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How does one service the AC himself? Apart from the regular dusting from outside and cleaning the filters what else can one do.
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Originally Posted by tsk1979 View Post
If it was happening only in my AC, i would say incompetence, but since its happening with everybody in Noida I have spoken too, I smell a scam. Time to call up samsung customer care people and notify them?
My 3 year old LG 2-ton Split AC stopped cooling 3 days back.Yesterday, LG guys came for (Under AMC) gas recharging and, to my surprise , left with a partially open 3-way valve(GAS side). I , fortunately had a HEX key and a wrench left from previous plumbing work and I tightened it fully.I have registered a complaint with LG in this regard.

Any AC system will not lose gas by itself like tyres do. Only leaks result in gas discharge.

To ensure your AC gas is fully charged when you don't have a manometer at hand, clasp the broader(fatter) pipe(gas side) near to the compressor as soon as it switches on.First the narrow pipe will cool and then the broad one will.If the broad one Doesn't cool in 20 seconds/seems to go warm after you clasp it with your hand , then it is an undercharged system.

another tell-tale sign is the characteristic hissing sound which comes on compressor start and gradually fades away.
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Don't worry even if it is a scam,

Just PM me - that you need your AC Service.No Problem - Thanks to the Network - your ac would be taken care & you don't end up being a part of Scam - even if it is.

Thanks & Regards
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this is 4th year of my Hitachi split and a general checkup confirmed no need of Gas recharge. So will go strong for 4th year without any recharge from the purchase day
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Originally Posted by anupam00 View Post

Don't worry even if it is a scam,

Just PM me - that you need your AC Service.No Problem - Thanks to the Network - your ac would be taken care & you don't end up being a part of Scam - even if it is.

Thanks & Regards
Thanks Anupam. this time Samsung is doing it for free, if it leaks after 30 days, I will surely contact you
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I have 16 Samsung 1.5 ton ac's in my guesthouse. All except one are running just fine for the last 4 years. No maintenance regarding gas refilling has been required so far, touchwood. One AC has a problem with cooling, it cools for 5 mnts and then the compressor goes off for next 15 mnts. I am presuming that there is some issue with the gas here. Have called the service guy and lets see what he has to say.

The only problem I find with Samsung is the quality of plastic used is very low, especially with the louvers which keep breaking often, otherwise cooling is just fine.

@kalpeshc : This is how I clean the ac units myself, its quite easy as all my units are window units, also this cleaning is just removing the dust and other unwanted things that accumulate whilst the ac is off in the winter season.

1. disconnect the power
2. slide out the unit from the window bracket
3. take it out in an open area
4. open the top covering above the fan ( in my case there is a plastic part that covers the fan, and can be opened by opening 2 screws)
5. blow away the dust using a vaccuming cleaner blower
6. tilt the ac by lifting the side which has the electronic parts and keep a brick under it.
7. cover the fan motor using a plastic
8. wash the inside using using a hose pipe, since the ac unit is tilted the water should drain out from the side that is diagonally opposite from the electronic box.
9 use an old tooth brush to clean the front and the back grills (do not use hand as they are very sharp), clean the filter and the fan blades also.
10. use a damp cloth to clean the compressor ( the compressor can be very hot if the ac was running prior to cleaning)
11. once the unit is clean, let it dry for a while and then fix it back

Note: The above may not be the best way, but it works for me. Also I am aware that I am not trained to do the cleaning on my own and this can cause damage to the AC, so if you want to try it will be at your own risk


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One more thing guys, I just remembered that My dad's Split a/c started tripping a few days back & on calling the engineer he first suggested that its happening because the compressor is getting heated which means that probably the gas is culprit, my father was there when he was inspecting & he noted that the fan was not working. He asked him to change the capacitor for the fan & voila the a/c started functioning normally
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gas refills each year?!
I have not had to change/refill gas even once in 2 yrs for my home a/c and not yet in 5 years of car ownership...I guess I don't use them enough (except summers) and I don't live in the gas-sucking blackhole that is Noida?
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Okay It seems I am the victim of A/c gas charging scheme in Noida as well. Bought Samsung 1.5 Tonne spilt a/c in 2007. Mid 2009 the compressor refuses to start, problem identified as capacitor gone bust.

This year when the a/c was dusted and cleaned there was zero cooling, called samsung again, problem reported, low gas due to leakage.

Leak from the indoor unit and the service guys have refilled gas and sealed the unit using gas welding(as family members reported, I wasnt present at that time). But the cooling has become excellent.

I hope that this doesnt become an annual rip-off affair, btw I put up in sector-62.

PS: The other Window unit(Fedders Lloyd) which is 9 yrs old is running absolutely fine, only bi-annual water wash does the job. No problems yet touchwood.

PPS: Any recommendation for a/c service guys in Noida.
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I had refilled gas in my Alto after it was about 3 yrs old (don't remember exactly) even though I had no issues with the cooling as such. Found no difference and have never thought of it again.
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Well if you look at it, even our vehicles dont need recharge every year and dont need to even talk about the vibrations and bad roads they go through.
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Recharging is required only when you open the vapor/liquid circuit which involves compressor, expansion valve and condenser.
Please check if they are opening that ... ?

Gas leak is minimal in normal running, and unless there is corrosion, you won't even know.
Gas leak causes a slow decline in a/c / fridge performance.

Have you refilled your fridge gas ever?
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Originally Posted by SS-Traveller View Post
If gas leakage is due to corrosion, what is the point of gas charging without changing the evaporator/cooling coil? And if corrosion is the cause, the co. should be replacing the parts under warranty anyway - in which case gas charging is part of the replacement procedure, so should be free of cost.

IMO, this certainly is a scam.
that's exactly what these guys do - they will detect the leak in the coil using compressed nitrogen. once that's identified they do brazing to fill in the joint, the problem is that at times the coils corrode in multiple places - you repair one leak, after a month another leak surfaces and the gas leaks out...

there can be instances where an a/c technician would deliberately leave a valve loose, but by and large corrosion is a major spoilsport for Noida's A/Cs.
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Hitachi 1.5 ton window - 6 yrs. on. Never recharged. Excellent cooling as on the day it was bought.

Onida 1.5 ton split - 2 yrs. on. Never recharged. Excellent cooling.

I'm sure Noida stuff is a scam.
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The Samsung window AC in my bedroom is a heavily abused unit, i have never taken care of it. I bought it in 2004, used it for more than 3 years in noida. it never required a recharge till the condensor choked due to Dirt(due to non servicing). Apart from this the AC is working fine with just once in a year cleaning service. Most AC service centers make money by recharging the gas even when required.

Another thing i have noticed with roadside car AC mechanics is they they take out the all the gas from the system and refill with gas from other cylinder, And charge for full gas saying previous gas is of no use. Unlike this most company authorised car service centers have a machine sucks out all the gas and refills the same gas, Adds some more gas if required. They charge only for additional gas filled.
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