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naveendhyani 22nd April 2006 13:35

Which big city has the best driving conditions?
guys! which big city in india has the best driving conditions resulting in least time, petrol and energy wasted. this will solve the question of which city can we expect the best mileage out of the cars.

msprabhakar 22nd April 2006 13:40


Originally Posted by naveendhyani
guys! which big city in india has the best driving conditions...

OHCity and simplicity, besides H'bad...

zenx 22nd April 2006 14:04

Why is Bangalore on the list ? I demand an explanation! :)

johy 22nd April 2006 14:08


Originally Posted by zenx
Why is Bangalore on the list ? I demand an explanation! :)

Well said zenx rl:

..I live in a small city (call it a town) - utterly congested with rickshaws and the Vikram "city" autos - understandibly FE is low :mad:

venkatrx 22nd April 2006 14:09

what about mysore..........its a beautiful city with good roads.

Laxminarayan 22nd April 2006 14:13

Well are we looking at the FE of the cars in different cities or now discussing the conditions of the city itself :OT

We'll I get 13.5 kmpl in my NHC Vtec (ofcourse in Bangalore lol:)

speedbuster 22nd April 2006 14:17

This is no brainer, obviously saddi Dilli !
DElhi has the best, widest roads seen anywhr in india.

aZa 22nd April 2006 15:41

Yep delhi anytime of the day except office hours.... i was actually scared by mumbai traffic lol: ... One should check out Noida for ROADS and traffic too.

And driving around in NCR my santro gives around 450-500 on a tank full thats around 15ish kmpl.

msprabhakar 22nd April 2006 17:10


Originally Posted by zenx
Why is Bangalore on the list ? I demand an explanation!

...and Mumbai too! This proves that some members have an evil intention to humiliate our dear cities!!

tsk1979 22nd April 2006 17:21

Its chandigarh any day, followed by Delhi which is a distant second. I bet people who have voted Delhi have not driven in chd. In majority of the sectors traffic jams are unheard off. Heck its even better than noida in many places which I consider the pinnacle of motoring nirvana.

madhu_calvin 22nd April 2006 17:58

Definitely not Bangalore, hmm,havent been to Delhi to comment on its traffic and road conditions, but voted for delhi

captainsokhi 22nd April 2006 18:13

CHANDIGARH anytime......
Gr8 roads......................
less traffic....................

abhibh 22nd April 2006 22:45


Its chandigarh all the way. Though you should include panchkula in list. chandigarh is getting way too much crowdy now days. Though Panchkula have only 40% traffic compared to chandigarh at rush hours like office and skool going and on Sundays. Otherwise you can drive at 150 easily in Panchkula. Gr8 roads in panchkula too.

P.S. Panchkula comes under haryana but it is full copy of chandigarh.

abhibh 22nd April 2006 22:56

Sonata: 8 - 10 (SOLD NOW)

Fiesta: (20 - 21) no ac effect lol:

Alto: 21 all the time. with ac avg drops to 19 - 20 (really i dont know how we get this figure with this car. One of our relatives purchased the same last year they are geting no more than 20. We have cheked the avg almost everytime we refill the tank each time we are getting like 20.96 or figures like that even 21.5 sometimes)

800 never checked. We have theory about this car. "Fill it forget it"

Ikon 1.6: 13 with AC

Optra 1.6: 12 - 14 in city and higway measuring upto 16+ with AC [Sold]

Zen: 16 - 18 revving it is fun but sometimes. with ac [sold]


Originally Posted by naveendhyani
i get between 39-42 for my CBZ and 15-17 for my M800. guys cud u pls post ur figures also so that we can have an idea.

jkdas 22nd April 2006 23:06

Chennai has traffic rules?lol:

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