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Default Opinions about Maruti's Driving School :

What are your opinions about the Maruti driving school ? Is it worth every penny or is it just a marketing gimmick to tie up the customers to the Maruti brand label ?

And they are using simulators before putting someone into the driver's seat. I know that it's a good practice but when the student puts into practice his/her learned skills to use on our helter-skelter roads, is it a feasible option ? But I think it's a welcome option for oldies have road fright.

And I've heard that the course is slightly expensive with more than Rs.3000 for a learner's course alone and is available on a few cities and will benefit only city dwellers.

It's been said that the tutors (the same old morons) are lured from the other driving schools and they are not upto the mark.

And will the price conscious Indians welcome simulators and digest extra expenses ? Remains to be seen...
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Default Driving Schools

I think it is a welcome step or a definite step in the right direction to have these Maruti Driving Schools. In fact I think it should be made compulsory to have everyone who apply for licences attend these schools, Since I feel these are the only driving schools which provides quality training, compared to the conventional driving schools all over the country. Regarding the conventional driving schools, the less said the better.!!!!
Having said this, Maruti Driving Schools should be complementary and should not substitute for actual learning on road driving skills.

The QUALITY of the driving skills we have in the majority of the people in India is almost non existent. Its high time that the awarding driving licenses should be made very stringent and also the traffic offences should also be treated strictly and fined heavily, and should be point based, If one gets a certain number of negative points on his license, the license should be suspended or taken away for 6 months or more, and shoul be made to apply for the license again
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it wont serve any purpose unless the simulator has programs for swerving cyclists,mad cows and call centre cabs
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Originally Posted by hellspawn
it wont serve any purpose unless the simulator has programs for swerving cyclists,mad cows and call centre cabs
What about the chennai auto and the metro water tanker lorries
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Well, I did check them here. There is Bimal motors who gives this service. Quite costly.. 3200 Rs.. I dont think there is any use of having a simulation,. may be looks bit sophistication.. but real exp rules.. Finally paid 2200 Rs to Santro Driving school In Koramanaga & learned all stuff..

I feel Maruti classes are good for ladies..
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Driving in real life is not a computer game!
No simulator can simulate the Indian driving scenario.
Those gizmos are for western countries only.
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In my opinion, driving schools should have some kind of certification from the government. Driving schools in India basically teach you how to handle a vehicle but not how to drive on the roads. Getting a driving license should be made tougher. Probably the license should also carry the name of the driving school where the driver qualified from. That would help in identifing good and bad driving schools.
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I think it is better to use the simulators in the RTA offices to assess the driving skill of the candidate applied for licence. They can simulate real traffic scenario to test the candidate. Currently they are testing with H and 8 maneuvers and issuing the licence. I think these are not sufficient to test the candidate's skills.

What do you say?
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Atleast youre talking about a test. When I went for my "driving test"(Along with driving school instructor, where I never really learnt anything), I waited around in the hot sun for 4 hours, then signed some paper saying I'd given the test, and 1 week later, I had my license.

We really need more stringent training before you can become eligible to have a license...most chauffeurs today dont know what half the road signs mean...and lets not even talk about lane discipline!!

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Simulators are the best way by which you can learn (and experience) >80% traffic situations without encountering a real accident. Remember, simulation is based on a software, so the more real-world inputs (chennai auto rickshaws included) that go into it, the better the learning experience. (Did you see Trinity in Matrix learning to pilot a helicopter?!)

Maruti is doing a very good job, and nobody in India has a better library database of Indian traffic conditions which goes into their simulation software. Every rupee they charge is VFM because you save several fold in avoidable accident costs.

Incidentally, for those critics who have called simulation as an "oldies" technique, I invite them to fly in an aircraft piloted by a "conventional learn-the-real-world-way" greenhorn. On the contrary, I feel those opposing modern simulation techniques as the real "oldies" who can't embrace change...
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Where in bombay are they located?
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Definitely a step in the right direction, normally driving schools teach you how to drive, period. But driving does not just involve handling the car, students have to be tought a little about traffic rules, lane discipline and so on. MDS actually does this i believe. They also teach you a little about the mechanical aspect too. So i think this is a welcome step. Might be expensive though...
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My 2 cents...
I think it is the right step Maruti is taking towards better driving conditions rather than committing anyone to brand.

Remember, so far any one who learnt to drive in messy conditions, continue to drive so, and creat messy conditions. They did not learn to drive any better. AND we can not simulate a disciplened environment on roads (wish we could). So if such efforts are taken seriously, one day in future, we may have a better learnt drivers around us. It may take longer here in India due to every tom dick and harry's egos.

Why thhey are not so far very successful, is because of the cost, which is almost twice the conv guys chanrge, and they do not do a WONDERFUL job in getting a Driver's license around the way.
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sorry for invoking an old thread. Does anybody here has experience of using the service of Maruti Driving School? How much do they cost and is it better than the regular guys?
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Default My Experiences with Maruti Driving School

Hi Vasoo,

I had got my mother and sister enrolled with Maruti Driving School in Gurgaon in 2007, my experience with them had been a good one,

Both had no knowledge about cars, but the Maruti Driving School guys did a good job of acquinting them with the details of the cars and after their stint, they knew a lot about car parts including engine bay and other technical details.

Also, I would say the driving simulator present in a Maruti Driving School gives a fair idea about the initial driving learning before actually taking you on the roads.

Yes, they are more on the costlier side, In Gurgaon, a normal driving school charges about Rs 2000 whereas Maruti charged about 4000 for WagonR for one person. Also, you might have to coax them for Night Driving/Hill Driving stints, but they would agree if you persist.

Overall, If you can afford, I would definitely recommend Maruti Driving School (Popularly known as MDS). I am sure you will not repent the decision.
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