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this is absolutely correct.
in my memory all the soft top jeeps we've ever had invariably have had this problem
all the old CJ500 jeeps, MM540's and Gypsy's etc always suffered from this malaise.
One would always be able to smell the Diesel Fumes inside the vehicle and in the case of the Gypsy, the peculiar "sweet" smell of catalysed and unburnt petrol could be smelt clearly.

added to this, the dust used to barge in as well as occasional raindrops etc.

Originally Posted by ex670c View Post
The dust enters all rag top vehicles from the rear flap, because when the vehicle is moving forward (Windscreen Closed) a low-Pressure/Turbulence/Vortex is created at the back, and dust comes in.

Happens even in the CJ3B, one solution is to open the tilt window in the Windscreen, or pull down the rear flap.

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Originally Posted by sreerajunnithan View Post
LOL!!!! What a height of imagination!!! @D_D you got to say some thing about this ;-)

But I get a feeling that you are making fun of my suggestion.
Just because something is simple does not mean its stupid.

I can assure you that it works.
Have used this method quite successfully to identify leaks in the windows rubber tubing that let in rain water.

The best way is to use some hot coal and the udh powder.
udh powder is generally used by women to perfume their hair.
Its also used by those fakir guys who go all over the shops with a small hand held fan with a smoking container filled with coal and udh powder.

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Originally Posted by bblost View Post
But I get a feeling that you are making fun of my suggestion.
Just because something is simple does not mean its stupid.
Sreerajunnithan, it is always nay-sayers like you who impede and obstruct the progress of mankind with your derisive laughters.

The Indian Army has come up with a smokeless, odorless incense that they use in the field. The idea is to not give away your position to the enemy with an indiscriminate pooja....don't buy it. It is of little value finding leaks in autos.
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Now I know why the jeep driver at Kudajadri opened the front windscreen forwards, when we turned off into a dusty road. At that time, I was thinking - What is this stupid chap doing, but then kept quiet as I understood that, as a regular driver, if he was doing that, there must be some reason. What bugs me now is, Why didn't I ask him about the reason?
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