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amitoj 17th November 2004 14:14

Internet Browsers
Couldnt help but notice that i am not the only one here using Firefox when i looked closely at the screen shot that Aalaap had posted in his other thread about "most active participation". So just wondering how many people here use what explorer to surf their favourite website!


mohit 17th November 2004 14:17

Firefox rules!!! The best browser available....... and its improving by the day.

lamborghini 17th November 2004 14:24

boring old internet explorer
what to do but..
same computer for 6 years upgrading next year though

Shan2nu 17th November 2004 14:29

i'm on MSN Xplorer. Pretty good.


speedsatya 17th November 2004 14:34

IE 6 for me

aalaap 17th November 2004 14:44

I was happy with Inernet Explorer since most of the web was customised for that. But with the recent wake of attacks by spyware and other virii, and the MAIN source of it being Internet Explorer and its flawed activex implementation, I was only desperate to look for a different, more secure browser.

Mozilla Firefox is it - its small light fast and secure since it doesn't implement ActiveX. With ActiveX gone, 90% of the spyware is blocked off. You can disable activeX in IE, but that means everything including Flash and Java etc get blocked, which is not what everyone wants. And ActiveX is not the ONLY source of crapware from IE - there are also other security holes. All in all, IE's just a really bad idea.

During the dawn of the Internet I was a die hard Netscapeer - I loved Version 2 and 3 when IE was just in v1-v2. IE3 was a vastly improved version, but Netscape 3 still kicked, and then came Netscape 4 whcih was even better. But then IE4 was a radically new concept with OS integration and I sort of knew they had it made back then. Slowly slowly the entire web started making sites "Best viewed with IE" and then we all know what happened.

Mozilla was spawned as an open source effort to revive and reclaim the lost Netscape crown but they had limited success - mainly due to the tricky ways in which IE rendered its HTML making it difficult to emulate - but now with standards compliance becoming such a big issue, Mozilla shows everything that IE does. Finally every dog gets its day, or should we say, every FOX gets its day.

Originally, Mozilla itself is a suite consisting of a browser, a mail client and an html editor. But for some reason they came to the conclusion that that was the reason it was so heavy (what.. 20mb heavy? ure kidding) so they seperated off the components into Firefox the browser (previously called Firebird and Phoenix) and Thunderbird the mail client. There's also Sunbird the calendar, but no sign of the Composer html editor being available seperately. I remember it was one of the first HTML editors I had used and thats how I learnt HTML ..back in 1996-97 !

Mozilla Firefox of course. Any other browser is just an invitation to trouble.

Guys click here to download it right away!

Mozilla Firefox 1.0 Release (Moox M3 Optimised)

- Aalaap

amitoj 17th November 2004 14:51

Thats very well described, Aaalaap. Firefox has kickstarted the browser wars again.
Ummm.. by the way, in spite of your enthu about Firefox, u still have not voted for it!!

Aditya 17th November 2004 15:01

Internet Explorer 6.
When I started using the internet, I used IE, then switched to Netscape and actually liked it. I don't know how I went back to IE. It's been many years since I used (or saw) any other browser.

amitoj 17th November 2004 15:03

Aditya, try Firefox. Get it from the link Aalaap has put up.
Its tabbed browsing is really a handy thing!

Rtech 17th November 2004 15:22

I don't trust any Mozilla software...its just too full of spyware.

I've been using Crazy Browser for more than a year now and I find it the best. Its simple, doesn't crowd the screen with useless buttons and its a small download. Oh yea, no spyware at all.


ported_head 17th November 2004 15:33

I've been using Opera now for over a year,and i like it for it's simple user interface and it's fast compared to the IE i used to use. I pretty much despise anything that Microsoft makes, even though i rely on them heavily to get me through the day. Now only if i could afford a Mac.

Stratos 17th November 2004 15:41

Mozilla Firefox here... awesome browser!!

aalaap 17th November 2004 15:51


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ]Thats very well described, Aaalaap. Firefox has kickstarted the browser wars again.

Thank you, thank you btw that's Aalaap, not Aaalaap !!


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ]Ummm.. by the way, in spite of your enthu about Firefox, u still have not voted for it!!

Of course I did ..

Btw Rtech...


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ]I don't trust any Mozilla software...its just too full of spyware.

Aahahaah ... Mozilla Software Foundation ? ahahahaha


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ]Oh yea, no spyware at all.

Spyware doesn't ship with the browser (unless you use one of those Add-on browsers), it comes in thru security holes in the browser. And IE has the maximum number of holes. Firefox has 1% as much security lapses as IE. And even those get patched before they are made public in headline news.

Here's an excerpt from an article on the Wall Street Journal site...

How to Protect Yourself From Vandals, Viruses If You Use Windows


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ]Browsing safely: I suggest dumping Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser, which has a history of security breaches. I recommend instead Mozilla Firefox, which is free at It's not only more secure but also more modern and advanced, with tabbed browsing, which allows multiple pages to be open on one screen, and a better pop-up ad blocker than the belated one Microsoft recently added to IE.

Even C|Net recommends Firefox over IE.


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ]Move over, Internet Explorer. Feature-studded and secure Mozilla Firefox 1.0 is a safer, better choice for Internet browsing. ... Web browsing with the latest and greatest technology; especially useful for secure activities such as online banking.

Do you think the WALL STREET JOURNAL would recommend a product harboring spyware? Do you think C|Net would recommend it for "secure activities such as online banking" if it had spyware in it?

If you can prove to me that ANY Mozilla product comes with even 10 bytes of malicious spyware code, then I will give up my entire reputation in computers that I've acquired over the past 17 years! ! !

- Aalaap

mohit 17th November 2004 15:58

How can a product have spyware when they open the source to the public? Anyone can get the source code and analyze it!
Get the source here

Gordon 17th November 2004 16:01

Shantanu, how come you using MSN Explorer??! are you a premium member of MSN??
MSN Explorer was sooooo good when it was free.......I guess that was when I was using Windows 98

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