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Re: India-spec 5th-gen Honda City specs and features

This looks like a perfect upgrade from the facelift. Definitely more appealing than the Ciaz but pricing plays a big role. The world market has shifted to this new SUV trend where they forget sedans.
16 inch wheels give it a better stance than the Indonesian 15 inchers. Low profile is a little concern but aesthetic feel first. The car seems to be low on ground clearance. Overall I love the simplicity of this car. Will the touch screen be response like the competition? Civic feels dated due to its screen. Shocking to see they are getting rid of the fingerprint magnet AC control (Good point). Are the inner door handles and switches same from the current generation? Pricing will play a major role for this car.

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Re: India-spec 5th-gen Honda City specs and features

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Compared to the 8th-gen (2006) Civic:

Civic length = 4545

Civic width = 1750

Civic height = 1450

Civic wheelbase = 2700.

Eerily similar stats! Am sure the premium positioning is going to be more than similar
And just when it came to the engine, the development team took a CL. IMHO, the most important aspect considering the age of this i-vtec.
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Re: India-spec 5th-gen Honda City specs and features

Originally Posted by TwinTurbo View Post
The car looks good but I don't see any major differentiators in terms of features like the Verna. Honda's gonna price it north of 15.5L for the ZX petrol manual variant which is not at all value considering the Seltos and the Creta which score high in that department. At that kind of money, you can get a much powerful Nissan Kicks with the 1.3L Turbo engine.
Agreed! Kicks with that 1.3 Turbo Engine and awesome ride quality is probably the most fun car this side of 15 Lakhs !
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Re: India-spec 5th-gen Honda City specs and features

Originally Posted by TusharK View Post
Honda has released the official details of the India-spec fifth-generation City including the specifications and list of features available.

The fifth-generation Honda City measures 4,549 mm in length, 1,748 mm in width, 1,489 mm in height and it has a wheelbase of 2,600 mm.

Attachment 2017816
The proportions with the massive overhangs in the front a rear look all wrong. I would have loved it if they had increased the wheelbase. That way they could have freed up more interior space, improved the looks so much and charged a justifiable premium. The overhangs looks like a Toyota Yaris in side profile .
The 5th-gen Honda City in India. EDIT: Review on page 62-toyota_yaris_se_plus_1.jpg

But I have a feeling that interior comfort and materials are going to be top notch and it might actually sell well like the 3rd generation cockroach shaped City.

Drive on,
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Re: India-spec 5th-gen Honda City specs and features

I am disappointed to see that Honda is not launching turbo petrol engine in India. City has grown in size and now the size is same as Civic. I am not getting the logic of increasing the size for new generation, considering that parking lots and roads are not getting bigger.

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Re: India-spec 5th-gen Honda City specs and features

From whatever, we have seen so far, the new 5th gen City appears to mark a return to Honda's quality roots, where even vehicles that were 10-15 years old ran reliably with minimum maintenance and had good fuel efficiency, quality exterior and interior parts, where even items like headlights, taillights and plastics would not fade.

A case in point is my 20 year old Honda City, which remains very reliable and a joy to drive even today. Interior plastics have also held up extremely well.

The point is Honda is again likely to make the mistake of asking a premium for 5th gen City in its top end versions, which will likely cross 18L OTR in BLR.

Honda may feel the new City is near the Civic in ability but even a Honda loyalist like me, today would rather buy the Creta over the City. Words I never ever thought i would hear myself say.

I would gladly pay 17L OTR BLR for new City petrol top end automatic but frankly the new Creta looks and feels far more premium than what Honda has cobbled up.

Performance is another issue, new City needs to be atleast in the 9-10 second range for 0-100 kmph and not like the yawn inducing Civic.

Evidently the higher cost of this newer model is causing Honda to sell the older 4th gen model alongside. Unlike the 1st-3rd gen Honda City's the 4th gen was a merely a good car and not a great one (it aged faster than previous models and fit finish was poorer, especially with exterior panel gaps).

This is a lame decision and as I said earlier, smacks of poor leadership at the helm of Honda India. Selling the 4th gen City at a cheaper price in the showrooms will further impact the City's residual value, which was astounding from 1st-3rd gen models.

Just look at the resale value of Creta, which is excellent!

Honda could have instead attracted existing 4th gen City customers to the 5th gen by offering a mouth watering exchange deal and thereby also protecting residual values.

I hope Honda will learn from the flop of the Accord Hybrid, Civic, CR-V, BR-V, Jazz, Mobilio, WR-V and price the new 5th gen City reasonably and give it an chance at success.
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Re: India-spec 5th-gen Honda City specs and features

Honda won't/can't price the new City within 17L OTR(Blr) for the top end AT petrol. The Verna DCT (which will now be a generation old compared to the City) it self costs 17.4.

I hope with the new City, we start seeing more of the old Honda. This will be a perfect car for my father for whom we need a good sedan but there are hardly any worthy ones in the D segment now.
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re: The 5th-gen Honda City in India. EDIT: Review on page 62

I am on a hunt, looking to replace my existing ride and moving onto a car which will be loaded with all safety features and comfortable for long highway journeys. I was in dilemma about SUV (even pseudo ones) and the sedans. Looking at our road conditions and the surprises that they can throw, the thought process was inkling towards SUV but the petrol head is longing for a good sedan. And thus the wait for new city.

But I am somewhat disappointed to see the wheelbase getting lowered and at the same time the front and rear overhangs getting extended. Also it remains under-tired. And if they choose to go with beige interiors, they are pain to maintain in our conditions.

Also if the top end with all bells and whistles is going to cost upwards of 17 or 18 Lakhs then definitely it goes out of budget. The one thing I noticed that with each launch all the manufacturers are moving up the price. Irrespective of whether the model deserves the price hike or not.

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re: The 5th-gen Honda City in India. EDIT: Review on page 62

Originally Posted by distiller View Post
And if they choose to go with beige interiors, they are pain to maintain in our conditions.
It will be interesting to see how the refreshed petrol motor performs once the new City is launched. The current 1.5 still remains a joy to drive.

As for beige interiors, the current City is a good mix of black / metallic silver dashboard and beige panels on the side/seats. So far, I have not found it difficult to maintain during my 1 plus year of driving the City. But then again, I try to keep the interiors as dust and grime free as possible through preventive maintenance - so its remained relatively pristine.
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re: The 5th-gen Honda City in India. EDIT: Review on page 62

New City looks very Premium now.

4th Gen was somehow bit compromised, looks like. Honda realised it and immediately rectified it with this new generation. It does look more premium than the Thai version.

It is lengthier and wider, that does add to good stance. I hope Honda offers some nice color options, fact is that all Honda cars have same color options (White/Silver/Grey/Brown/Red), no Blue, Teal, Orange, Black, etc.

Coming to interiors, they look far richer and spacious due to Beige treatment. I am happy that Honda went ahead with Beige as it does feel airy, although stains will show up easily. In our cars, the Beige upholstery has held up well so far. They are as good as new.

It is feature loaded and spacious, both Engines are good, being sedan, dynamics will be better compared to C-SUVs in the price range. Wish Honda had given Diesel AT Option. Because nothing can match the convinence of Automatic and Efficiency of Diesel.

If priced well, I will pick the City over Seltos/Creta despite the sedan segment having lower sales compared to C-SUVs. Honda please don't be greedy. Price it well and see it fly out of Showrooms.
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re: The 5th-gen Honda City in India. EDIT: Review on page 62

The car looks good and premium. But then again, I'd refrain on commenting till it is actually launched. Why wouldn't they go all out and launch a Diesel CVT is beyond me but then its Honda so not surprises there.

Coming to the engine, the 1.5 still bests all other engines in the same category. I have had the pleasure of driving VW, Ford, Suzuki as well as Hyundai and the 1.5 iVtec was simply on another level. I am glad they did not bring in the 1.0L turbo as the replacement. They should still have launched it IMO. As mentioned previously, in an age where Hyundai and Kia offer multiple engine and transmission options, I don't know why Honda wants to shoot itself in the foot.
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re: The 5th-gen Honda City in India. EDIT: Review on page 62

High on safety, including ESP and a 3-point seat belt for the middle rear passenger! The last one especially is a rarity in its segment. And the car looks really clean and sharp.
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re: The 5th-gen Honda City in India. EDIT: Review on page 62

The 5th generation model does indeed look great. However, I won't be surprised to see Honda overpricing this model (as well!). The 4th gen model which will be sold alongside, might see a price revision downwards - albeit only marginally.

The market has moved to the CSUV segment and a prospective customer will surely compare the Creta/Seltos with the City. A 18L OTR (Delhi) price tag for the top end petrol will simply not cut it for Honda.

Let's hope better sense prevails and this blockbuster product from Honda regains it's old glory.
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re: The 5th-gen Honda City in India. EDIT: Review on page 62

Looks slightly ugly with that overhang! In comparison Verna (if you are okay with that grille!) & even Ciaz looks better!
1. Whats the point of using same old 1.5 NA engine in 2020? Even VW's 1.0 TSI gets you much more torque (175 Nm) and comparable power!
2. Skoda Rapid with same engine can get you ~19 KMPL - for much lower price!
3. Only redemption might come via the diesel - 24 kmpl is very attractive - but no sure how much they are gonna charge after BS6 upgrade
I will be surprised if Honda can maintain 4000+ units per month volume this time ( unless they bring some pricing surprise, which i am sure they wouldn't!)
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re: The 5th-gen Honda City in India. EDIT: Review on page 62

Can someone comment on the sheet metal thickness that is being used? Is it as thin as the outgoing model?
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