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New WagonR 2019 23 15.23%
New Santro 48 31.79%
Tiago 80 52.98%
Voters: 151. You may not vote on this poll

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Originally Posted by tush View Post
Dear All,

I am planning for WagonR AGS ZXI 1.2, have been driving swift vdi abs since past 9 years and am fed up of the stop go traffic in Pune. Add to that my daily commute of approx 40 Km, the left knee has already started showing signs of minor pain.

I am being quoted 6.83 after discount. I am a bit surprised, even though there is a slow down in auto sector, December month plus the competition from Hyundai, there don't seem much discount from Maruti. The arrogance is such that the rep didnt bother to pursue further to try and retain the customer.

Has anymore members booked this amt model in this month and what was the final cost?
This is in my shortlist. I am offered a discount of 15k, even without taking insurance from them. This is from Mahalaxmi showroom in Pune. Problem is that they don't have a test drive vehicle for automatic. Need to visit their stock yard for that. You can PM me if you want to go together, may be we can negotiate a better deal for 2 cars.
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Default Re: Which AMT hatchback? Santro vs WagonR vs Tiago

I voted for Santro AMT. Here are the reasons for it:

Electronic actuators will up the speed of shifting
Hyundai's consistent quality translates to reliable experience
Hyundai's better A-S-S network

But if you want a more solid build quality and the sturdiness, close your eyes and book Tiago. I have driven it and it really feels it is a segment above. Kudos to Tata for giving us a well-engineered car for the price.
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Default Re: Which AMT hatchback? Santro vs WagonR vs Tiago

Cross posting from the Tiago thread, and also since Tiago is leading here in the poll.

Guys. One of my friends is looking to pick up a Dec 2017 Tiago XZA AMT version with 35k on the odo. He said he was able to negotiate upto 4.5L for the deal. However I tried searching carwale for a probable evaluation with no luck.

Some questions from his end

1) He currently drives an Alto AMT and he is fed up of the rattles and the jerky AMT. Is the Tiago any better (both from rattles and jerkiness perspective)?
2) Is the price negotiated reasonable? Any scope for further negotiation?
3) Any obvious things to look out for before finalising the deal? He says he drove it a bit and everything seemed tight.
4) Anyone have the features list of the 2017 Tiago XZA AMT? Not sure if the current feature list on the TATA website hold good for the 2017 model.
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Default Re: Which AMT hatchback? Santro vs WagonR vs Tiago

Voted for the santro, and this is coming from Tiago owner. Contrary to what GTO said, I think the Tiago is the best built car amongst the three that were mentioned. I feel the extra weight compared to the competition when closing the doors/boot etc

But I have a Santro amt in my family and the refinement is just next level. Engine is super silent, no cabin shake on startup, sounds almost like an EV. It's only when you take it to it's uncomfortable rpms that it even starts to make a small growl.

It's no road burner however, the Tiago and wagon r would beat it in a drag race but then I don't think OP is buying such a car for taking it to the drag strip in the weekend. And last but not least, the fit and finish. It's as close to perfect as it can get for the segment it is in.

In terms of maintenance, reliability, refinement ( primarily refinement ), I suggest you go for the santro.

Originally Posted by racer_ash View Post
Some questions from his end

1) He currently drives an Alto AMT and he is fed up of the rattles and the jerky AMT. Is the Tiago any better (both from rattles and jerkiness perspective)?
2) Is the price negotiated reasonable? Any scope for further negotiation?
3) Any obvious things to look out for before finalising the deal? He says he drove it a bit and everything seemed tight.
4) Anyone have the features list of the 2017 Tiago XZA AMT? Not sure if the current feature list on the TATA website hold good for the 2017 model.
1. Jerkiness - it's not as silky smooth like the santro amt, but it's bearable, not like suzuki amts. As for rattling, intial MYs had rattling issues, mine is 2016 make and it has some, but i have driven several of my friends tiagos, most of which are the new top end XZ+ and i cannot hear any rattles, and mind you the roads aren't anywhere near world class where i live.
2. Yes you should negotiate more, it's 2017 make, you should atleast be eyeing for 4-4.25 lacs. It's bs4 and new Tiago is out, they should be offering more discounts.
3. Don't ever allow the geniuses at Tata to touch your plastics, what i mean is for any accesories, carpet/full floor mat i forgot what it was called. It's because then you'll forever lose the factory build and rattles may develop. This is coming from personal experience, i own a Tiago as well.
4. If i remember correctly, you haven't lost much in terms of features, i think the car still has rear wheel well cladding, parcel tray strings etc. I think they were discontinued from 2018 make onwards.
If you can get a look at the Tiago from the stockyard, check if it has rear wheel well cladding and parcel tray strings and boot lamp. If it has these three then am 99% sure you haven't lost features.

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Default Re: Which AMT hatchback? Santro vs WagonR vs Tiago

In terms of safety rating, Tiago tops the list with 4* while Santro and WagonR both have a 2* rating.

Which AMT hatchback? Santro vs WagonR vs Tiago-20200503_031103.jpg

The Santro tested was a driver airbag only model and results said "marginal protection" for front passenger's chest area. Wonder if the dual airbag one will fare any better?

Ofcourse it would still be far from a 4* rating with weak protection for driver/passenger knee area, driver only SBR, no seatbelt pretentioners etc.

Including the full reports incase anyone is interested.

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Default Which hatchback to welcome??

Hello Everyone,

As soon as this lockdown is over or relaxed we will be in an immediate need of yet another new car. My in-laws are based out of Mumbai particularly Trombay area. Living a retired life, they are looking to change there ride from Opel Swing to a petrol hatchback in 5-6 lakhs and will be entirely used for running errands in mumbai city with an occasional once-a-year small road trip.

My requirements -

BS6 Petrol.
Transmission(would prefer auto but not a crucial factor).
Good fun to drive car.
High on safety.
Spacious Cabin.

Some restrictions:-

1. The budget is largely fixed. Won't be able to extend.

2. No pre worshipped cars.

5. Low maintenance cost.

Open to all options and brands.

- Will be driven by family members.

All your inputs are highly regarded.


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Default Re: Which hatchback to welcome??

Hi Jacobsamu,

You can take a look at Tata Tiago XT variant. It will cost you around Rs.6.25 lac on road (without discount). It has a good peppy 1.2L Revtron, 3 cylinder engine. The XT variant is decently loaded plus you will get an infotainment system in XT variant over the XE variant. Safety wise, it has dual airbags, auto door lock, rear Parking camera and sensors, ABS with EBD & corner stability control. It is a pretty well rounded variant as per your requirements.
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Default Re: Which hatchback to welcome??

Would definitely recommend the Tiago to you, but being an owner of a Triber, would even suggest that for an occasional 5+2 or a 5 (+ Big Boot) seater. Lovely and spacious interiors, modular seating from the base model onwards, and a wonderful, frugal and sedate car for the elderly. I believe that it will score well in the Crash Tests too.

But Tiago or Tigor, hands down, if not the Altroz or Nexon!!
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Default Re: Which hatchback to welcome??

A WagonR almost perfectly suits your requirements. It is spacious, easy to maintain, and the K12 engine is appreciated by many. Considering the fact the car would be used by your in laws, easy ingress and egress will be important and the WagonR aces here.
The only fly in the ointment is its abysmal safety rating of 2 stars compared to Tiago's 4 stars

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Default Re: Which hatchback to welcome??

You should also consider the Hyundai Santro, it's got surprisingly spacious seats at the rear, comes with an optional AMT gearbox as well and well within your budget.
the engine is not as peppy as one might expect but it does its job fairly well within the City.
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Default Re: Which hatchback to welcome??

Name:  A2873D714AE747A1826F45307FEBCE25.jpeg
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Since safety seems a concern, the Swift LXi would seem out of question. But itís a very sensible car, easy to drive, the revv happy 1.2 K series is a jewel. So, if youíre going to use it for city drives primarily then it would make a lot of sense.
You can expect around 15 km/L in city traffic and the maintenance is comparable to 2 wheelers.

Name:  89597F07E1A54C58B8A9365EDE38E8B6.jpeg
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Second, Iíd suggest the Grand i10 petrol. Though itís a little out of your budget but being a 7 year old car, you might be able to snatch a good deal. It looks a bit dated now, but anyway itís a substantial upgrade from the Opel Corsa.
Being an owner myself of the 1.1 CRDi, I can assure you of the ease of drive, the superb NVH levels which are at par with your Opel. It might not be as fuel efficient as a Swift but 12-13 kmpl is still decent enough.

Name:  066EE04FE128453989E97C8ED0453B10.jpeg
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Third, Ford Figo 1.2 Dragon. The new 3-pot cylinder produces 120 nm torque which is ample for a car of itís size. With a light EPS, itís easy to drive for your family and is still the most fun to drive car in this segment like all Fords. The AC is again Ford like. You might have to bargain well to get a good deal, but Ford petrols have never been record breakers in sales so keep your fingers crossed. Donít expect much of a resale but since you seem to be a person who might use it for a long time that shouldnít matter.

Name:  A2166212287842449569906E35244878.jpeg
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Fourth, since you have written BS6, Iím a little skeptical about it, but to me it makes the perfect sense. Since the country got locked down before the BS6 deadline, most of the stock was left unbought. Around 29th March, a lot of dealers opened in Delhi (i hope your city too) for a day, along with many insurance offices. The dealers had bought these left over BS4 cars so that they could be sold later as Second Hand at least. Now, you know what Iím talking about. So, Toyota Liva, which is a good car save for itís looks would fall in your budget. Itís reliable, the suspension is one of the best here, a little vague steering though but still itís a good family hatch and a substantial upgrade from your Opel.

Name:  E960F1FEA3BD4CADBBFB6C095BCDAB55.jpeg
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Fourth, buy a WagonR VXi AMT.
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Default Re: Which AMT hatchback? Santro vs WagonR vs Tiago

Sir, what is your choice between a santro manual and a tiago manual? One of my acquaintances is under this dilemma. Personally he is averse to 3 cylinder engines. So, leaning towards santro. But I said grand i10(not nios) after discounts might be a better buy. But he wants easier ingress and agress and rear seat placed at a comfortable height.
Originally Posted by GTO View Post
No contest here IMHO. If you're looking for an AMT in this segment, the Santro it is. With its electric actuators, the Santro's AMT is twice or thrice as smooth as the AMTs of the WagonR & Tiago. Heck, the Santro is even smoother than AMT cars from a segment or two above. Then, there's the segment-best build & quality.

My vote goes to the Santro.
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