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Default Re: July 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Kudos to Maruti for the way they do their business. I mean all their cars are in the top 20 list except the S-cross and the Ritz. Its like they follow a simple process: Either make a blockbuster hit or a flop, no place for being in between the extremes.

Fortuner is finally losing its numbers to the Endeavour. And it truly deserves to. I hope that they price the new Fortuner sensibly now and add the much needed features. Although I also suspect that the Innova top end model must also be eating into the Fortuner's sales to an extent.

Tata has definitely found a winner in Tiago. Its just not the sales numbers, but there is a lot of talk about the car happening with many family members and friends showing interest in it. The much advertised music system has to be the Tata's smartest investment off late. The Zest sales figures have also marginally increased and I hope it is due to the success of Tiago rubbing off on it.
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Default Re: July 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thanks Aditya
A well laid out, & comprehensive analysis indeed

Skoda --- seems to be dying a natural death here, which many Skoda customers would term it as a well deserved one.

VW --- after the diesel gate fiasco, only time will tell whether they will exist or perish, but as of now nothing that they do seems to be working for them & rightly so.

Fiat --- enjoying their life in India, selling engines & generally loitering around & taking it easy, they have good products but since their attitude is bigger than their needs they seem to have made their peace with the way things are

Nissan --- Just occupying space & waiting for their blue eyed boy which would change their fortunes

Hyundai --- what is with Creta, it is overpriced & pale value proposition but customers are lapping it up like its a God send!!! mind boggling
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Default Re: July 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by smartcat View Post
3) VW India management might have exclaimed "sheesh!". Polo was doing 3000 a month, now it has done 1000. Meanwhile, 2000 customers went and bought the Ameo!
Think that 2200 Ameo's were sent by VW to dealerships. These are not ultimate sales numbers. This is the first batch of Ameo's sent by VW for display and promotions and don't think these would be sold. We have to wait for another 2 months to know the real numbers.
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Default Re: July 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Renault, Nissan & Datsun Alliance bringing in 18386 units Sold for July 2016 is not a very negligible number keeping in mind that all the 3 put together has max 10 years of exposure in Indian Market.

Somehow I feel that among the late entrants to Indian market they have understood the market dynamics pretty well.
A combined sales of all these 3 put together (18386) is just behind Maruti and Hyundai and above the Biggies like Mahindra, TATA and Toyota to name a few in Indian Market. Combined market share of ~ 7% is better than M&M too.

I feel its refreshing to see good sales figures from Ford Endeavor and Tata Tiago, more so from Tata as lot is expected from these new gen vehicles from the Indian behemoth.
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Post Re: July 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

A much awaited thread each month. Thanks Aditya for the analysis.

Instead of analyzing each car manufacturer I will have a different take on this.

What's good, What's not and What baffles.

Let me start with What's good:
  • Ford Mustang enters the chart sheet . Finally the Iconic car from Ford enters Indian market.
  • Tata Tiago clocking 5114 cars this month - I feel this car will be the stepping stone for revival of Tata Motors.
  • Ford Endeavour dethrones the King Toyota Fortuner in the D2 segment. How many saw this coming? I understand that a facelift is expected for Fortuner but even then it's an achievement for Ford. Hope Ford does not go overboard and sink.
  • Maruti Ciaz and Honda City in top 20 - Sedan lovers will understand why it matters to see these in the top 20, especially after seeing both the cars not appearing in the list last month.
  • Renault Kwid - The success of this car has become a known story. In the top 10 car sales ruled by Maruti and Hyundai enters a Renault Kwid. It is exceptional to take on the market leaders from no where.

Moving on to What's not:
  • Dismal sales figures of Ford Figo and Aspire - Ford has not done their homework properly. I dare say this because they moved from their core values. The same reason has been mentioned by GTO in an exceptional manner in this thread - Why car companies shouldn't move away from their core values. And also for the same reason we can see why Ecosport is more successful in-comparison to the Figo and Aspire.
  • Renault Duster - It is sad to see Renault Duster sales figures of just 1625. It is a competent product, probably let down by basic features and interiors.
  • Fiat - A sad story month after month. Nothing more to say.
  • Volkswagen cars, not selling as expected - They have competent products with solid build quality and yet they are finding it hard to sell their cars in India. I saw a picture where a Maruti Baleno rear ends a VW Jetta, and the images of the aftermath were shocking, where Baleno's front was crushed like paper and Jetta was left with minor dent at rear bumper.

What Baffles:
  • Maruti Omni + Maruti Eeco = 14,784 (sales figures): Need I say more.
  • What's wrong with Nissan by the way. Are they planning to survive with the Datsun brand? Nissan Sunny is probably the most practical sedan in the segment and yet they fail to keep the sales ticking. Nissan seriously needs to improve their After-sales and bring on the GTR, just change their image.
  • S-Cross has suddenly taken a plunge in the sales - Due to expected facelift? What's gone wrong?
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Default Re: July 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Mod Note : There are several spelling & grammatical errors in your posts. This negatively affects the forum experience for other readers.

Kindly ensure that you proof-read your posts prior to submission. Also, it would be a good idea to use a spell-checker.

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Default Re: July 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by Kratos453 View Post
[*]S-Cross has suddenly taken a plunge in the sales - Due to expected facelift? What's gone wrong?[/list]
S-Cross production gave way to the Brezza and Baleno demand. Maruti realigned the production schedules to give priority to the high demand twins Brezza & Baleno in an attempt to bring down the waiting period.

Any version of S-Cross now running a waiting period of 3 months. I think once the demand of Brezza and Baleno is addressed in couple of months, S-Cross will come back to it's usual numbers of 1500 - 2000 units per month.
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Default Re: July 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

I bought one of the 7900 celerios last month. Great to have 2 out of 3 cars in my garage that feature in top 20! Ciaz and Celerio.
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Default Re: July 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Out of the 14 models Maruti has in Indian market, except Gypsy and S-Cross, all are in higher 4 digits or in 5 digit sales. Actually S-Cross also sells in the 4 digits, it's a short term dip because of production schedule changes.

What people says as a flop model of Maruti, the Ritz is selling ~3300 units which is more than the total sales of some brands like Fiat / Skoda / Chevrolet.

Way to go Maruti. You clearly know the pulse of Indian market / consumer.

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Default Re: July 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Honda City could fall further, with the standard facelift every four year mark approaching. I personally feel the Honda dealers are dropping their level of deliverables, including their A*S*S services. Had booked an amaze for my BIL, but the dealership treatment made us shift to CIAZ (with Amazing dealership experience pre and post purchase, pun unintended!). the refund of booking amount was another story, taking ages.
all these things probably could add to H's miseries.
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Default Re: July 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

10k units for a diesel only model, Other manufacturers should learn a thing or two from Maruti Suzuki. FORD'S 200cr marketing campaign didn't do any wonders for the figo twins perhaps they should concentrate on SUV and bring the Kuga to India. Hyundai with the upcoming launch of tucson and elantra hopes to increase their numbers in the premium segment.
VAG should revamp their mass market models to increase their numbers.
All congrats to Renault-Nissan to be the one to challenge Maruti in entry level segment.
Innova Crysta doing wonders for Toyota. 7k units for a 2.5 million car, that speaks a lot about the brand INNOVA.
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Default Re: July 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by Kratos453 View Post
Nissan Sunny is probably the most practical sedan in the segment and yet they fail to keep the sales ticking.
Initially yes, the rear legroom in the Sunny was a major differentiator. But not anymore, with the City and Ciaz coming so close to it, if not better. Plus the offer a wider cabin as well more suited for three adults.

Sunny just does not have a USP anymore.
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Default Re: July 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

The percentage jump in most Maruti models appear quite high. Maybe a case of logistical debottle-necking. Will keenly look for numbers next month.

Ford is back to its ways. Figo & Aspire together have delivered their worst combined monthly numbers so far. Just wondering what went wrong. By the way, welcome the entry of Mustang.

Crysta's performance is amazing. All said and done, its a utility vehicle priced in D1 category. As one chart has shown, its the sale topper on value parameter. Commendable that it outsells every perceivable competition.

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Default Re: July 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

This month instead of the usual praising or criticizing brands for their performances, let me be a bit more pragmatic and say that everything is where its supposed to be.. there are many brands and limited sales (which itself is too high for a tiny country like ours), hence there has to be a first place and a last place.

As always, a brand which provides the best service and ownership experience will succeed in India and keeping on track with that Suzuki and Hyundai are at the top. Let me look into a few models instead of brands and analyse why they are & what they should be :

1) Skoda Rapid :
Many tempting offers and discounts and this one hasn't come close to its competition.. not even by a mile. Good proof that they screwed up when it came to customer satisfaction during service and that has become a shadow for them casting darkness all the way. As a product this indeed is better than a "Ciaz" or "City".

2) Nissan Micra : An average car for this age as its been carried over for far too long. Build quality is nothing to write about and with its dated interiors it can never be successful as a mainstream buyer choice, that's a big reason why OLA is buying plenty of it.

3) Fiat Punto :
Its always a bad time to be a Fiat fan, because it'll hurt that competent, above average products are ignored for lesser ones. However if Fiat truly cared they'd not stick to decade long product cycles. Completely new models are the urgent need of the hour else they're just destroying the faith of their loyalists and also ruining the earning potential of dealerships which are shutting down left right and centre.

4) Hyundai i20 : Demand has shown time and again that Elite i20 is ruling the charts of the premium hatchback segment, however if they want to retain the sales they need to lower prices of the petrol 1.2 at the very least, before the automatic is introduced. I think this model is overpriced by Rs.30-40k and that's including the current price hike. I don't think a 1.2 petrol engine in a car with a low feature count (as far as Hyundai goes) needs to be this expensive.

5) Hyundai Creta : In my first test-drive at launch itself, I'd said that it drives well, it has a supple yet pliant suspension and is ideal for city conditions not to mention its sophisticated styling which is a true deal-maker. It's not a fun car but its no-nonsense and tough enough to survive the country roads all day long. Its engines are the pièce-de-résistance and such free-revving engines having torque in all bands are a rare find today. Its stance ensures good grip and ride quality in all conditions, not the least bit shaky at all. I for one think its not overpriced, specially when the City is about 13.5L/14.5L(auto) on road and sub-4m cars almost touching 10L mark with diesel.

6) Ford Aspire/Figo : They did everything wrong with these 2, starting with the pre-launch teasers 6 months before release, and then not advertising it 2 days prior to release. I have to be transparent here, their petrol engines aren't quite the best, both the manual 1.2 and auto 1.5. The suspension didn't feel like that of a 9 lakh rupee car and the dual-clutch gearbox is a disaster of the ages. I know this by personal driving experience as I had briefly considered Aspire automatic during the time of launch. The steering was precise but very poorly weighted at low speeds. People of India understand quality now, be it space, interiors or drivability and Ford nailed none of it with these 2. Result as expected.

7) Fiat Linea :
Again a good sedan bogged down by terrible engines and a shaky service experience. Its one of the longest cars externally yet perceptions are that its not nearly as spacious as cars a few inches shorter than it. Time for a model change now, if not yesterday.

8) Renault Kwid : They are making the money out of the love shown by the buyers for their new entry level car Kwid, unfortunately they've not shown the same love to the public by compromising the car severely. Of course I'm not sure if its any worse than an Alto, or even perhaps better than the Alto but the fact that they had to revise the car build 2 times since launch and also because they've built a South-American variant over 130 kilos heavier, shows that they've resorted to cutting corners but do not wish to be caught admitting it hence the patchwork. Nearly 10k units, but I don't see that they respect this market enough.

There is no good performance or bad performance this month, things are pretty much consistent as always. Proactive companies change to suit the country dynamics and improve sales whereas those that don't will fill the bottom lines of the sales charts as always.

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Default Re: July 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Good show by the auto companies. Maruti at 1.25 lacs seems to be running away to glory. Don't we Indians just love the Marutis.
Based on the charts, just did a small interpretation of Segment wise leaders.

Segments with undisputed leaders:
Where the lead car's graph has never been touched by the competition
A Segment – Alto
B1 Segment – WagonR
C1 Segment – Dzire
D1 Segment – XUV5OO

Segments with battles
Where the lead car's graph has been touched by the competition
B2 Segment
C2 Segment
D2 Segment (The Endeavour crossed Fortuner twice in 4 months, hence Fortuner is no longer undisputed)
Utility Segment

Apart from D1 segment, Maruti has a firm grip on all the '1' segments.
All the ups and downs and the crown stealing action is limited to the '2' segments, like B2 C2 D2.

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