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Default War of 1.2 Petrol Engines ?

Month on Month Indian automobile Industry is seeing the launch of cars equipped with new 1.2 Litre petrol engines. This is being done to save the extra bit from the excise and make the car more competitive and VFM.

All most every Major Brand is offering something in this category. Here are the listed brands who are offering 1.2 Ltr Petrol Engines, some of them are already running on roads & some of them we could see in Coming few weeks :-

Chevrolet (U VA): 1.2, 76 PS with 110 Nm @ 4400 Rpm

Fiat (G. Punto) "Expected": 1.2 Fire, 61 PS with 101.68 Nm @ 2500rpm

Hyundai (i10 & i20): 1.2 Kappa, 80 PS with 114 Nm @ 4000rpm

Honda (Jazz) "Expected": 1.2 i-Vtec, 90 PS with 112Nm @ 4800 rpm

Maruti (Ritz): 1.2 K Series, 83 PS with 113Nm @ 4500rpm

Skoda (Fabia): 1.2 HTP, 70 PS with 108 Nm torque @ 3000 RPM

Tata (Indica): 1.2 Saffire, 65 PS with 96 Nm torque @ 5500 RPM

Out of all the above mentioned which one would you Pick ?
My Pick: Kappa followed by K series
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nice thread there.

my pick would be 1.2 ivtec followed by kappa and then k series by maruti.

there is gonna be fierce competition in this segment and will further grow with introduction of jazz and punto.

let the fireworks begin.
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I would have started the same topic.
But I'm not very sure of the Grande Punto engine. If the Tata engine is 65PS, the Fiat engine should to be a notch higher.

My pick will be the Maruti engine. The Hyundai K series to follow.
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Engine wise I would pick Honda (even though we haven't driven it)

OT, Would love to see what the cars weigh also.
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The GP 1.2 is expected to put out 68 PS, not sure about the torque figures though, the RPM at which Vista Safire makes 96Nm is I think 3000 - 3300 and not 5500.

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C'mon guys, lets not be too speculative. Unless we have driven each of these cars, I do not think we can decide!!
On paper, lots of info look pretty yummy but do not translate into real world performance, right!! (SRV anyone??)..

I guess we can give a more definitive answer once the Jazz and GP have been launched,what say?
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I think the rpm at which the max power is generated is also important. For example iVtec provides 90PS@6200 rpm, for Kappa it is 80PS@5200rpm and K-series it is 85PS@6000rpm. A comparative torque/bhp chart would have been great.

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My pick is the K Series of Ritz. A wonderful engine. After my Ritz test drive I am floored by it
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Id pick the 1.2 vtec in the Jazz followed by the Ritz and then the i10Kappa.
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The 1.2 iVtec. If UK Review is to be believed 1.2 Jazz can hit 0-100 in 12.x seconds and that would cream all the other engines in performance.
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I would be picking the i-vtec then the K and after that the kappa.Kappa is esentially a normal santro engine with an aluminium head (i believe).And maybe minor tweeks in the ECU.
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1.2 i-Vtec followed by the K Series and then Hyundai Kappa.
Fiat's 1.2 is no where near the others in the catagory.
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Since i have test drove almost all the cars except for the GP and Jazz, I feel i10 Kappa is the best VFM for a 1.2 Litre engine putting out a healthy 80PS and its torque figures are also pretty decent.

But, most probably Jazz would be the best out of the lot but ridiculously overpriced for sure. Sorry to see the power figures of a GP, i wouldnt buy such a low powered car ( 61PS) for sure. Jeez, it lower than a Santro/WagonR, what are they thinking?

I must say, i am pretty happy with my i10 Kappa
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My pick - 1.2 iVtec, followed by the K-Series and the kappa (tied for 2nd spot!). I think those are the three most modern engines in the lot, best mix of fuel efficiency and power and performance is what they deliver.
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As expected Honda is topping the charts followed by K series & Kappa

Both K series and Kappa are Aces's in their own ways, they are so closely necked to each other that it makes life difficult to choose on of them.

Kappa offers great low end torque which makes it hoot to drive in City on other hand K series has typical Suzuki nature which loves to be revved at higher Rpm's which adds fun factor to it.

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