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Default The Team-BHP Story

Hey Team bhp members

Its just a week since team-bhp went online and we already have 50 registered members. We all hope this numbers turns from 50 to 5000. Het GTO this is a great moment for all of us. And from our marketing ideas for team bhp i'm sure we will go greater a mile in making team bhp the best forum in India that ever was.

Cheers to


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Originally Posted by Team-Bhp Support
Hi All, this thread is a compilation of posts from different threads which shows the Journey of Team-Bhp ever since it started.

You can check the original thread & post by Clicking on 'Original Post' link at the bottom of every post in this thread

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Default 600 posts in 16 days.... awesome!!!

Hey Members

We have reached 600 posts in 16 days. Which makes it an average of 37.5 posts a day. Damn cool!! This is way way more than the 5-8 posts we used to receive on FI everyday. Thanks to all of you for making it happen.


Till then keep revvin


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Whats even more amazing is that we accelerated from 600 posts to 1200 in just 5 days!! Thats an average of 120 posts per day!!

Talk about mid-range punch, wot?


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Default PICS : Team-BHP 200 Horsepower Drive

First pictures of Team-BHPians!

From left to right, its Revvmaster - Rudra - Stratos - GTO - Shan2nu - F50 - Aditya - Rehaan
The Team-BHP Story-1.jpg

The boys wishing that the Lancer SFXi has the power to match its looks
The Team-BHP Story-2.jpg

At Mahabaleshwars famous Makai Pattice and Strawberry Icecream place
The Team-BHP Story-3.jpg

At just one of the many viewing points we visited
The Team-BHP Story-4.jpg

Rehaan on his way to shoo some unwanted cars away as an official car magazine photographer.
The Team-BHP Story-5.jpg

This was right before the Arthur Seat Point. The fog, rains, hot tea, cars and marlboros - Ah, it was perfect.
The Team-BHP Story-6.jpg

F50 - mouth open and hanging on for dear life!!
The Team-BHP Story-7.jpg

GTO wondering Hmmm, so there is life beyond cars too eh
The Team-BHP Story-8.jpg

Look beyond the cars (Atleast Try)...The view was truly breathtaking.
The Team-BHP Story-9.jpg

*Rudra Sen's entry to Matrimonial - Indian Matrimonials - Marriage -
The Team-BHP Story-10.jpg


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Default Team-BHP "Tagline"

Hey guys,

So Team-BHP is going out into the world in a big way.
We need to think of a marketing tagline, to help portray what the site is about very simply and effectively.

For example-

Redlining the Indian Car Scene

So we need all your help in thinking of the best possible tagline we can for TBHP.

Some other possibles were -
-Redlining the Indian Car Scene
-Indian Automotive Nirvana
-Indian Automotive Everything
-For the Indian Automobile Enthusiast
-India's Automotive Oasis

Keep in mind-
i. It should convey that the site is an INDIAN SITE and not just another international car site like "; for eg.
ii. Try and keep it short and simple

So guys, think about it and let us know what you think of ASAP.
We will pick the one(s) we like the most, fine tune them if necessary and wallah....we will have our new and more marketable Team-BHP!


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Redlining the Indian Car Scene
Perfect Rehaan

Cars?? India?? Its


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hearty congrats to all...we have hit 1000 members


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Default Team BHP hits 1500 members!

Congratulations to Team BHP!!! 1500 MEMBERS!!!

Since 14th November, 2005 about 500 members have registered on Team BHP. Team-BHP is becoming success among the hearts of Indian auto-enthusaists. More n more members are looking for information on Team-BHP to help them to choose the right car for themselves, to learn more about automobiles and/or to maintain their cars perfectly.
  • Member count details:

    1st Feb, 2005 - 1503 members
    14th Nov, 2004 - 1000 members
    31st August, 2004 - 500 members

  • Major Activity since 14th November:

    16th December 2004
    Site overhauled and major areas are worked on.
    How do you like the *NEW* Team-BHP ?? - Team-BHP

    Team BHP Meets
    Team BHP Meet Thread - Page 5 - Team-BHP

  • New posts/topics in "Supercars & Bikes in India" since 14th November, 2004:

    Land Rover Freelander
    Silver Land Rover Range Rover SE
    Hummer H2 in Mumbai
    Lexus SC430 in Mumbai
    Bentley Continental GT in Hyderabad
    White Subaru Impreza WRX STi in Mumbai
    Red Ferrari 360 Spider in Pune
    Slammed Lexus LS430
    Spotted the Toyota Celica
    Mercedes 300 SL AMG!
    Audi A3 Suv
    E320 with panoramic roof
    Black Lorinser E Class
    Beetle and X5 4.4i Spotted
    Murcielago is coming !!!!
    London Taxi Replica
    Grey Porsche Cayenne Turbo spotted
    What does Spiderman own??
    Beemer 6 series
    Mitsubishi 3000 GTOs in Bombay
    Mercedes 300SL 2.4 AMG and Lotus Esprit
    New BMW 530i
    Porsche & Maybach
    Gray Nissan Fairlady 300ZX
    Peugeot 306 Cabriolet
    Lincoln Navigator - Black
    BMW M5
    Spotted:Rolls Royce Phantom
    Pics : White Nissan 350Z in Mumbai

Team BHP - A force that keeps us bound together to establish our hold on the Indian Automobile Scene. We are getting noticed and yes we are very proud of it. We hope in growing more, and we hope we become a more bigger network than we already are. As always Team BHP has remained a clean and quality forum relating only to Cars, Bikes and everything that can power itself - including us!

Original Post

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Default Many Happy Returns of the day Team-BHP!!!

The Team-BHP Story-formula-india.jpg
The father of Team-BHP : Our old Formula India car community. 50 members in one year was achieved

The Team-BHP Story-41-users-online.jpg
Early Team-BHP days. 5 users online at most times.

The Team-BHP Story-11111-posts.jpg
11111 posts

Its Team-BHP's first birthday on 14th February 2004 - And what better day to have its birthday than on the day of love : Valentines Day! I on behalf of Aditya, Dippy, Rehaan, Revvmaster, Rtech, Shantanu, Stratos and V12 (the entire moderator team) would like to thank you all for shaping Team-BHP into the definitive Indian car community that it is today. What started off as a dream 12 months ago with a bunch of car enthusiasts wanting a common meeting ground to hang out and talk cars has today evolved into a community that has 50,000 articles, 1,500+ BHPians and about 40,000 visitors from all over the world.

Team-BHP is the FIRST professionally-managed Indian online car community. A Community which uses the absolute best software and hosting solutions available; one that's backed by a team of extremely dedicated and motivated petrolheads. Team-BHP has been founded and funded by automobile enthusiasts themselves, in order to keep the content indisputably unbiased and straightforward.

We have always strived to deliver the best, and a major upgrade of our systems / hosting partners in November 2004 along with consistent improvements have helped the most to sustain the growth we see today.

Knowledge is power, Power is knowledge : The average Team-BHPian is infinitely more informed than just another person on the Indian car scenario. Not only do we know the best options that are available, Team-BHPians are more than happy to share that knowledge with others. From a time that we didn't have a single person to discuss indepth car issues with, Team-BHP now gives us 1,500.

The best way to celebrate an anniversary is to plan improvements for the year ahead. And for that we need your help : Do visit The Suggestions Thread and offer your opinions on how we can continuously evolve and reinvent. YOU are the most important part of Team-BHP and we would highly appreciate your suggestions.

It's the passion for cars that unites this community. It's this love for cars which has enabled so many Team-BHPians to build relations and make true friends within this community. It's a Team that is growing at about 500 members and 9,000 posts a month.

This is THE website for Indian car enthusiasts.

Assuring you of the best 'hitting the revvlimiter' times ahead


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Default The Team-Bhp Story

The Team-BHP Story-17688.jpg

Last monday, like most other days, I picked up a free copy of Metro before I got onto the underground, for my 30min commute to work. As usual I started from the sports page and way working my way to the front page.

For a bit of background, Metro is a tabloid, distributed free of charge at all underground stations. Not a very serious newspaper, but helps keep you amused and occupied during the journey and stops you from staring at strangers. For an outsider, like myself, it helps get a perspective of life in London/ UK by talking about burning issues, local crime scene, etc. ;-)

Anyway, on Mondays Metro does a page on automobiles. I was quite surprised to see the head line on the Auto Page as "my other car is a fiesta" and a big picture of a red Ikon and a jeep looking like Mahindra Classic on Indian looking roads. Somewhere on the page, the text "team bhp" caught my eye and I HAD TO READ ON!!!

The story went on about the Mumbai Petrol heads "rallying" through Mumbai Marine Drive and a certain Mr. Rush egging folks on for another drive and the emerging automobile scene in India and the choice of cars and what not.

It felt really good to read about Team BHP out here in the local media, and made me proud to be a Team-BHPian!!

GOOD SHOW GTO and Team BHP :-)

Will try to scan the article and post it.

Original Post

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Default The Commitment to maintain Team-BHPs QUALITY!

I just wanted to put in this note to THANK THE ENTIRE SUPPORT TEAM including Aah78, Aditya, Ajmat, DerAlte, Dippy, F50, Jaggu, Khan_Sultan, MPower, Navin, Ported_Head, Rehaan, Rtech, Rudra Sen, Samurai, Stratos, Technocrat, TheMAG, TSK1979, Zappo and V12 for the exemplary support shown by them to our community. Each one of them is either working or studying full-time, and are yet consistently active members of the Support Team. It can get extremely cumbersome to manage a community of thousands of members / lakhs of visitors (and growing), but these guys have always performed with a smile. They take a considerable amount of time out of their busy schedules, only with the motivation to maintain Team-BHP as the Definitive Indian Car Community.

Among many others, these are just some things that the Support team does in the quest to maintain Team-BHPs spotless quality.
  • In a separate private forum, about 50,000 messages have so far been exchanged between us for interactions regarding the community issues, solutions and recommendations.
  • Several meets have taken place at residences & offices of moderators for community discussions. Each suggestion is discussed to death, and from every possible angle, before implementation.
  • All have shared their personal cell numbers, and willingly pick the phone up at hours past midnight when a community issue crops up.
  • We monitor the board 24/7/365. Any moment that is spent on the computer has Team-BHP open and active.
  • If any Team-BHP rule is broken, the moderator team edits / deletes the post and PMs the member with a reason for mod action. This is performed several thousand times every month and includes checking posts for SMS / incomplete lingo, abusive language, posting in the wrong sections, spamming, personal attacks and so on.
  • The entire community is serviced each saturday. This initiative alone consists of about 20 different tasks to be carried out within the server and database. Data is maintained with accuracy while daily backups ensure that the wealth of Team-BHP is never lost.
  • This week, we took the initiative of going through the entire database, and moving threads etc. to the right sections.
  • The forum software has been upgraded several times (brand and latest versions) only to offer the most splendid community experience to the members. In addition, we have opted for our own premium dedicated server with the biggest American private hosting company, that is ranked best for QUALITY.
  • The average response time to "Report this post to a moderator" messages is less than 10 minutes.
  • We have resisted numerous threats from players of the automotive industry who were cheesed off with an honest (yet negative) Team-BHP review about their product / service. NOT ONCE have we given in to players from the automotive industry and their biased demands. And we never will either!
  • Hundreds of promotional / support activities have been carried out by each member of the support team including search engine submissions, co-branding events, presence at auto shows etc.

Also in line with this gratitude to the moderators is a request to all BHPians to adhere to the Team-BHP rules, whose purpose is only to serve the Indian car community with the highest quality of information possible. We are the first to abide by the rules and would appreciate your support in maintaining the quality of his board.

Team-BHP is extremely close to our hearts, and we will only put in the best of efforts. Pro-activeness, attention to detail and the desire to excel has become a habit within the Support team.

Thanks guys for your time. For your support. For your loyalty. For the love shown to Team-BHP!! What you have contributed is invaluable to this community.

For those keen on more information about the team, here is the Know your moderators linky.

Original Post

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Default 3,00,000 Posts!

In the midst of all the action, we appear to have missed a momentous 300000 post capture. Congratulations guys. And thanks for all the Support.

Original Post

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Default Whats NEW on Team-BHP?

So whats new on Team-BHP? Our software / hardware upgrades have logically provided a safer, faster and more reliable platform. But there’s also the following new value-adding features now:

Ignore Forums from “New Posts” Search
You now have the ability to exclude a particular forum (which is not of your interest) from the “New Posts” search. To activate this facility, simply go over to your “User CP” followed by “Edit Options”. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the list of forums. A shortcut to that page is here.

PM on Moderation
You will receive an automated PM at any time that your post / thread is moderated (move/delete/edit etc.). This will serve as a notification from the Team-BHP Support staff.

Boolean Search
Our search function just got better! You can now search for “Tyre and Honda” instead of just one of the two. Therefore, if you are looking for tyres for your Honda, you can simply use Boolean by typing the previously mentioned phrase. On a relevant note, you can now also choose to view search results as posts / threads without going to the advanced search screen.

Multi-Quoting Posts
The multi-quote feature allows you to tag multiple posts that you wish to respond to by clicking a small button on each post. Once you click the reply button, each tagged post is quoted. You may use upto three quotes per post.

Quote Tags Link to Quoted Post
When quoting a certain post, the ID of the post is automatically included with the [quote] tag. When the quoted text is viewed in a thread, a small icon links back to the quoted post.

Ability to email users.
To solve the problem of PMs not reaching full inboxes, we have enabled the “Send email to user” link. Simply go to a users profile and follow the link. The email address will NOT be visible to you, but you can make use of the provided form. However, if the user has specified that he / she does not wish to receive emails from Team-BHP you will not be able to perform this task.

Member Infraction System
A comprehensive warning system that notifies users of warnings / infractions against defaulting posts. Please view this thread for more information.

Better AJAX.
AJAX technology allows you to send and receive information on the web, without the page reloading. Team-BHP has a lot of AJAX features which help you (and the moderators) in various functions. For e.g., if you reply to a thread using the “quick reply” box at the bottom of every thread, your reply will be posted without the entire page reloading.

Default Thread Sorting Option per Forum
You can choose how threads will be sorted on a per forum basis. Options include the field and direction to sort using.

Subscribe & unsubscribe to Threads / Forums.
If you wish to follow a certain thread / forum, simply click Thread / Forum tools and click subscribe. You will also have a chance to choose the frequency of email subscriptions.

Thread preview on mouse-over
When viewing a forum, or a list of threads, take your mouse over the thread title. You will see a short preview of the thread content.

Members list is back!
The much requested “Members list” has been activated again. However, some 2004 members (who have not yet confirmed their membership via email) are not present on the list.

Full BCC Support in Private Messages
Like in an email, BCC (blind carbon-copy) allows you to hide the full list of recipients from each recipient. In previous versions of Team-BHP, the “to” field acted like a BCC field. Now, the “to” field acts like the field in an email; each recipient will see all the names in the “to” field but not in the “bcc” field.

Old Introductions will automatically close after 14 days.
Again, something that was much requested. Introductions will automatically close within 30 days of creation.

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Default Woooooooowwwww!! We just crossed 10000 members

What else can I say.....

Original Post

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Default Cheers Guys!! ( 3 Years Of Team-BHP )

In next few minutes, exactly three years ago today, it started.

Started with curiosity, with ambition, with hope and of course with lot of courage and fun to support it.

In today’s context, it was really small. But that’s how everything is born.

But it had a very strong positive feeling about the future. Feeling about gathering knowledge. Feeling about getting to know like-minded people from this country and around the world. Feeling of sharing feelings.

1095 days have gone by till yesterday. Started very naturally with 50 individual charged up souls. And today it is 10807.

Do all of them come along all the time to share there their thoughts and feelings?

NO, they do not. Because, it is not possible in the real world.

Do they participate on a regular basis?

NO, they do not. Because, not all of us have to have the same feeling anyway.

What holds us together is what we feel about the automotive world and about each other.

Happy birthday Let the feeling grow.

Here are some screenshots from the early days:

1. Formula India (A Free MSN forum which was the common meeting ground for the initial BHPians)

2. Early Team-BHP Days running on ikonboard software. 41 users online had called for a celebration

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