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Default DIY - Projector Headlights for Accent

fellow car enthusiasts please take a look at the Projector Headlights with Corona rings that i designed and fabricated myself for my 2007 dec Hyundai Accent. sharing to learn if i did a decent job. also can some suggest/advice what are the best air filters that are available in the market and also i'm looking for a NGK Iridium (don know if i spelt that right)

about my Ride, i got Alpine X300 with JM lab Speakers & Base Tube. GT amp(JBL) the one with the transparent top. Neo 14" with Michelin tire's. Steering Covered with CULT leather cover. thts about it, throw in some advice..
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DIY - Projector Headlights for Accent-img_0414.jpg  

DIY - Projector Headlights for Accent-picture-003.jpg  

DIY - Projector Headlights for Accent-picture-006.jpg  

DIY - Projector Headlights for Accent-picture-09.jpg  

DIY - Projector Headlights for Accent-picture-029.jpg  

DIY - Projector Headlights for Accent-picture-022.jpg  

DIY - Projector Headlights for Accent-picture-047.jpg  

DIY - Projector Headlights for Accent-picture-127.jpg  

DIY - Projector Headlights for Accent-picture-161.jpg  

DIY - Projector Headlights for Accent-picture-055.jpg  

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Congrats, this looks like a well executed Job

It would be really helpful to other DIYers if you can share the step by procedure to do this & if possible with pics.
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sir i am interested in knowing more about this DIY. please elaborate!!
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I have a niggling feeling that this projector is from a BMW. Am I correct?
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nice job, can you please post DIY in process pics and illustrations. this will help all of us
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Well executed for sure.! Superb DIY.

This seems a BI-XENON as its one. The rings can be replaced with CCFL now if you want. This ring wont glow in the day time.

Post some picture of the focus as well
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Well executed job. Very neat. Some more pics please and a step by step procedure of how it was done, would be very helpful. Whats the total cost??

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1) Which car's donor unit is this ? I think its from BMW.

2) What is the cost of :
a) The projector unit/s.
b) Overall cost of the project.

3) Can you please post some shots from inside the engine bay ?

4) Can we have shots on how the throw, spread and intensity of the beam ?

5) What are rating of the bulb you have in this setup.

6) The right and left fog lights have different light intensity. Is the right fog lamp bulb different from left ?

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Well thats a nice and clean DIY.

Can you share the step by step proceedures.
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A very neat job good work. Plus i kinda have a fascination for those LED angel eyes really well done. A step by step DIY will be well appreciated. Enjoy your new headlights.
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neat! well done! care to shed some light on how did you do it? would be helpful for fellow members.
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More details please. A diy needs to show exactly that. Steps to DIY. Not just pics.

I also have an Accent and would love to try this, if you can post the steps, pics and cost
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hey guys

(sending the new set of lights designed and fabricated)

to begin with i do not have a documented pic of the step to step process
it all begun as a craze to have projectors for my car, i'm an Industrial designer and been a designer with major brands, i'm based in Mumbai and i started this as a hobby and it got into doing projector Headlights for friends, most rather all of them have accent done bout 3 sets in less than 4 months.
i bought about 6 pair of Projector units from BMW, and i manufacture the LED Corona Rings/ Angel Eyes at my Studio, they are all lazer etched to precision

the costs

a set of projector units 3" = 11k
angel eyes/set = 4500
Silicon = 500
housing for the Projector = 4300
high temp heat Paint matt blk = 475
base coat high temp = 475
acrylic rings (spacer btw projector/angel eyes = 750
Headlight Unit(OEM) = 5400

in total bout 23k

K Pradeep T
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some more pics, also will dig into ,y comp to find pics of the diy. if i find them wuld luv to post

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Attached Thumbnails
DIY - Projector Headlights for Accent-picture-020.jpg  

DIY - Projector Headlights for Accent-picture-023.jpg  

DIY - Projector Headlights for Accent-picture-026.jpg  

DIY - Projector Headlights for Accent-picture-030.jpg  

DIY - Projector Headlights for Accent-picture-040.jpg  

DIY - Projector Headlights for Accent-picture-350.jpg  

DIY - Projector Headlights for Accent-img_1928.jpg  

DIY - Projector Headlights for Accent-img_1936.jpg  

DIY - Projector Headlights for Accent-img_1937.jpg  

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A very neat Job done! , must say!! Its looking so precise
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