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GTO 5th February 2014 22:27

Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014
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Mod Note: Team-BHP's Tata Zest Review has been taken live at this link. Please discuss the Tata Zest on the review thread.

A look at the Tata Motor's Pavilion.

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Don't know the message that Tata's trying to send out, but there was no Aria, Manza, Vista etc. on display :Shockked:

GTO 5th February 2014 23:00

Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014
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I usually start off my reports with the most important cars on top, and I expected it's going to be the Zest & Bolt this time.

However, the Storme Ladakh edition just left us drooling. It's a masterpiece by the Tata Motors Design Team, with presence that beats SUVs costing 2X / 3X as much. Tasteful, butch and sexy...see one, want one.

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Closer look at the headlamps:
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Don't miss the LEDs:
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Right next to her was a neat looking Sumo 4x4. Power comes from the familiar 3.0L CR4. 84 BHP & 250 Nm torque means not enough go to match the show.

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Fabulous wheel arch treatment:
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GTO 6th February 2014 00:07

Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014
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The Bolt is quite a good looking hatchback. Neutral styling & contemporary lines, albeit it won't stand out of the crowd either (something which, perhaps, Tata needs). The new skin makes it hard to believe that it's based on the Vista.

Power comes from Tata's new 1.2L turbo-petrol motor and the familiar 1.3L MJD. Good on Tata to finally drop the "Indica" name altogether (link). They're going to have to work hard at rebuilding a product's fresh identity though. The Bolt is an unknown name, competing against the 10-year strong Swift brand.

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Sharp projector headlamps:
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Thank God, the x'mas tree lights are gone:
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GTO 6th February 2014 00:35

Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014
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Tata introduced India to the sub-4 meter sedan concept with the Indigo CS. However, due to a variety of reasons, others like the Dzire, Amaze etc. emerged with more success. This is the CS' spiritual successor. Compared to the Bolt, the Zest will run a higher tune diesel (89 BHP) and have the automated manual tranny, a segment first. The car gives you 3 options of driving modes: Economy, Cruze & Sport.

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DRLs too:
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Typical of Tata cars, the ground clearance appears generous:
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GTO 6th February 2014 01:13

Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014
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You'd never have guessed this is actually a demo seat for Tata's next generation of AVN (audio, video, navigation) systems:
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Once seated, you'll see the head-unit & climate control:
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This head-unit is already in use in the Zest. The display is a touchscreen. Here, it's connected to an Android phone, showing its navigation app:
Attachment 1202896

Download the free App on your phone to control the stereo & climate control from the back seat:
Attachment 1202897

HVAC display & controls on the head-unit:
Attachment 1202898

Full song details shown (including album art):
Attachment 1202899

You can optimise the sound based on your seating position. Simply click the chair you're seated in:
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GTO 6th February 2014 01:35

Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014
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The Nexon compact SUV concept is based on the X1 platform (same as the Bolt & Zest). It's merely a concept at this stage, but provides a glimpse into the design language Tata might adopt. This is Tata's design team having fun, letting their creativity flow.

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ORVMs are so passe, cameras anyone?
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Oddly enough, the oil & washer fillers were located outside the vehicle (below the windscreen):
Attachment 1202930

This Connect-Next concept doesn't bother much about the exteriors. Rather, it's designers are focused on how car <-> human interaction will evolve:
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GTO 6th February 2014 02:00

Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014
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Tata & Mahindra, both, wanted to give us a glimpse of how their design department works. So, a bunch of designers simply carried their gadgets & tools to the Expo:
Attachment 1202970

I'm told that free-hand drawing is still cherished by these talented professionals:
Attachment 1202971

Highly sensitive Wacom digital drawing tablet:
Attachment 1202972

To get a feel of different colours on a certain body style:
Attachment 1202973

Curved panels are also used to get a feel of the colour:
Attachment 1202974

Early sketches of the Bolt & Zest:
Attachment 1202975

Experimenting with controls:
Attachment 1202976

Like the modified Storme in the opening post? Here's where it started:
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GTO 6th February 2014 02:11

Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014
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Nano cutaway, kitted with an automated manual transmission:
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Tata & Mahindra, both, had interesting merchandise on sale:
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Attachment 1202989

A watch branded 'Nano'....
Attachment 1202990

....or pretty much any Tata car you can think of. Take your pick:
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Attachment 1202993

JLR wouldn't be too far behind when we're talking of licensed goods:
Attachment 1202994

avishar 6th February 2014 02:34

Lovely coverage GTO!

Although i must be the only one who is not falling head over heels with the new Tata designs.The front of the Bolt and Zest remind me of the new Kia's.And the rear of both look wierdly pinched.Bolt rear looks like a bulked up Nano.

Interiors are top notch though and very clean and neat.

Ladakh edition look a bit overkill IMO and the bulked up Sumo is trying a bit too much.

Nevertheless,i hope and i am sure the Bolt and Zest mark the turn around Tata desperately needed.Good job!

phamilyman 6th February 2014 03:25

Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014
First up, great job on some awesome coverage here. I'm surprised seeing the lack of crowds - in 2010, on the media day, it was simply overflowing, with no space to shoot anything!

Coming to the cars, I'll have to disagree here - i like the Zest but the bolt screams vista from a mile away (esp side profile and front 3/4ths)! I quite like the AMT introduction in the Zest. Can you post some interior pics of the Zest showing how the central console/gear lever area will now look like?

Even their concepts, look too far out, to be taken seriously. Unlike the Ecosport, which was delivered by Ford, exactly like what we saw in the 2012 Auto Expo.

The 4WD sumo looks ordinary. I mean cars have been having the 4 roof mounted lights in India for a decade- just a sharp paint job together with MT tyres doesn't do much for me though.

Strangerintown 6th February 2014 10:55

Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014

Originally Posted by phamilyman (Post 3363473)
i like the Zest but the bolt screams vista from a mile away (esp side profile and front 3/4ths)!

agree: The Bolt does look very Vista-ish! The only angle from which it looks totally different is from the rear and ofcourse the interiors.

However, for me atleast that is not a bad thing as I always liked the look of the Vista.

mallumowgli 6th February 2014 11:04

Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014
Since they have not changed the roof-line and the hood the Bolt will always look very much like the Vista. However the removal of the X-mas tree tail lights is a welcome move. A bit of wrap-around effect for the tail lamps would have made the rear a bit more interesting.

Storme mods look like after market modifications - also a bit over the top

But the Tata stall shows intent

Roomy 6th February 2014 11:16

Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014

Originally Posted by phamilyman (Post 3363473)
. I mean cars have been having the 4 roof mounted lights in India for a decade

Aren't these light illegal? I am under the impression that any lights above the eye level of a normal man is outlawed currently.

advaitlele 6th February 2014 11:25

Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014
Thanks GTO for the superb coverage.

I liked the Safari Ladakh edition.

Zest to me looks well thought of and well made car. Bolt overall looks fine; but for the rear end, especially tail lights.
As always, Tatas have been very generous in interior space and I doubt it would be any different in these two new launches.
AMT is something I am eagerly waiting for. Having driven a Tata for last seven years, and without any complains; I am more than keen to see the AMT for real.
That adds to another choice for me in my buying decision.

rangarx 6th February 2014 11:30

Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2014
I am really overwhelmed with the honest attempt on the make over of the cars by Tata Motors. The interiors especially have been a sea change.. I am proud to see my homeland company making such genuine efforts. My next car would be a Tata!

Thanks for the excellent coverage GTO. I love this.

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