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Default Re: No Aural Pleasure in electric cars: Is it bad?

I am very qualified to answer this. Let me explain why.

During a Los Angeles vacation I had the good fortune of having a rental Lamborghin Huracan by my side.

As I drove through Beverly Hills I had kids who could hearing an exotic car coming just due to the sheer sound and started pulling out there cameras even before they could see me. As the traffic cleared ahead of me you can see people standing ready with their phones waiting to snap.

As you get to cars priced higher up, there is little to validate you like this.

I'm not really into showbusiness, but if an exhaust note can make you feel phenomenal like a celebrity, then enough is said I think !

In my opinion the difference between a supercar and a normal car is the difference in emotions felt during the driving of one. The sound is a major factor in helping you separate the mere from the superlative.
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Default Re: No Aural Pleasure in electric cars: Is it bad?

My first encounter with EVs was a Verito few months back. Eerie silence it was.

However I am not really worried.

Making electric motors which are powerful yet practical was actually the tough part. For such brilliant engineers, figuring out a way to hit the right auditory notes for aural pleasures would be kids play.
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Default Re: No Aural Pleasure in electric cars: Is it bad?

Originally Posted by landcruiser123 View Post
What about blind people and bicyclists? As a bicyclist, I rely on hearing a car behind me.
From what i thought at the time of writing my views, bicyclists if looking forward when riding should be able to spot a beam of light but not an issue if has rear view mirrors on the handle bar. For those with sight limitation maybe the idea of using some sonar and/or waves can be an option. Sorry i am not an expert at solving this but just though of these when reading this thread.
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Default Re: No Aural Pleasure in electric cars: Is it bad?

At the end of the day everyone has their own opinion and that's about it, but for me, I just wish I could get rid of every damn engine in my garage! I frequent highways very often, like at-least once a week or more, and recently while traveling a 150KM trip, I came across a newly built patch of road. It stretched for about 8-9 kilometers only but the feeling of pure bliss and joy I felt due to the greatly reduced tyre noise was just amazing. That was the moment I thought of EVs and how the reduced engine noise would have the same effect.

So nope, I take absolutely no pleasure in any engine-noise music or cherishing fresh out-of-the-pipe fumes. The only sad part is the EV infrastructure of the nation and my frequent interstate trips. They just won't work out for people like me for almost the next 20 years.

And as of the ICE's kick-in-the-pants feel we guys talk about, I'm damn sure any given manufacturer can emulate that on road in a car, but that just beats the whole point of sweet linear power delivery, doesn't it?
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Default Re: No Aural Pleasure in electric cars: Is it bad?

For a real car enthusiast, the grunt of the engine, the exhaust note are vital. I cannot imagine driving my everyday car without those and fake exhaust sounds from speakers are a big turnoff for me after having experienced the system on revolt electric bikes. So i think i will enjoy the gasoline vehicles untill they are in fashion(future markets will emerge in electric vehicles). I wish to own my dream car someday and drive it with a big smile,amongst the electric flock on roads.
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Default Re: No Aural Pleasure in electric cars: Is it bad?

Originally Posted by Slickshift99 View Post
For a real car enthusiast, the grunt of the engine, the exhaust note are vital.
For a real car enthusiast, the torque, power and the handling of the car are important/vital. Looks and sounds are just cosmetic. Only posers modify the exhaust note to modify an activa to sound like something it is not, likewise zen or alto into something it is not.
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Default Re: No Aural Pleasure in electric cars: Is it bad?

whoever started this thread has opened the pandoras box. This thread has the potential to be more polarising than a Love vs Hate RE thread

Here are a my two bits, I grew up listening to the sounds of cars and bikes. The sound influenced my 1st purchase, a beautiful sounding Cast Iron Bullet 350. The Lazy thump of the bike at 60 kph, and the open road. Wow.

My cars too, I loved a engine the purrs well, not only when pushed, but generally.

But 15 years older, since most of my pleasure riding happens on my bike, and the car is just a commuter, I definitely would enjoy having less noise.

Hence, a quite car is definitely welcome.

My two bits.
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Default Re: No Aural Pleasure in electric cars: Is it bad?

People don't understand that apart from ego massage, there's nothing "aural" in a ICE engine. Just that our brain mixed up the pleasure of driving with the sound and the head turning exhaust note (in some cases) - all into a heady mix.

If quite electric cars really become a reality and if our generation comes to the end, at that point this thread will be considered insane by our future generations. Because, even the whine of electric vehicles will be a taboo in such times, just as we appreciate modern silent cars over their old noisy counterparts.

Of course sporty exhaust note is a music to ears, but why a Rolls-Royce commands it's presence and makes a sports car with loud exhaust look like a idiotic spoiled kid, that marks the territory of a man with his silence over noise.

Silence truly is gold.

And a pestering sports car is a kill joy in winding grand hills and twisty mountain roads.

Immature boys have all the noisy city and ego massaging head turners for thrills and hoots. So for me the muted thump of my bullet resonates with my heart. I always wish that the diesel clatter of my brezza was absent and dream often that one day I'll convert that white chariot to an electric one.

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Default Re: No Aural Pleasure in electric cars: Is it bad?

A good article on how Carmakers have long been attuned to the art of “pyscho-acoustics” :
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Default Re: No Aural Pleasure in electric cars: Is it bad?

The regular petrol cars are already super smooth and silent. EVs will take it a notch, rather notches higher. It seems we are making more noise than the vehicles of the future.

Originally Posted by a4anurag View Post
Here in Hyderabad, I've seen many bikers panic the moment a 'BYD' Electric bus passes them as there is hardly any sound from them compared to the regular Tata/Ashok Leyland buses.
I am sure these guys in particular wouldn't have side view mirrors. I have seen few cases where the bikers or pedestrians (on phone) getting startled when I have been honking right behind them in my noisy oil burner.
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Default Re: No Aural Pleasure in electric cars: Is it bad?

ICE engines and their sweet sound can never be replaced, but I think that the EV’s will slowly start to develop a soul of their own. Rather than the eerie silence from first generation electric vehicles, the future models could be updated with an electric grunt of their own, which can be turned off and on as per the driver’s liking. The biggest example of an electric car that SOUNDS GOOD being the Porsche Taycan. I think it has a very futuristic sounding note to it.

Here’s an excerpt from the Porsche website:

“Every fan knows the unmistakable sound of a six-cylinder Porsche boxer engine. Powertrain sounds not only create an emotional connection with one’s car but they are also an important early warning system for traction conditions, for example. Electric cars also have their own sound. The Porsche Electric Sport Sound in the Taycan Turbo S (optional for the Taycan Turbo) is skilfully composed and tailored to the vehicle’s personality and vehicle status. What is more, all Taycan models also have a standard system to meet the legal requirements for pedestrian protection. This is harmoniously adapted to the Electric Sport Sound.”

I have listened to various electric cars through YouTube videos, and I feel like Tesla and other generic EV’s haven’t been focusing on the sound at all, but rather pushing other boundaries.

Even the Audi E-Tron seems to have some work done on the sound department, but not quite as much as Porsche. Manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche who have potential EV’s coming down the line understand the importance of aural pleasure in their vehicles and will surely work on making EV’s sound good too. The Taycan is a small step in terms of this.
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Default Re: No Aural Pleasure in electric cars: Is it bad?

I hate every vehicle that makes a lot of noise. Generally, everything that makes a lot of noise also makes a lot of smoke.

Noise is just energy that was wasted and could not be used to do the job it was supposed to, propel the vehicle.

My perfect state of bliss is, me on my bicycle going at 45-50kmph with just wind rushing through my helmet.
I even hate the sound of freewheel hubs on bicycles, because that is also a source of inefficiency, which is slowing me down.

So, no I will not miss the noise that ICE makes.

The electric motors are not exactly silent either. There is a electric motor whine that permeates the cabin and that sounds like a turbine spooling up when you press the accelerator.

On top of it, once you hit decent speeds on highways, appreciable tire noise is there. Plus the wind noise as it skirts around all things from ORVMs to eddies hitting on top of roof.
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Default Re: No Aural Pleasure in electric cars: Is it bad?

History has taught us that what was very important to us, actually might not be.

Fast Cars had Big Engines - Not true anymore.
Real Men drive stick shifts - Not true anymore.
Electrics are ugly and boring - Not true anymore.

The idea of the car is changing. The grease, the grunt , the gears, they are all changing. Purists will be upset but the board room doesn't favor the purists.

But then purists dont belong to a generation. They also evolve.

But if Elon wanted his cars to sound better than any car that ever roamed the earth, then he absolutely can in no time.
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Default Re: No Aural Pleasure in electric cars: Is it bad?

I love the IC engine sounds while accelerating. And I can't imagine an F1 race without the sound, that will truly be an incomplete sensory experience.

But at the same time, I think EVs are going to open up newer experiences that people will come to enjoy if not get used to. Sound, or lack thereof being one of them. As long as people get their dose of strong acceleration, power, good handling and reliability, sound will take a backseat.
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Default Re: No Aural Pleasure in electric cars: Is it bad?

Voted 'yes'. While it is good to reduce the engine noise, completely eliminating can be bad.
  • Pedestrians can be caught unaware of an approaching vehicle
  • For the driver, engine note gives a cue about the power-band they are in even without looking at the RPM gauge. This can be crucial in some circumstances
  • Engine noise can also discourage the drivers from over-revving and drive in moderate engine speeds. I am not sure if there is a parallel in EV (like the motor spinning at high speed but vehicle doing moderate speed)
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