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Re: Which bicycle did you own in your childhood?

My first and only cycle in life was the Speed King semi-racer in light blue colour in the seventies, donít remember the exact year. At that time, the hot cycles to have were either the Speed King or the BSA. It was gifted by my parents on Christmas as a gift from Santa Claus, it was a time when I believed in that

I used it extensively for the usual riding around and mainly commuting to and fro from my residence during secondary school. Unfortunately no pictures and I donít even remember what happened with the cycle later.

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Re: Which bicycle did you own in your childhood?

Originally Posted by Samba View Post
Hero Kid
Hercules Captain
Hero Impact
Hercules Topgear EZY

The Hercules Captain was my birthday gift in 1994.
I still have it with me.

Attachment 2196012
Wow, what lovely memories!I owned one too, in blue , what a lovely bike ,I owned it 10 long years and used and abused it like a BMX bike, ran it on stairs and did wheelies on it, it broke in the frame a couple of times which was welded and reused , finally I got to upgrade to a Mach 1 after I entered college. That was a beautiful bike too. Had this for only a year then moved to a moped and my parents gifted it to needy student.
After years I tried to get back to cycling and brought a geared hero which had chain issues which I quickly gifted my milk supply boy.
Now I ride a Firefox target which I brought almost 10 years back, works pretty good
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Re: Which bicycle did you own in your childhood?

So, this would be a pretty complicated question for me to answer, I guess. I'm only 16 and hence, compared to most here, I'm still enjoying my childhood. I've been pretty lucky to get a few cycles over the 12-13 years that I've been able to ride.

1. Like all, I started off with a tricycle. Used to zoom around on the terrace of my grandparents' house since my parents were working.

Name:  Tricycle.jpg
Views: 872
Size:  126.3 KB

I'd say mine was similar, but had straight handle-bars.

2. Moved to a small Hero cycle with 4 wheels and then got the support wheels removed. It was the cycle I learnt actual cycling on.

3. 2-3 Years after cycling on the smaller Hero, moved to a Hero Buzz (got gears installed, probably the worst decision at that time). Worked like a charm until 2019. Unfortunately, couldn't do much long distances on this just because of the design but I've definitely had some crazy experiences with this. This was bought seeing just the colour (I'm a big blue-thing guy!)

Name:  Buzz.jpg
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Size:  7.7 KB

4. Now ride a Keysto KS777. Very Comfortable and my first one with an adjustable suspension. Very Supportive for long-ish (comparatively less to most BHPians) rides, and the 21 gears are a charm to use.

Which bicycle did you own in your childhood?-keysto.jpg

It is this one with orange, blue and black accents.

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Re: Which bicycle did you own in your childhood?

My first bicycle was an Avon BMX year 1989.

Which bicycle did you own in your childhood?-img_0659_copy4_blowup.jpg
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Re: Which bicycle did you own in your childhood?

Here is list of my rides.

1. Hero Ranger(Blue)
2. BSA Street Cat. I have fond memories had knuckles around and had a fancy paint scheme.
3. Hero Dare Devil not sure if the name is correct.
4. Hercules ACT Rodeo. I got this for about 9500 and the sold for 8000 after 2 years. Impressive resale value I must say.
5. Montra Rock 1+. This is longest I stuck to and probably will keep for ever. 8 years old, not the lightest and fastest but love this machine.
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Re: Which bicycle did you own in your childhood?

I had 3 bicycles from childhood in that the last one Hercules Tracer (2002) was the most memorable one, I had it the longest till my early teens. It was nothing fancy but it was the first form of freedom I had. It had a silver color with blue accents, and I made a lot of modifications to it as well. Like,
1. Dynamo with White color headlights.
2. Musical horn.
3. Brake lights that I made on my own from old toy parts.
4. Red color brake pads (additional 5 BHP)
5. Custom stickers.

Back in 2006, my cousin bought a new Hercules Thriller, so as not to feel left out, my father and I decided to get it repainted and give it a new lease of life. So I choose the color that was a shade very close to the Cerulean blue that Shmee 150 now has. I got a new sticker pack for it new lights, beads and all. It was one of the most modified cycles in our area. I wish I could find a picture of it.
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Re: Which bicycle did you own in your childhood?

BSA Street Cat was my first one. Used about 1 year and it got stolen from my home.

Then it was Hero Ranger with shock absorbers
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Re: Which bicycle did you own in your childhood?

Hello All!

My first bicycle was a red BSA SLR, which I got when I was in class 7
No pictures of same

Then later in adult life when I picked up cycling again, I bought a pre-worshipped Hercules MTB 3 speed, to test the waters
Then went on to a Rockrider 5.3 MTB (Decathlon made), which is my current steed

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Re: Which bicycle did you own in your childhood?

I'm not that old, still why it feels so reading this where almost everyone had some fancy bicycle while growing up
I had Atlas Goldline Super..the non nonsence bicycle with a carrier at the back which could be used to keep school bag or as a seat for a friend in need. Anyone remember 3 people sitting on a bicycle, yes it was fun. No gear, no shocker, nothing except what was required to commute.
I rode this to school, tutions, matches and what not. Got this is the largest size possible (24 inch) as parents thought I will grow tall and hence there should be no need of replacement due to size( practical thought- I am 6 feet 1 inch now). Kept if for few years where it was sparingly used by a house help. Finally gave it to him only as I moved out for college.
Now I have a BTWIN Original 500 for last 5 years and moving on to Trek FX2 soon ( wishful thinking, have booked it with The Bike Store, Delhi last year post Covid and since then they are pushing the delivery date citing non availability of particular model and insisting to go for higher models).
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Re: Which bicycle did you own in your childhood?

My first bicycle was a BSA SLR in grey color; if I remember correctly, got it in 1990. It was a star in our place (in Kerala) back then - one of those bikes which friends will ask if they can take a short spin on

It was with me until 1995 or so, after which we gave away to one of our neighbours.
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Re: Which bicycle did you own in your childhood?

Amazing idea for a thread!

My first tricycle was gifted to me at the age of 2 years. I still remember being ecstatic and riding it through the corridors of our house and often over the feet of my elders, much to their amusement. The wheels were made of hard compound rubber and made a gurgling noise as I wheeled to glory!

Which bicycle did you own in your childhood?-mvimg_20200329_120935.jpg

My second bicycle was gifted to me in the late-nineties probably on my 5th or 6th birthday. Methinks it was a BSA, but not too sure about it after all these years. This was the cycle that helped me learn actual 'bicycling' - the day I learned how to balance myself on 2 wheels, my joy knew no bounds! I cycled for hours at a stretch on our terrace until my parents were forced to give me a dose of some benevolent ear twisting ('kanmola' in Bengali). And the surreal feeling of taking it out on the road for the first time - Woah! I think I rode the cycle over all the puddles on the street because being used to riding on a flat surfaces (terrace/rooms/corridors) felt so underrated that riding on undulations was so gratifying! Later, as I started to outgrow the bicycle, it was locked up in the storeroom until one fine day my parents decided to donate it to our maid for her child's first bike.

Which bicycle did you own in your childhood?-mvimg_20200329_114706.jpg

My next cycle was a simple Hercules, and for the life of me, I cannot remember the name of the model. My dad had bought it for me when I was in middle school and I rode it for the next 4-5 years mostly on evening joy rides and neighborhood tuition runs. I also used to race on it along with my friends who had superior bicycles (Hero Buzz, Hero Siren, Hero Razorback, Hero Ranger DTB which I used to envy a lot as my parents wouldn't buy me a new one). After I moved grades into high school and my tuitions started being posited at quite some distance away, I started using auto-rickshaws, buses to get around and therefore completely stopped riding the cycle. It started gathering dust below our staircase corridor until one day my father decided to donate it to a chap who was in dire need of a bicycle. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of this bicycle.

Thereafter, years flew by and I moved out, completed my Bachelors and started working. In the meantime, our family had acquired an Activa, a Honda Hornet, and the MS Baleno but somewhere, the garage still felt incomplete with a bicycle. The itch finally gave away to a Mach City that I bought in 2017 purely for leisure runs and occasional exercising. I still have it and make it a point to go out on quick evening dashes as and when time permits.

Which bicycle did you own in your childhood?-img_20170422_150523631.jpg
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Re: Which bicycle did you own in your childhood?

Well, what a nostalgic trip this thread has been.

Let me share mine as well.
Note: All images are just for reference.

1) 1998-2001 Unknown

Name:  AD86F0B0B6334E79972C757F060BD704.jpeg
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Size:  55.0 KB

It was bought for me back in little village called Gobindgarh (1998). We had just moved to Punjab from Darjeeling as the entire unit was moving. I needed some sick wheels so my parents got me a pair (2 pairs if you count the training wheels). It was what you see but white body frame and pink AMG-style 5 spoke plastic rims.

2) 2001-2007 Hero Buzz

Name:  839801AE426F42FAA4BC24116F608C04.jpeg
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Size:  31.7 KB

Saw an advertisement on the TV. Our vertical neighbour (and my competitor/friend/enemy) had one (red and silver). I said, screw it and went for a blue and silver one. This is one of the best cycles I've ever owned. Was butter smooth ans really comfortable for the time it lasted. This one survived four postings (Sukhna-Bengdubi-Mhow-Jodhpur). You could say that it was the equivalent of the previous gen Fortuner, but smoother. Eventually I had outgrown the Buzz both physically and technically. Loved the sparkly metallic silver paint with flakes in it. My 2010 Superb had a similar paint with sparkles but in Black.

3) 2007-2010 Hero Ranger Swing

Name:  7738D3815E7F45DB97FF4D4B42EE11C7.jpeg
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Size:  38.2 KB

Had seen a lot of friends ride these over the years. Hell, my romantic interest's elder brother had one too. I had to get one. Everyone had a purple one so I got a used green one. Was better than the buzz in every aspect. This was also my first full adult cycle. Have been over entire Jodhpur cantt, end to end. It had the Shimano 6x3 transmission so could travel really long distances with friends (10km was huge back then). Huge spring suspension was a really cool thing. Was squeaky but would absorb bad roads/no roads pretty well, especially when we'd hightail it through farm patches after being spotted by a guard. This is where speed, stability and the ability to change directions and decisions at the drop of a hat and boy, did the Swing deliver. To quote Mr. Clarkson, "What a machine!".

4) 2010-2017 Hero Ranger DTB

Name:  505067559BC748F186C419018061C4DC.jpeg
Views: 839
Size:  42.6 KB

This was my last cycle before upgrading to the old Superb in 2018. When we moved to Calcutta from Jodhpur, the Swing started rusting and the suspension stopped being compliant. It was already 5 years old when I bought it and now it was a decade. It had served me well. Welcome the DTB. Similar to Ranger Swing but a far more streamlined and bulky body. A similar suspension spring and 6x3 Shimano Revoshift transmission. The 6 speed in the rear axle was a gem but the 3 speed in the paddle axle was horrible. Would often slip and misalign when moving 2-3 or the other way round.

I moved to Chennai in 2012 and would occasionally ride it when back home. Finally it was let go of in 2017. I barely had enough time to ride. Dad would often take it out for a spin but that's it. Eventually the need perished and we decided to sell it off.

Not sure if or when will I ever touch a cycle again. It is absolutely disastrous in metros where everything is trying to kill you. Calcutta was really a reality strike with unregulated civillian metro traffic and the desire to cycle kept reducing post that.

To end the note with, at least driving is fun and I can go out and explore again.

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Re: Which bicycle did you own in your childhood?

great to relive the childhood memories. my 1st bicycle was BSA small with trainer wheels, which i removed once i was able to ride alone and used it for few years. my second ride was BSA Street Cat, if any one remembers this was the 1st cycle launched in INDIA with sporty frame and lovely graphics. it also had fat hand grips. 1st to be seen on Indian cycle. i used it till i passed out of school and then got myself a Hercules MTB with front shock absorbers. mine was the 1st cycle in the locality with shock absorbers and people used to stop me and ask me about the same. both The Street cat and MTB were the real head turners in their time. i loved the both. sadly i have pictures of none to be found now.
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Re: Which bicycle did you own in your childhood?

1) Hero Kid when I was around 4 years old.
2) Another Hero bike which was like a BMX bike. Parents didn't want me to ride bikes too big for my size so that resulted in regular upgrades like this one.
3) Atlas Macho in 8th standard. Unfortunately, I had not taken into account how I would be teased for the Punjabi connotation of the name.
4) Bought an Atlas Goldline just because I had been always fascinated by these all steel bikes. My grandfather used to ride one to work everyday till the day of his retirement. This fascination didn't last long and I was back to using the Macho, which thankfully, I hadn't sold.
5) Hero Ranger Swing 21 in 11th. This one didn't see much use because I was off to hostel when I joined college, but I did use it to participate in a few state level off-road races. I qualified for the nationals as well, but I was already playing a few other sports, so didn't give it much thought. Turned out to be a big mistake because the other guys won medals and got into good engineering colleges on the basis of that.

All cycles were used to go to school ( yes even the Hero Kid), run errands and later to go to tuitions and stadium. Thankfully, it was easier during those days to cycle around town, but Chandigarh is still great for commuting via cycle.

Had my fair shares of races and hence plenty of accidents and bloody knees. Worst was when a kid suddenly came in front from behind a parked car, but thankfully never needed stitches.
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Re: Which bicycle did you own in your childhood?

Been ages so I dont remember them all but the ones I do are -

Hero Jet
Atlas concorde (with fix wheel on one side and free wheel on the other)
Atlas concorde Pro 5
Hero Ranger (added sunrace gears in 1990 which cost me almost as much as the bike, a princely sum of 750 bucks on a bike which costed 875 if i remember correctly)
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