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Old 10th October 2006, 17:15   #46
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Originally Posted by sumitkalindi
The 407 engine seems to be also bullet proof, at least till 380000 kms, since this was the odo reading of the oldest spacio that we had in kolkata when we sold it.
The 407 engine really is bulletproof. I've seen it used in boats, generators and other non-auto applications where reliability is the prime criteria. The late philipkuttys used to say (in jest) that the engine would probably keep going even if the boat sunk. It can take plenty of abuse.
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I think if there is a comparison then it should be 2 categories Petrol and diesel, because both are treated differently with maintenance and servicing so my vote goes like this M800 in Petrol and Qualis in Diesel
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Old 10th October 2006, 17:58   #48
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Hey, Id say the good old Omni !! I have one which we bought in Dec '90 .. has done about 3 lac kms and that too on the roads of Himachal , plus was used as a delivery vehicle carrying loads of 500-700 kgs up and down hills ... and its still going strong ..

Im sure I can run it for another few years ...

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Old 30th November 2006, 10:04   #49
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The M800 will go on and on and on...................
Reason being almost plenty in number is soldout and most of the M800 owners are first time car owners and rare users who dont ride more distance everyday. Once loving the mileage and maintenance cost that doesn't tear their wallet, no one would sell them, instead go for an additional mid-sized one.
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Old 30th November 2006, 10:38   #50
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Default Amby, Fiat and Mahindra Jeeps

Originally Posted by 1self View Post
I agree with MAG. the ambassadors, premier padminis & mahindra vehicles are the true heroes of the long & abusive race of indian driving conditions. not only will they outlast the owner (with a LITTLE care), they are the only vehicles that will negotiate ANY road & ANY sort of adulterated fuel, without too much of a fuss...and i believe it is these are the qualities that make a long lasting vehicle.
My vote is for Amby, Fiat (Paminis) and Mahindra jeeps. One of my neighbors has a very old PAL (may be 1100D). Only the looks are old, the car runs less noisy and beautiful compared to many newer vehicles.

I think Amby will continue to be the same and am hoping new FIATs continue to have the same quality.
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Old 30th November 2006, 11:35   #51
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Come to think of it, most of the newer cars havent been around for a really long time, for us to judge their very-long-term reliability and ease of use.

The only cars we have which are more than 10-15 years old, are m800, zen, esteem or the older fiats and amby. And in those days, most people were more likely to take better care of their cars, and ignore the minor niggles here and there, because cars were tough to come by, and there were hardly any choices. As a result, these cars used to chug along happily for years.

But, in these days of low EMIs and plentiful of choices, people tend to ignore their earlier rides for the newer kids on the block. So their earlier rides do not get the attention required to make them go on for a really long term.
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Old 30th November 2006, 14:15   #52
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Undoubtedly the Toyota Qualis. Ask my tour operator to endorse this fact. I have seen a qualis that had almost 3,00,000 km and still running.
Couldnt agree more.. TKM messed up with replacing it with the Innova. There was enough place for both these..
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Toyota qualis,one GP president in udupi district has clocked over 4.8+lakh kms and is running just fine,
i have seen several brands run lakhs of km but none remain as fresh as this one.
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Old 30th November 2006, 19:27   #54
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it would be the original carb 95 esteem.My car's done 2lac 98 thousand km and still going strong...
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Old 1st December 2006, 11:22   #55
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life is not just in kms travelled, but it also has to be proportionate to the time.we still have to wait and see if the qualis will be around after another 10 years.
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My guess would be the Maruti-Suzuki Alto.Maruti will keep milking this baby for all it's worth.Expect to see it trundling down India's roads for another decade or so, with minor tweaks and modifications.The new Suzuki Alto is exceptionally ugly, so i wouldn't blame Maruti for deciding to keep the current shape going!.The Amby's dyes won't hold beyond another year or so, i'm told.HM is expected to put it to sleep next year or so!..
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Old 31st May 2007, 17:45   #57
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Originally Posted by rks View Post
I can corroborate that. I myself just changed my 6-year old tyres on my Santro, after 34000 kms. But even better, the 1995 model Maruti 800 which I used to drive till 2000 and is now with my relative, is *still* having the original 11-year-old cross-ply tyres for the rear wheels -- the front tyres were changed about a couple of years ago. The car has done about 45000 kms. I pleaded with my relative to change the rear tyres as soon as possible, but met with a firm refusal.
Well I too have my 2001 model M800 with Original tyres, done abt 46,000km till now and still going!
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Dont know if Trax counts, its common for abused, overloaded and ill maintained Trax with OM616 to last 400,000km regularly, with proper maintenance, expect 500,000+, the Trax I sold had 345,000km on clock and a taxi guy managed to further run it for up to 900,000km before the engine needed work. Apart from that, any of the Japanese engines, I have seen quite a few high mileage Esteems, Qualis and any of the Toyota Honda engines with just basic care would manage to last 300,000+ km with ease.
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Old 31st May 2007, 18:03   #59
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Originally Posted by gopz View Post
Well I too have my 2001 model M800 with Original tyres, done abt 46,000km till now and still going!
This is a controversial topic with some people insisting that the age of the tyres doesn't matter. But the consensus today seems to be that tyres have to be changed after about 6 years because the rubber becomes brittle with age and there is a serious danger of the tyres failing. Some car companies like Ford are recommending that tyres be changed after 6 years, irrespective of the mileage done.

If you are running your car on the highway at good speeds, I would strongly urge you to change your tyres, in the interests of safety; anyway they have done a good mileage already. My orginal Bridgestone tubed tyres were no good in rainy conditions in the last few months and I should have made the move to tubeless tyres much earlier than I did.
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The older the tyres, harder your steering is bound to be. Replace tyres at regular intervals and as a set.
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