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Old 16th January 2010, 23:59   #826
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Originally Posted by shreeps View Post
One more question. Does the engine immobilizer and remote locking which is present by default in SX4 ZXi qualify for Insurance Premium discount under ARAI approved anti theft device?

Theoretically you are eligible for a discount as per the India Motor Tariff.

However, these days there are so many other discounts like cash discounts etc being offered by the insurers/dealers, if you go insisting on a discount for the security devise, the insurer can short change you on some other discount.

Try any way and see what happens.

Best Regards & Ride/Drive safe

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Old 17th January 2010, 00:30   #827
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thanks r_nairtvm. I did and they claimed that I would get around 250 Rs extra but if I did have an accident *and* the immobilizer system got damaged then they would not pay for replacing that. Which sounds like BullC&^P to me.

Still have to decide whether to go with Maruti insurance for peace of mind even though the premium is more, or insist on going my own way with BA or some other in which case I I'll save around 3K but may have to fight if and when I put in a claim.

Decisions Decisions!!
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Rupesh Bhai, i am getting charged for 25% depreciation and 5% salvage. can the 5% salvage be questioned? what does it mean exactly?
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Originally Posted by rjvora_2000 View Post
There are lot of insurance companies in the market who are doing this which is wrong.

Ask simple question "Please show me where it is written in the policy wording?"

I am sure he will not have answer to this. Any thing which is not there in the policy, can not be the reason for non-payment of claim.
Originally Posted by saintsinner View Post
Rupesh Bhai, i am getting charged for 25% depreciation and 5% salvage. can the 5% salvage be questioned? what does it mean exactly?
In my above reply I have replied the same thing.

Salvage is to be taken by insurance company and it is there job to dispose them. We should not be charged for the same.
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Originally Posted by deky View Post
I will be transferring my Dad's Car in my name soon. Since the insurances is also in my Dad's name, what is the procedure and the cost involved to get the insurance also in my name.

Or is it that the car is insured so the name doesnt matter???

Thanks for the help!!

Originally Posted by sdp1975 View Post
After the name change in the RC book, go to your insurer( with a copy of the new RC) and get the insurance changed to your dad's name. They will charge some transfer fees.

Insurance may be denied if the name transfer is not done - the MV Act mandates that insurance change should be done within 14 days of transfer of ownership.

Also, take a NCB certificate from your insurer so that you can use it later ( for a new car purchase, or if you have an existing car transfer the NCB to it when renewal comes up).
Originally Posted by rjvora_2000 View Post
If you do not transfer the car insurance in your name the claim is not payable. Transfer of insurance is must. Your dad can't insure your car.
Thank you guys for the response on my querry. I was speaking to the insurer and they told me the following things.

1. If i transfer the car in my name and hence transfer the insurance also I will have to pay the balance amount of the months left for the insurance to expire by myself. Is that right? or have I understood them wrong?

2. If I transfer the car when the insurance is about to expire then I will have to start with the insurance all over again and I my dad's NCB on the same car wont be eligible on my insurance. Is that right?

Thanks again!!!
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Originally Posted by deky View Post
1. If i transfer the car in my name and hence transfer the insurance also I will have to pay the balance amount of the months left for the insurance to expire by myself. Is that right? or have I understood them wrong?
I think this is wrong. You need to pay NCB amount rebate your dad have claimed at any point. Suppose only 5 months are left for insurance to expire you need to pay some 5/12 of the NCB value approximately

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I have a question, I was about to renew my insurance through national insurance. But i drive a AP registered car in Kerala, I am planing to Renew my insurance in Kerala itself. My question is would this affect my claim in any ways?

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I also have an insurance question :

I recently bought a 1995 Maruti 800 from one of my uncles. I havent transferred it to my name yet. When the insurance came up for renewal , none of the private insurance company agents were up to renew it.

Finally I got it done via an agent who got me the policy via a govt. company but the date of manufacture is written as 2000 instead of 1995. I dont know if agent played the date or if its a genuine fault of the company. The car is still in my uncle's name and in his address.

I wanted to know is it legal to deny insurance to old cars by private operators ?

Also, whats the procedure to get year corrected ? And also if I transfer the car now , will it have a problem due to wrong year in insurance policy ?
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Old 19th January 2010, 01:38   #834
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^^^ I had the same problem with my old bike. None of the private insurers except IFFCO TOKIO was ready to insure it. And they too were ready only for comprehensive. No private company was ready to do third party insurance... even for newer vehicles. I don't know if its leagal to deny. Would like to know myself.
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Your highest IDV should be 450K not more then that as this is just 10% less from the last year. I fail to understand the reason behind insurance company not calling to clients back. You can give a call to Bajaj again and ask for the quote on 450000 IDV.
As adviced i asked for a quote from 2 companies BA didn't get back after multiple chase.
TATA AIG is quoting 126xx and new india assurance 10239.
any advice on this regard? Is this quoted premium on the higher side?
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Hi Rupesh

Unfortunately i had to file for insurance claim this week. Fortunately, you are there to answer my queries!
My car is insured with Oriental Insurance and the surveyor has also approved the estimate. But:
1. He says since claim is for more than a lakh, i may need to provide "extract" of my DL from the issuing RTA. My license was issued from Punjab and i am in Bangalore. He says that i MAY be asked for it at the time of getting the claim amount. What is this "DL extract" ?Is this really required? I dont have anyone except for some old uncles living there in Punjab now whom i dont want to trouble really. Is there any other way out?

2. He also asked me to get a complaint filed with the police station. I can get this done but still wanted to check about its importance. And what exactly should i get from the PS?

So far, i have had no issues with Oriental, touchwood. The agent and surveyor both have been very helpful and i wont mind recommending this agent to others also. I understand that Oriental being a GOI undertaking might have some paperwork demands for which i am willing to do some running around.

Thanks in advance
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Sorry for the later reply.

My friend just visited the service center and they observed that since the scratching was done intentionally, they need a FIR for the same so that claims can be submitted.

Do we need a FIR for the same ? Or just a copy of the police complaint is enough ? Are they different ? Can anyone please clarify me the same please

Sorry about the quotes below". Wanted you to know the case history for reference

Originally Posted by r_nairtvm View Post
What Rupesh said is partially correct.

You can claim 4 doors as a single incident if you have lodged a claim with police and their FIR states these damages. Insurance company will have to pay the total cost less the policy excess.

Even with out the report you can claim all four doors from the Insurance, but the insurer may treat this as 2 different claims (one for each side) and you will have to pay the policy excess for each claim.

Best Regards & Drive/Ride Safe

Originally Posted by rjvora_2000 View Post
Answering your question first.
100% of labor and paint charge is covered under insurance.

You said all four door's have loss but under insurance only one side door's will be paid from insurance company rest he will have to pay from his pocket.
Originally Posted by lambuhere1 View Post
Guys, Need some inputs

My friend Red i10, bought around 3 months back had all its doors scraped by a stone recently , when he attended a marriage in his family. I can easily make it out that it was intentional damage done by a stone at the center of all four doors. Circles dia max will be around 6 inches [ like a spiral ]. Now he wants to go for repainting of all the doors. For 2 doors, we might need tinkering, as the scrape depth is more. Looking at the damage portion, I believe the whole door portion needs to be repainted for all the doors.

Is it better to get it painted at Trident, where he got the car, and claim insurance on the same, Or its worth outside. Outside, he got a quote for around INR 15000. He will be getting a quote from Hyundai Trident this week.

If he goes for Hyundai, how much will the insurance cover for the door painting, including the labour charges ?

Thanks a ton for all your help
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Default Questions

Today I was renewing the insurance of my Bolero, and I was surprised when the agent said, that Tata and Mahindra vehicles get less discount, and if I had a Hyundayi or Maruthi I was eligible for more (40%).

I now settled for 35% discount with Bajaj Allianz. But he said, he cannot give me any discount for my ride's 'Anti-theft' device, where as earlier I had got some Rs 250 off from ICICI.

Is it true that this discount on 'Anti-theft' device is available with only certain plans, or is it because I got 35% off, they cut that option out?

Also, does the agent gets to gain in commision if the customer opts for fewer reductions (as discounts, NCB, AAI, Anti-theft)??

Edit: Another Q, is that mandatory deduction of Rs 1000/- in case of a claim, reduceable? or is it IRDA prescribed and mandatory?

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My Innova second year insurance is due next month. It was from Bajaj Allianz. They have quoted IDV 9,45630 (10% dep) and premium amount is Rs 18,262 and they gave another option for Lower IDV 890,972 and premium is 17400. They are offering 20%NCB and 48% discount on both. Please suggest should I go for lower IDV or Higher IDV. Does it make any difference in long run or claim.
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Old 25th January 2010, 11:28   #840
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Default About Future Generali

How is "Future Generali" ?

My car's insurance is due for renewal next month. I am evaluating different vendors and any info about this one will be highly appreciated.

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