Tata Motors to set up virtual reality showrooms


Tata Motors is reportedly planning to set up a new network of virtual reality dealerships. This step is being taken to attract tech-savvy customers. Initially, the company will be setting up these new dealerships in key metro cities, while it will be extended to other cities after seeing the customer response. The automaker is aiming to open its first virtual reality dealership in the second half of 2017.

Through the new dealership chain, Tata Motors is aiming to provide a 5D like experience to its customers. A customer visiting the virtual reality Tata dealership will be able to get a 3D experience of the car, try various customization options and even get a drive experience of any Tata vehicle.

This will help Tata Motors to set up touch points in posh localities of major cities like Mumbai and Delhi, where the expensive real estate makes it difficult to open conventional dealerships. These virtual reality showrooms will be self-operated and will likely be manned by only one sales executive who will be responsible for receiving visiting customers and collecting their data.

Tata Motors is also expanding its conventional dealership network. The company has increased its workshop & dealership count from 255 to 540, in two years. The manufacturer is planning to continue this expansion as it prepares for three new product launches scheduled for the next year, including the Hexa, Kite5 and Nexon.

Source: Autocar Professional

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