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Default Re: August 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Good performance by Hyundai for the last month, Grand i10 is finally getting the numbers it deserved all along as no vehicle in that class can match it in terms of the all-roundedness - the service factor, reliability, refinement, space and value, it doesn't excel in any one department but it does come very close in all of them. Elite i20 and Creta despite the pricing have really taken off and that's an achievement very few can claim to have done in India. All that this company needs now is an Eon replacement - an all new model to erase the past and take the Alto and Kwid on in direct battle. Yes none of them cut it in terms of safety but if Hyundai is clever they'd make this future small hatch a segment leader in wheelbase, space, engine and safety.. this is the only way they can rack up another 10K+ in sales and compete in growth, the Elantra, Sonata and Tucson sure won't help that much. Sometimes though, seeing the recent introduction of engines + removal of useful features strategy, it seems they're taking 3 steps ahead and 2 backwards - this will hurt them big.

Suzuki is on cruise control as usual.. they've set the speed and the company is reaching targets as planned and systematically. Wont change until more directly competing models for the Swift & Alto are introduced.

Fiat is also in cruise control.. steadily moving at the slowest pace possible, but hey.. royalties, right? I'd have much more respect for the company had they chosen not to lease out their engines to other manufacturers and instead taken them head on in sales of their own models.. Punto and Linea are aged models, sure but in terms of safety or technology they're still ahead of every similarly priced brand today.

is trying, but let me be frank here.. they never had an all-round affordable product for India, the first-gen Figo had poor engines and pathetic features but they were built strong and drove well, the current Figo-duo are the polar opposite and that too won't help their cause at all.

Nissan maybe a somewhat good brand but they don't have much going on for them here.. be it styling, build, features or luxury they don't top in anything for the moment, given that their 2 best sellers the Micra and Sunny are often seen doing duty as Ola cabs, the Terrano while it maybe luxurious and well built is still a modified Renault product, nothing unique to Nissan themselves. I'm only talking of the current line-up on sale. The Evalia.. well not many (zero) want a perfect-quadrangle on wheels. Don't see any direct imports of the Teana either.

Chevrolet Beat and Sail/U-Va are competent products in their own right and amongst peers.. however poor brand recognition, poor perception and lack of marketing/support by Chevy means that they'll sell that few hundreds a month combined. The Beat entry-variant makes for a much more sound buy compared to the Kwid or Celerio, its much more well constructed and drives superbly (HPS) but not many care about the details I suppose.

Polo and Ameo are officially the new twins on the block, and both will continue to eat into each other in different permutations as each month passes. Only hope Skoda doesn't come up with a badge re-engineered Ameo until they await the new Polo badge re-engineered Fabia :-P

Honda for the 3rd or 4th time now is eating humble pie.. it would take great planning to take out the City which was a car that matched the expectations of every buyer who wanted an "upgrade" > space, snob value and well.. mileage. Maruti made the Ciaz just to kill the City and it worked wonders, its just as big or a bit bigger, has a smaller capacity engine for superb efficiency and a lighter body for the engine to lug. The discerning buyer might read this differently but for everyone else, the Ciaz is the IT car of today.

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Default Re: August 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

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Please read our rules before proceeding any further. We request you to post ONLY when you have something substantial to add to a discussion.

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Default Re: August 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

The wow factor in the last few months for me has been the Innova Crysta sales figures.

A host of upgrades are launched and literally go un-noticed. Very few make their mark as the Crysta has.

It just highlights two points.
  • Timely and significant upgrades are very relevant and in case done correctly are a winner.
  • Indian consumers are ready to shell out money for quality products.

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Default Re: August 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by 2000rpm View Post
Looking at the Alto Trend, I think Maruti doesnt have a response to the Kwid. I expect some price correction in the Celerio & Wagon-R soon.

Kwid I think can touch 15000 easily if supply is enhanced. I am seriously considering exchanging my Swift for the 1.0 Kwid however awaiting decision on my mobility.
However good it may sound, the Kwid even at 1.0 wont hold a candle to the superb drive ability of the Swift. Swift, will and remains one of the best driver cars in the sub 8 lac category. Period. Yes. Kwid does make sense as a second car or a beater. As a replacement, dont think its a wise move.
With regards to mount 15K, it seems to be a daunting task. I am more worried about the after sales infrastructure than the sales figures for Renault. Can they actually cater to such high numbers from their wafer thin network?
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Default Re: August 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by Dr.Naren View Post
Maruti :

Good to see that Maruti has resumed production of S-Cross. This car is not doing as per initial expectation (5K/month).
Except for Gypsy, Maruti has all its cars selling in 4 digit numbers, in fact above 2000!
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Default Re: August 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

YoY growth rate for luxury car makers (Aug) -

Mercedes -> -4.4%
Audi -> -16.1%
BMW -> -12.0%

All this despite the new launches and updated model across the rivals, in a growing market. Ze Germans are pricing themselves out of the market, with 3/C/A4 are crossing 50 lakhs OTR in almost all cities.
I really wonder what's the point in giving 7-8 lakh discount, half of the year and make many of buyers feel cheated.
In a way, this is a good trend for buyers. How long these manufacturers would hold on to astronomical prices, if they are serious about Indian market.

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Default Re: August 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Dream run for Bolero has almost come to an end. A utility vehicle which did healthy, consistent numbers in the past are now on a free fall. Is this the beginning of a era for the Bolero? The Under 4m one?

Pleasantly surprised to see Ford Endeavour selling more than it's direct competitor, the Toyota Fortuner! However, I think its just a matter of time before the refreshed Fortuner is launched!

Mustang is doing pretty decent for itself! Good times ahead for the second hand market!

How much I wish that Fiat should do something and do it quick! The Aegea or Viagio (whichever they are planning to bring here) should come sooner to stir up the interest in public.
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Default Re: August 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

I am seriously wondering where those 12000 + Grand i10s are going?
Is that Hyundai so much promising that it is outselling many better alternatives and even Elite i20?
Or is it going somewhere else like cab market?

Hats off to Maruti for prioritizing Brezza in production and fulfill the demand for existing customers first.

Mahindra, what happened to Bolero?
I am 200% sure that customers of Bolero are 'the customers' of Bolero they won't look for other alternatives.
Vitara Brezza / Duster / Ecosport can never be an alternative to utilitarian Bolero.
Something must have been wrong in the rural / commercial market with Bolero.

Volkswagen shot themselves in the knee by launching Ameo.
No such gains in total sales figure. Just Polo buyers switching their bookings to Ameo.
Let's see if Ameo Diesel + DSG does any wonders.

Wondering why TML can't increase the production of Tiago, when it's fresh and appealing in the market.

Hope Renault will understand now that their half-hearted Duster facelift was a waste attempt. When you move close to Hyundai Creta in terms of pricing, you must be armed with quality, premium-ness and features.
Good show with Kwid.

Datsun Redi-Go seems to have settled on it's average monthly sales figure of 3000+ units. From day one it was very clear that it can't match Renault Kwid.

Honda trying to revive their sales figures by launching facelifts across it's porfolio.
Amaze gets fresh cosmetics which now can be seen on Brio very soon.
Now it should not be surprising to see Mobilio getting the same dashboard soon too.

It's better we don't talk about Fiat, Nissan, Skoda.
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Default Re: August 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Well, the monthly results turn affirmative to what was expected,

1. City makes way for the Ciaz - Proves that Value for money holds more weight than brand image.
2. Ecosport regains the glory by surpassing 5k mark - Proves that a better product will be received if priced well despite its age.
3. Kwid re-defines the game by surpassing 10k mark - Proves that one (Maruti) cannot keep riding infinitely due to lack of competition. Time to pull up socks and bring improved products.
4. FIAT and Chevrolet - Back benchers will be Back benchers. Always there.
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Default Re: August 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Aspire, Amaze, Xcent, Zest & Ameo all put together have a volume of 12635
Dzire alone at 15766

Love it or hate it...

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Default Re: August 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Everyone is eager and desperate for TATA to stop Indigo and Indica. Not many understand the business and marketing strategy! Both Indigo and Indica have been here for long and I am sure both of them have recovered the initial investments taken on them. So profit on every car sold directly goes to TATA surplus fund. Both of them though no topping the charts, manage on average 3500 units per month. A profit of 10-15K itself will amount to 3-5 Crores. Agreed it's not a big amount, but they are managing this with not a penny spent on adverts. A quick comparison of the recently launched VW ameo will throw a better picture.There was a thread here where someone said it will take 1.8L units of VW Ameo to break even in terms of initial investments. Considering they sold 2.5K units both the months for now, it will take close to 6 years to start thinking of profits on Ameo. Also remember TATA manages a good amount of loans through TATA CAPITALS on taxi segments so it is a win win situation for them. They are now concentrating on Tiago/hexa/Nexon/Kite5. Once some of these are out in market they will try to revive the Taxi segment and till then it makes complete sense to continue with them.
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Default Re: August 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

I believe Aspire's price cut is yet to materialize in the market considering the news came about only by the 10th of August. If the dismal figures continue in September also, all hopes are lost for Ford.

Now concerning build quality, I see that it is being commented upon so often with regard to sheet metal thickness and kerb weight. We should not forget that the Aspire at 995Kgs is still heavier than Dzire, Amaze & Etios. It is only slightly lighter than Ciaz & City and of course - a lot lighter than Ameo and Zest. Among the current available options, Aspire is still a good buy.
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Default Re: August 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Mod note: Post edited for readability, please leave space after each paragraph, helps with readability. You can check the same by Previewing post before Submitting. Thanks.

Thanks for all the details which we await very eagerly every month.

Maruti Suzuki India and Hyundai Motors India are charting their own growth paths and will continue to do so. In fact Hyundai is one company who continues to bring new designs in all new models which are being introduced.

Renault seems to be doing well with the Kwid, no one should underestimate the success of Kwid as its is based solidly on the value for money product strategy and it will go a long way, it all depends now as to how they manage their service centers and grow their dealer network, just imagine if Renault had showrooms in the interiors of our country and higher manufacturing capacity, fortunately or unfortunately for them no other car is doing well so they have major capacity available for manufacturing the new Kwid 1.0 also. It will certainly reach the 13000 mark soon.

If only Honda can improve the quality of their cars or bring it back to earlier levels their cars will sell by itself. But they seem to have taken the Indian market for granted and for this they charge premium too. The interiors are not long lasting in any of their new products. The recently introduced dashboard is being used across cars as if it was some switch hence you get the same feel whether it is the BRV, Amaze, Mobilio or the update Brio which will be launched soon. High time they sat back and did some innovation as well as improve on the quality of electrical components they are using as well as the quality of the material used in their interiors. It would be surprising but the fact is that the dull interiors of the earlier Amaze, Brio and Mobilio feel much more solid and are better in terms of strength than the City. Hope they will get back to the qualitative best soon.

Tata Motors needs to manage the Tiago sales properly because it is a product which has brought some sanity in their volumes and smile on their team's faces. The Hexa should be introduced soon and priced right then only it will be a success otherwise it will end up as the Mobilio of Tata Motors.

With the price cut Ford seems to have taken the right step for the Ecosport and Figo twins, am sure the volumes will be stable as they are good products.

Chevrolet India and FIAT India should compensate all their buyers and shut shop, no point in dragging like this, one has dealer network but no products and the other has competent products but no dealer network.

Nissan should seriously start focusing on the Micra as it is a very able car and if priced right and sold properly, it will sell decent volumes. Rest of the products are all duds. The Sunny though a very efficient car is priced very high, why would someone pay so much if they can buy a City or Verna or Ciaz at that price, it's simple logic but highly paid managements don't understand.

Skoda well......can only have sympathy for many of those buyers who have been cheated by some dealers or are being misguided by their service centers, ultimately reducing the market share as there are no good references. The Rapid is a superb car, am sure many people will vouch for it but let down due to Skoda's inability to address the Indian market right way.

Drive Safe Drive Well........

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Default Re: August 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Must say, ordering by total sales (actually shipment) figures is misleading. Renault ranks slightly ahead of Toyota, but surely Toyota's Innova-dominated numbers should count more than Renault's Kwid-dominated numbers? Yes, it's impressive the Kwid has broken into five figures, but what are the margins like?

It would be nice to see revenues based on retail sales, but I suppose that's very hard to obtain. Revenues reported by companies include other stuff, like engine shipments by Fiat, and various costs and deductions.
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Default Re: August 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

The number of zeros (TATA) Aria managed this year does full justice to its name.

Afterall Aryabhatta invented zero.
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