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Re: Toyota deletes 11-speaker JBL system from Fortuner

Even with 6 speakers one can have decent music. This rant would have been justified if Toyota had compromised in its engineering!

The more Fortuner gets bashed, more the sales! Again, after some time we will hear - Fortuner leads the sales chart in its segment! Was the competition able to get the desired sales figures having all the bells and whistles available?

To the points from @V. Narayan and @himanshugoswami it is just spot on. Own it (not TD), to believe it.
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Re: Toyota deletes 11-speaker JBL system from Fortuner

Originally Posted by 4x4addict View Post
My take is that if money is not an issue, get the Fortuner, else the Scorpio 4WD AT.
Agreed. With the current budget, I can barely pull the 2.7 MT Fortuner which is something I don't want.

Z4 comes at half the price but there are caveats:
1) Factory installation is factory installation
2) No 4WD+AT variant for Z4
3) Good chance that mods will void warranty (especially front camera). But will go 360 camera on the Z8L anyway once warranty expires
4) I am an audiophile but have a very low bar when it comes to in-car audio. The Sony system is already a dreamscape for me and I love the sound signature and tuning options
5) Electric seat is crucial as there's no tilt steering and I am fat

Z4 would have made a lot of sense but I had to go for the top variant this time

P.S: Really wanted a 3.2 Endeavour but the haunted voices in my head returned and said "why not get something new when you have the budget?". I gave in.
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Re: Toyota deletes 11-speaker JBL system from Fortuner

I don't understand how forum members are wrong for criticizing Toyota about the deletion of the better sound system?

Is it really hard to believe that people ALSO expect features in a solidly engineered car with reliable service? It's 2023 and the lack of features in a car costing this much is absolutely criminal. Toyota already charges a fortune for the Fortuner.

The car has a fan base and it'll continue in the near future with record sales but that doesn't justify Toyota doing what it has been doing. Not everyone buys a car for resale and not everyone has the money to buy multiple cars. A person other than the majority of Fortuner buyer's (you know who) wants to buy the Toyota for it's performance, solid mechanicals and service but also has to keep his/her family members happy who care about the features. Why should he/she have to compromise even after paying this much? We have so many people on the forum itself who want to buy the Hycross just because their Crysta is barebones in comparison! (The demand for an overpriced Toyota but now with features will still exist)

We (well my family, since I moved Australia) own a 2022 4x2 AT Fortuner and I've driven it for a couple hundred kilometres. There is nothing for the family to enjoy in the car except for the person who's driving it. We have multiple cars so it's kinda okay as the Fortuner is only used for highway travel.

Well then, why did we buy it? Because my older brother belongs exactly to the clientele that rewards Toyota with these sales month after month.

I've also driven my cousin's 2015 3.0L Fortuner for a couple thousand kilometres and that car was worth the money for what it offered IMO.

The new Fortuner? Absolutely not.

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Re: Toyota deletes 11-speaker JBL system from Fortuner

The Fortuner is a fun to drive SUV thanks to its suspension tuning and massive torque but that does not in any way justify its current price tag,Toyota should keep adding features not deleting it!.

Anyway as always the case with Toyota pretty sure that for the major demographic that the fortuner targets ,they wonít even bother and the default variant for them to buy is the 4x2 AT (considering itís the best selling variant in the entire fortuner/legender lineup) which doesnít have the JBL-11 speaker setup anyway.

Still canít help but ponder over the fact that this segment once had Landcruiser rivalling SUVís like Montero, Endeavour and Pajero Sport.Ford and Mitsubishi should have never left India ...sad times for full size premium SUV buyers here.

P.S :Scorpio N is being compared to Fortuner in many reviews nowadays saying that itís VFM compared to what the Fortuner offers, yes in terms of features but in terms of brand value and perception no way it comes even close to the mighty T-fort ,thatís the biggest selling point of the fortuner ,nothing else. Even the rebadged sangyong that Mahindra called Alturas G4 with some amazing features could not make a dent in that segment and Mahindra learned their lesson.
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Re: Toyota deletes 11-speaker JBL system from Fortuner

Recently took a test drive of Fortuner and steering felt a bit different than earlier test drive. Did they remove VFC - variable flow steering which made steering lighter in 2021 facelift along with other deletions ?

1) JBL system from 4x4 variants
2) Auto start stop system
3) VFC power steering ??

Anyone else felt same about steering feel of new one compared to older 2021 facelift?
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