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For me this is a question of philosophy or attitude. While I am squarely on ported_head's side and would never in my wildest dreams consider an Indica, the average joe looks for different things in a car and the Indica would suit him fine. Which is why it sells so well - 'nuff said.
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Originally Posted by 2fast4u
i feel LGi is what i should ask my sis to settle for. although I am still not convinced with its performance not just overall but the engine as main factor, probably the result of being in a charged esteem.

Hey john, of course you cant compare it to an Esteem or any 100bhp sedan...its just 75bhp and weighs a tonne.
But its more than adequate for city as well as highway cruising....infact it will beat most other small cars on performance front (except Alto 1.1 I guess...which you cant buy anymore)
Torque is 110Nm which is more than other small cars in B seg I think
but yes the 2nd/3rd gear sometimes is a problem on inclines if your rpm is low....

as for ported's question about people ignoring quality issues...well interior plastic quality was certainly not my main priority while buying the car !! (since this is my 1st car and altho I have driven plenty of nicer cars with nice interiors finally I have to think of what is best within my for 3.82 lakhs on road, what other car is offering me the features of 75bhp, power windows/steering, space,comfort, plastics ? I dont care
as for build quality, nothing has fallen off in 5k kms so I am optimistic its quite nicely built.

FE was a concern for the petrol car but I ignored that coz you cant have everything and I am kinda surprised at the decent FE I am there you go.
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Originally Posted by Abhay
as for build quality, nothing has fallen off in 5k kms so I am optimistic its quite nicely built.
Comletely agree. I have had an Indica V2 and have an Indigo currently. Nothing actually falls off unless it is made to fall. I simply dont understand why this is being made as an issue. Take the best quality car in the world. Screw it on Indian rashly. Ofcourse..its parts too will fall off.
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I've owned the worst of em all. Indica V1 from the 1 year of production. Its had issues but it kept on going. Squeaks and Rattles are
a part of growing old but it does not mean that it is going to fall apart. Indicas will keep squeaking and rattling all the way to 2 lakh kms. Ask the cabbies, they will never touch anything that needs an engine rebuild at 1 lakh. Today the Qualis and Indica are the 2 most popular vehicles for private taxis. Does that tell you something about its longevity.
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This is being made an issue, because this is an issue with me. I have no problems with rattles and squeaks and parts falling off due to our Indian potholed roads, but atleast wait for me to drive out of the showroom. This was a brand new car, waiting to probably be delivered to someone, and this was the state.

Again, this thread was just started to gauge the reaction of people. I have no intention of making anybody see things the way I do.
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tata indica is value for money..but u shud even think of palio...the diesel model..i find it much better than indica
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Originally Posted by sandeepmdas
@ ported_head, in 1987 I had an argument with my dad over the purchase of a new TV. He wanted to buy a Solidaire 20”and I wanted him to buy an imported Panasonic 26” TV from a local “smuggler”. I was so mad at him, and he smiled at me.

The Indica is designed for people like him and your dad. My dad is no more, the Solidaire is also gone; He would have gone for a 29” without any doubt had he been around in these days of liberalization.

He was practical.

So, take a break for today, relax and read tsk1979’s post again tomorrow. Discuss (if possible) about this thread with your dad also. Listen what he says. Because the car (Indica or whatever, each has its own KARMA) your dad is going to buy will not last forever. The lessons you can learn now from him will.
Hi Sandeep / XSailor,
that is some really sensible advice for all of us here. It made me rethink about the arguments I have with the elders. I will now try and look at everything from their point of view...
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Indica is a bigger car that can accomodate 5 and gives decent FE (diesel) and the suspension is good enough. That is good for most i guess.

Though i dont know about the reliability, ownership costs. I have doubts about the brakes!
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