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Default Re: Automatic small car options?

Originally Posted by avi550m View Post

Should I bite the bullet and go for the i10 AT, as Maruti dealers, and indeed, the regional office, cannot commit a timeline, and if so, how much are the discounts going on i10's (I guess it is a lot, I heard 40k total discounts for PSU employees).
I would suggest you to go ahead and bite the bullet. i10 AT sells more and compared to the A-star, i10 stands out. I know BRIO AT would kill all the competition, but till then IMO, i10 is the best choice.

i10 AT attracts huge discounts, which you need to haggle for. So when you approach Hyundai dealer for i10AT, tell him that you are confused between i10 and A-star AT, as A-star is cheaper and all that jazz. That would grab their attention.

All the best!
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Default Re: Automatic small car options?

Originally Posted by rana_kirti View Post
yes i'm surely excited for the Brio AT. i hope it comes out in the V trim with all the features.

i'm also keenly looking at the i10 AT Asta.

yes we have owned maruti cars in our family. i had 800 long ago and currently have swift vdi . both have been excellent cars.

i have read wonderful reviews of the Astar AT. Is it possible that i can place a custom order with maruti to make me a A-Star AT with the ZXI Opt package...?!? i really want the airbags and other features of the top model. Do they entertain custom requests ?

Maruti Suzuki A-Star: Stop at nothing with KB series Engine
You may please think of the space inside the i10 AT or A-Star AT. If you are sure in this regard, that is OK. But be clear first as price is not a small amount. Last year when I entered in A-Star first at dealer premises, I instantly came out of the car due to shortage of space. i10 is also at par. But the cars are very nice to look at from outside.

i10 AT's FE is very poor. When I was searcing views for buying i10 AT I noticed a post (where - now I don't recall) mentioning that the dealer guys simply did not wanted to sell i10 AT and it was for very poor mileage, etc like this and hinted also about customers' dis-satisfaction at a time.

BHPian 'RoadFiend' in his post on 27.06.2012 on this thread quoted a price of the i20-AT at 9.34L OTR. What is the price of the saloon car - Honda City V AT or S AT which has positives of AT with un-rivalled FE in reality? Price is 9.09 lakh for S AT and 9.62lakh for V AT (Ex-showroomelhi) now.

Originally Posted by supremeBaleno View Post
Custom requests would be tough, if not impossible AFAIK. But they export lots of A-Stars (which would have airbags for sure) and maybe if you have the right contacts, you could snag one of them for yourself - not sure how easy this is though, but remember reading about such a possibility here. But exports would be LHD and those can't be used here I think.

I also so wish they would use the ZXi trim to add the AT, instead of the VXi. Would have been good to have airbags on our A*-AT and would have gladly paid for it.
Custom request with Maruti? It is hardly possible. Last year nearly at this time - after indroduction New Swift I was interested to get a ZDI customised with an AT. In UK AT was there in Swift's petrol version.
And accordingly I contacted more than once with Maruti (via e-mail) for Swift. But no reply was received (except an instant acknoledgement - which might be).
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Default Re: Automatic small car options?

Just an update, managed to Book a Pearl White A-Star AT from Leo Motors in Bangalore. Luckily, it seems they have a few units in stock. It will take about a week for delivery. Looking forward to driving my White Froggie I have managed to ask for Underbody Coating and Remote Locking as part of the accessories. Any idea which other accessories may be required/essential?
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Default Re: Automatic small car options?

Might be of some help for people trying to make a decision:

My wife drives a 1 yr old i10 Sportz AT which has done around 6000KM.

1. Mileage is around 9 kmpl. Usage: 100% AC on and a horrible 14KM bumper to bumper 5 day/week commute in Western Express Highway, Mumbai. My earlier Swift P used to give around the same and I find this acceptable. Have NEVER got a lower FE.

2. Almost no rattles. No squeaks. (especially compared to the Swift!) Good build quality. We drive over pretty bad road stretches around my home.

3. Hyundai did a ECM update in the second free service (there was some sound coming from the transmission while driving over a steep slope at low speeds for specific batches). No other points to mention in 1 year of ownership - runs like an appliance.

4. The ride quality is bumpy. Handling is crap. Steering doesn't speak too well. My wife loves the effortlessness, is indifferent about handling and hates the ride quality.

5. Surprisingly spacious for 4. Tight turning radius. Fantastic visibility.

6. Sharp looker in Electric Red. Have also installed fog lamps/Kagu Mats/Hyundai OEM reverse sensors/Jabra Freeway Bluetooth handfree Kit. Very lady friendly.

7. No dreaded steering rattle as of now (touchwood)

8. My wife also LOVES the rear wiper and feels it is indispensable.

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Default Re: Automatic small car options?

Looking for an petrol Automatic for an uncle (age 65).

Budget - Under 7 lacs

Going through available options in market and reading T-BHP official Brio Automatic review, I think it would be best option.

Any other recommendations are welcome.
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Default Re: Automatic small car options?

The brio is probably the best choice. It is really easy to drive and has light, friendly controls. I would buy one for my wife, but she don't want no car! My personal second choice would be the A-star, and then the i10.

And for those looking for an automatic hatch, we now have a new option in the market. The VW Polo GT TSi!
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Default Re: Automatic small car options?

Agree with KiloAlpha. The Brio looks like the overall best of the lot, trailed by the A-Star and i10. There is also the Ritz-AT and Dzire-AT which you could consider.
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Default Re: Automatic small car options?

Originally Posted by austere_sly View Post
Looking for an petrol Automatic for an uncle (age 65).

Budget - Under 7 lacs

Any other recommendations are welcome.
If he is in Delhi, the Mahindra e2o can be a good option for that budget.
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Default Re: Automatic small car options?

I guess The Brio is clearly the best option now due to the 5 gear advantage followed by the i10 or the Ritz for those who don't like the brio looks and then the A-Star for those who are on a tighter budget. The e2o also seems to be a good and distinct option for those who have only smaller drives to and are ok with 2 doors and smaller interiors. It is definately funky to look and easy to park in the the smallest of spaces.
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Default Re: Automatic small car options?

Considering your uncle's age, for ease of ingress and egress, the i10 AT is a good choice. Being a tall boy design, it seats are higher up than the Brio and one doesn't have to crouch to get in. It is surprisingly spacious, easy to drive and being narrower will be easy to manoeuvre and park in tight spaces. Handling and high speed poise is lousy, but I don't think your uncle would mind that too much.

I've got one and it struggles to give more than 8 kmpl in city drive with AC on.
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Default Re: Automatic small car options?

The petrol-head in me would suggest the Polo TSI, but for me it is priced too high to make sense!

I have owned a used i10 automatic for more than a year, the car is really spacious (way more than the Polo diesel I drive), and the AT is very convenient within the city, though I never took it out on the highway, I think it would perform acceptably.
Engine is adequate for the car and feels responsive, though the AT does take its own sweet time!
Brio makes a lot more sense, being a Honda, its still new unlike the Hyundai, moreover the engine is more powerful than the i10 and the gearbox is far better. Though I've never driven the Brio AT, the gearbox is very responsive in my Honda City AT (Brio and City share the autobox)! I am not too sure about space in the Brio.
Another advantage that the Brio seems to have is a better suspension setup, the Hyundai's suspension is from the age of empires.

I suggest you TD both, as the i10 is cheaper, and good enough for city roundabouts! Brio is better in a few ways but more expensive too!
I expect similar resale for both the cars, and i10 AT sure has some demand in the used market.
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