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Default Polo 1.6 vs Figo EXI Tdci

Hi All,

I went through most of the reviews and Hatchbacks thread, but still....

Ok.. let me begin about my usage: it would be less than 1k per month. I love to go on long drives, but that would probably happen once a quarter maybe.

What I love in a car: it's power, space, style, presence (sold my scorpio a year back nd still regretting), performance and if possible a decent FE (maybe 18 kmpl for a petrol on a highway). And good ground clearance.

After Sales and maintenance: Who would'nt want a great experience here!!

So this is what happened over the last couple of weeks - I'll stick to points only on POLO and Figo

Before I begin a quick price check OTR Blore (as of 1st Feb, 2012):

POLO 1.6 - 8.01 L
Figo EXI Diesel - 6.2L

TD the diesel and wasn't too impressed with the responsiveness.. was kindof "flat" and absolutely not exciting. Came back to The Palace Cross showroom and the sales person told me about the 2011 models on sale - one black comfortline diesel (with 15k discount) and 3 choices in 1.6. For the 1.6 petrol, a discount of 50K + 16K (corp discount) is on offer. Well 66k overall aint that bad with a sunfilm thrown in. OTR would be around 7.3L

This looks really tempting.. but should i go for it or no???? a big big question mark. Whats the after sales experience.. what would be the maintenance cost being a VW.. should i really pay approx 1.2 lacs more than the figo and only get a petrol??.. hmm... still ringing in my head

From GTO's fantastic review and ownership threads, and TDing the car, I totally agree on the resposiveness in city driving. But somehow got a feeling it may not be a fun to drive car on highways.

Lot of space inside and a very "practical" car overall.. what with the diesel, space.. it's more of a VFM. But again a big question mark on after sales and maintenance costs. The one obvious biggest plus again is VFM.

So folks.. your thoughts, suggestions, feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Default Re: Polo or Figo

I own a Polo petrol 1.3 for more than a year now and I am one happy person to say the least. I wish I had the option for a 1.6 in that time and would have gladly jumped of the cliff to get it. Nevertheless 1.3 is a fun to drive in city and 130kmph on highways is not a far cry for this 3 cylinder and it will do 150kmph after which the climb is slow. Its a pouncing cat in city and roars when you rev. I love the sound and sometimes purposefully rev it is gears just to hear it. Some people may not like the noise but I enjoy it !!! I love the exteriors, specially the chiseled bumper. I love the thud of doors everytime I close them. The interiors are very decent and everything melts into one piece. No odd bumps or cavities just proper layout. The gearshifts are like slicing a hot knife through butter, its utterly supreme. The service cost has been around 5K and happens every 15000kms which is not bad at all. Apart from the regular service I have not yet visited the showroom, the whole experience has been very satisfying.

Last weekend I was driving my friends diesel I20 for about 300kms. Top end torque was fun but only kicks in after 1900RPM below that it is just crawling. I love the instant torque of petrols. If your running is around 1K per month I would say go for petrol its fun to drive and would say go for 1.6.
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Default Re: Polo or Figo

Originally Posted by formel_eins View Post
I own a Polo petrol 1.3 .
Guess you meant the Polo1.2.

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Default Re: Polo or Figo

IMHO, the difference between the Polo and Figo is very much intangible. Both cars give a very different feeling while you drive it. If you like to be spoilt by luxury, go for the polo. If you want pure VFM and don't mind the odd rough edge, go for the Figo.
In any case, TD both the cars and spend a considerable time with the interior, as this is the parts you will be interacting with daily. Operate the stereo, use the AC etc. And then go with your heart.

PS- If you're worried about the cost of spares, Its 3000 for an ORVM and 4500 for the front bumper (with painting) I just checked with VW New Delhi
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Default Re: Polo 1.6 vs Figo EXI Tdci

Being a Petrol Figo owner for almost two years now, for me its a simple answer as mentioned by a few above.
If its a petrol go for the Polo, If its a Diesel stick to the Figo.

Originally Posted by Nagesh View Post
But again a big question mark on after sales and maintenance costs.
So far from my experience and others, the maintenance costs for the Figo ( P or D) is not that high and service intervals are far apart. It would be interesting to see the cost of spares after the extended warranty has expired.
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