc. By the time we finished up with this it was 4 in the evening.
Then we headed to Leh palace, spent some time.
From Leh palace, we went Shanti Stupa. From there headed to much important place, "ATM". Then had our dinner and retired for the day.
We got the news from local that there was a major landslide on the way to Pangong Tso lake and it would be blocked for next 2 days.
First disappointment of the trip, reason being, Our initial plan was to do Leh - Hundar(stay) then reach Pangong Tso through Shyok Valley. Stay at Pangon Tso and then return to Leh.
So now with the landslide, we had to revisit our itinerary. So we decided to skip Pangong Tso(with heavy heart).

Leh City
Name:  386P1080590.JPG
Views: 6197
Size:  348.7 KB

Monastery opposite to Leh Palace
Name:  388P1080598.JPG
Views: 6181
Size:  288.7 KB

View of the Leh City from Leh palace
Name:  390P1080605.JPG
Views: 6167
Size:  314.9 KB

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Default Re: 6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon

Day 8 Pics Contd

Name:  393P1080639.JPG
Views: 6166
Size:  309.5 KB

Shanti Stupa
Name:  395P1080649.JPG
Views: 6165
Size:  379.0 KB

July 9
Today's target - Hundar
What happened - Reached Hundar

As we had heard roads to Hundar except in between the Khardung La were very good, we finished our breakfast at Leh itself and started little late in the morning.
Passing South Pullu we reached Khardung La, the highest motor able road in the world. Everybody were very excited as this is known as the place in the bikers fraternity and all of them achieved it in one piece. Spent sometime here, had the best lemon tea and maggi at the Army's Canteen.
Started from Khardung La, went past North Pullu, roads till Khardung Village is not good. Reached Khalsar and had lunch.
Roads to Hundar is just awesome, super twisty. Reached Hundar and spent time at the Sand dunes. Watched the double hump camels(well known in this area).
Then found a place at the Hundar Village and retired for the day.
Personally, after Chitkul, Hundar was the next place i liked a lot. Again a very calm, beautiful small village.

Here, we meet a person by name "Satyajit" from Calcutta, a mid 50's aged person, he stayed in the same place at Hundar. He was a riding a FZ-S all alone. His plan was similar to one like us to cover Leh and Spiti valley. As we talked, he mentioned that he is heading to Leh next day and then to Tso morriri the next day. As our planned also was same now, we decided to ride together.

India Gate
Name:  399P1080687.JPG
Views: 6164
Size:  319.1 KB

Name:  400P1080689.JPG
Views: 6160
Size:  334.0 KB

Group photo at Khardungla
Name:  402LEH_0255.JPG
Views: 6128
Size:  295.6 KB

Finally got Leh'd
Name:  403P1080701.JPG
Views: 6123
Size:  317.9 KB

Name:  404P1080702.JPG
Views: 6126
Size:  279.4 KB

Snow blanket at Khardungla
Name:  406P1080718.JPG
Views: 6074
Size:  315.6 KB

Roads towards Hundar from Khardungla
Name:  407P1080719.JPG
Views: 6062
Size:  347.5 KB

Landslide clearing
Name:  408P1080723.JPG
Views: 6066
Size:  343.5 KB

Waiting for the clearing of the road
Name:  410P1080729.JPG
Views: 6027
Size:  289.7 KB

Name:  412P1080737.JPG
Views: 6020
Size:  308.5 KB

Sanddunes at Hundar
Name:  415P1080765.JPG
Views: 6019
Size:  304.5 KB

Near to Hundar
Name:  418P1080774.JPG
Views: 6040
Size:  310.6 KB

Double Hump Camels
Name:  420P1080798.JPG
Views: 6005
Size:  303.7 KB

Entrance of the homestay at Hundar
Name:  421LEH_0286.JPG
Views: 5980
Size:  290.2 KB

July 10
Today's target - Pangong Tso
What happened - Cancelled Pangong Tso due to landslides, reached Leh

Next morning, we got the chance to have fresh Ladhakhi bread prepared by our host. Got some insight about their living in those areas, about their forefathers, etc.
As our plan to Pangong Tso got cancelled. We decided to head back to Leh.
On the way back, we stopped over at Disxit Gompha. A very beautiful Monastery and you get a very scenic view of the surrounding area.
One more stop at khardung la, it was very cold there, i believe it was just 3 pm or so. Army Canteen were closing down due to the weather change.
And then reached back Leh.

Widely seen in this region
Name:  422DSC04030.JPG
Views: 5969
Size:  311.8 KB

Dinning Hall at the homestay
Name:  424P1080870.JPG
Views: 5971
Size:  317.3 KB

Name:  425P1080871.JPG
Views: 5951
Size:  271.3 KB

On the way to Disxit
Name:  426P1080874.JPG
Views: 5957
Size:  271.1 KB

Disxit Monastery
Name:  428P1080877.JPG
Views: 5934
Size:  267.0 KB

View from the Disxit Monastery
Name:  433DSC04036.JPG
Views: 5920
Size:  305.0 KB

Beautiful Landscape around Disxit Monastery
Name:  438DSC04042.JPG
Views: 5952
Size:  340.1 KB

Statue at Disxit Monastery
Name:  447DSC04053.JPG
Views: 5924
Size:  308.1 KB

Name:  451DSC04059.JPG
Views: 5892
Size:  332.6 KB

What a way to see the world ?
Name:  453DSC04062.JPG
Views: 5910
Size:  360.0 KB

With the rides
Name:  454DSC04063.JPG
Views: 5903
Size:  263.5 KB

Name:  455LEH_0326.JPG
Views: 5831
Size:  192.3 KB

Group photo at Disxit
Name:  456LEH_0327.JPG
Views: 5871
Size:  302.1 KB

Way back to Khardungla
Name:  457DSC04066.JPG
Views: 5876
Size:  293.3 KB

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Default Re: 6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon

Day 10 Pics Contd.

Name:  459DSC04068.JPG
Views: 5868
Size:  265.1 KB

Name:  462DSC04071.JPG
Views: 5856
Size:  336.1 KB

July 11
Today's target - Leh

Revised Target - Tso Morriri
What happened - Reached Tso Morriri

I am going to keep the target destination as what we planned on day one of the trip, so that we know how we changed plans due to unpredictable weather conditions in Ladhakh region. I will also add my revised target destination also.

As we knew we would be doing Tso Morriri, we had re-fuelled our bikes the previous day and also filled all the spare jerry cans also.
Road to Tso morriri till Tso KyaGar is awesome. Except that we had to stop couple of places where BRO was clearing landslides. From Tso KyaGar, next 30 kms are pure dirt track. Finally we reached Tso morriri by 7pm. Our plan for the night is to camp and cook dinner for the night. We were running late on this as it was getting dark. So quickly 5 of us decided to pitch tents and remaining 2 went to the village and get some vegetables for the dinner and breakfast. We pitched the tent and prepared decilious maggi for dinner. That night at Tso Morriri was really cold.

On the way Tso Mooriri
Name:  464P1080896.JPG
Views: 5872
Size:  276.2 KB

Name:  465P1080900.JPG
Views: 5832
Size:  297.7 KB

Name:  466DSC04074.JPG
Views: 5834
Size:  280.6 KB

A small and beautiful village on the way to Tso Mooriri
Name:  467P1080901.JPG
Views: 5848
Size:  308.3 KB

Name:  471DSC04079.JPG
Views: 5806
Size:  280.4 KB

Turn to Tso mooriri
Name:  475DSC04082.JPG
Views: 5810
Size:  274.8 KB

Name:  476P1080921.JPG
Views: 5784
Size:  265.3 KB

First view of Tso Kyagar
Name:  477P1080922.JPG
Views: 5751
Size:  299.2 KB

In front of Tso Kyagar
Name:  479P1080926.JPG
Views: 5770
Size:  290.4 KB

Road Unknown - best tagline made for Honda CBR
Name:  480P1080934.JPG
Views: 5785
Size:  284.5 KB

My favourite pic - On the way to Tso Mooriri
Name:  481P1080935.JPG
Views: 5753
Size:  303.8 KB

Name:  482LEH_0351.JPG
Views: 5730
Size:  209.7 KB

One more favourite pic
Name:  483LEH_0354.JPG
Views: 5745
Size:  271.1 KB

Name:  484LEH_0355.JPG
Views: 5698
Size:  172.6 KB

Camping Site at Tso Mooriri
Name:  490P1080947.JPG
Views: 5731
Size:  292.8 KB

Tso Mooriri
Name:  491LEH_0371.JPG
Views: 5682
Size:  204.1 KB

Evening tea in making
Name:  496DSC04098.JPG
Views: 5713
Size:  304.1 KB

Our tents and temporary kitchen
Name:  497DSC04099.JPG
Views: 5697
Size:  324.3 KB

Name:  498DSC04100.JPG
Views: 5683
Size:  328.1 KB

Name:  499DSC04101.JPG
Views: 5668
Size:  313.6 KB

July 12
Today's target - Tso Morriri

Revised Target - Leh
What happened - Reached Leh

Next day morning, we prepared some omlet plus bread(carried from Leh) for breakfast. Started from Tso morriri back to Leh. It was un-eventful journey back to Leh.
We had say Adieu to Mr.Satyajit at Debring Camp as his plan was to head to Spiti Valley. An extremely experienced person, runs a adventure based business at Calcutta, had trekked most places in Ladhakh region.
Reached Leh late in the evening and retired for the day.

Tso Mooriri
Name:  503P1080948.JPG
Views: 5699
Size:  344.6 KB

Crystal Clear Tso Mooriri Lake
Name:  504P1080950.JPG
Views: 5679
Size:  365.5 KB

Group photo is front of Tso Mooriri Lake
Name:  508LEH_0382.JPG
Views: 5661
Size:  241.0 KB

Some of the locals
Name:  509P1080957.JPG
Views: 5673
Size:  293.6 KB

Name:  510P1080959.JPG
Views: 5668
Size:  311.8 KB

Name:  511P1080960.JPG
Views: 5668
Size:  319.4 KB

First view of Tso Kar
Name:  513P1080964.JPG
Views: 5661
Size:  363.8 KB

Name:  514LEH_0386.JPG
Views: 5597
Size:  200.7 KB

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Default Re: 6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon

Day 12 Pics Contd.

Near Debring Camp, where we said bye to our friend Satyajit
Name:  516P1080973.JPG
Views: 5692
Size:  284.0 KB

Red Mountains
Name:  517P1080978.JPG
Views: 5644
Size:  297.9 KB

July 13
Today's target - Leh

Revised Target - Kargil
What happened - Reached Kargil

We bid adieu to Leh city and headed towards to Kargil. On the way we stopped over at Magnetic Hill, and reached Kargil late at night. Here again couple of them were left behind and they reached pretty late to Kargil. Found a place and retired for the day.

Magnetic Hill
Name:  521DSC04111.JPG
Views: 5662
Size:  318.4 KB

Name:  523P1080984.JPG
Views: 5640
Size:  304.1 KB

Lamayaru Monastery
Name:  524P1080991.JPG
Views: 5623
Size:  188.7 KB

Name:  526P1080996.JPG
Views: 5605
Size:  253.1 KB

Name:  527P1080997.JPG
Views: 5625
Size:  283.3 KB

July 14
Today's target - Kargil

Revised Target - Padum
What happened - Went till Rangdeum and reached back to Kargil

We do not have any refuelling point at Padum, except that some shops sell petrol at padum. So re-fuelled the tanks and jerry cans at Kargil. We had the first issue with bike here after covering appx 2750 kms. One of the CBR Chain slider had fallen down. We had spare but we were missing the t-spanner of 8mm, so he stayed back to get that fixed. He got that fixed late in the afternoon, so he stayed back at Kargil itself.

Remaining of us headed to Padum, reached Phanikar and stopped over for a quick snack/tea break. We under estimated the roads to Padum. By the time we reached Ragdeum, it was 3 pm. We had our late lunch, then started thinking should we continue or stay at Ragdeum or head back to kargil. Then we decided to head back to Kargil. I was literally standing all through the ride back till Kargil, such were the condition of the roads. By the time, we reached back Kargil it was pretty late and tiring.

Some random pics from Rangdeum Area

6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon-p1090001.jpg

6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon-p1090003.jpg

6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon-p1090005.jpg

6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon-p1090008.jpg

6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon-p1090009.jpg

6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon-p1090013.jpg

6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon-p1090014.jpg

6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon-p1090015.jpg

6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon-p1090016.jpg

6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon-p1090018.jpg

July 15
Today's target - Padum

Revised Target - Srinagar
What happened - Reached Srinagar

Again before we started our journey, we did little maintenance on the bikes like checking bolt and nuts, chain cleaning and lubing, etc.
We reached Kargil-Tiger hills area, where they have the memorial place for the soliders who died fighting in the kargil war. Spent some time, as the Vijay diwas was approaching, they were practice some events for that day and also there was huge flag post being installed for inguration on that day.
Then we crossed the famous Zojila, we had some scare moments here. By the time we reached here, there was little rains and made the roads little dangerous.
Reached Srinagar, rented a boat house and retired for the day

July 16
Today's target - Kargil

Revised Target - Srinagar
What happened - Stayed in Srinagar

As we had extra days in our schedule, we stayed at Srinagar in a house boat, morning we went for a ride in the shikara on the famous Dal Lake. After sometime we got to see the famous shops on the Dal Lake. Then we returned to the house boat. Had lunch at the famous restaurant Mughal Darbar. Then lazed on the balcony of the house boat rest of the day.

July 17
Today's target - Srinagar

Revised Target - Pathnakot
What happened - Reached Pathnakot

We left Srinagar after breakfast, it was a quite journey back to Delhi until crossed Jammu. After Jammu the traffic become very horrible on the ghat section and took toll on our timing. Because of that by the time we reached Pathnakot, it quite late in the night. To add to this, one of the bike headlight switch was broken and we could not switch on the light. So literally we had to escort him all the way till Pathnakot.
At Pathnakot, we found a dhabha, had dinner and slept at the dhabha itself. It was getting very hot from here.

July 18
Rest day

Revised Target - Delhi
What happened - Reached Delhi

Got up early in the morning, thinking we can cover the distance to Delhi easily as the roads would be very good. Never imagined the ride to Delhi from Pathnakot could be so tiresome. Just after few kilometers after Pathnakot, the heat started taking toll on us. So probably each of us that day would have drank more than 8-10 liters of water. By the time we reached Delhi was almost 8 in the evening. Headed straight to friends house, had a good hot bath and awesome homely food for dinner after 18 days, retired for the day.

July 19
Today's target - Pathanakot

Revised Target - Delhi
What happened - Delhi

As we had some issues with the transport who ferried the bikes from Bangalore to Delhi, we decided to find a alternate transporter for it. Checked some places and finally found a vendor who transports Hyundai cars. Made a deal with him and he suggested us to leave the bikes the next day and it would be loaded in front of us to the truck. Mission accomplished.

July 20
Today's target - Delhi

Revised Target - Delhi
What happened - Delhi

After breakfast, we reached the transporter for loading of the bikes. We decided to load the bikes with the saddle bags. The transporter carefully got our bikes loaded and keeping our fingers crossed that it will reach Bangalore safely, headed back home.

Finally, the bikes reached Bangalore after 4 days and thankfully there was absolutely no damage to any of the bikes.

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Default Re: 6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon

Note from Support: Thread moved here from Assembly line. Thanks for sharing
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Default Re: 6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon

Let me be the first to congratulate you.

One word - Awesome.

Monday morning, first thread - Leh'd on bikes. Damn, my life sucks...

Nice write-up and most of the pix are desktop material, loved your fav pic. Suggest you to mention in detail of the things you carried to the trip, like a checklist for future riders.

Next trip on the Roadking?

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Default Re: 6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon

Will add the spreadsheet and have some videos from the trip soon.

Originally Posted by mac187 View Post
Next trip on the Roadking?
Roadking has been my first ride and love, so somewhat i do not want it to go through the ordeal. I want to keep it running lot more years, probably my son would also do that as he likes the Yezdi than CBR.

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Default Re: 6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon

Pity you could not visit Pangong - I guess your visit coincided with the time when the massive land slide happened near Darbuk.

I think the photos you marked as Darcha are actually those from Sarchu.

Where did you camp out in Tso Moriri - at Karzok?

You were lucky to get to even Rangdum this early in the early - were the roads good beyond Phanikar?
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Default Re: 6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon

Wow what an incredible travelogue !! To ride across Spiti and then to Leh is my boyhood dream. Hope I will be able to do it soon in my Classic 500. This travelogue is such a great inspiration.

How did the Classic 500 behave in the whole trip? Any problems cropped up as such?
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Default Re: 6 riders, 4000 kms - A glimpse of Spiti and Leh from a Biker horizon

Originally Posted by hvkumar View Post
Where did you camp out in Tso Moriri - at Karzok?

You were lucky to get to even Rangdum this early in the early - were the roads good beyond Phanikar?
Yes, camped at Karzok

You know the routes better Sirji, no words to explain. I do not remember sitting on the bike comfortably and riding that stretch, it was stand up riding throughout.

Originally Posted by //M View Post
How did the Classic 500 behave in the whole trip? Any problems cropped up as such?
No problems with classic 500 except that the bolts and nuts were getting loosen up, every now and then.
Especially Rangdum area, the screws where the exhaust and engine fits came off.
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