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Nice writeup V12. Qualis truly deserves it. I also had an opportunity to drive a Qualis (taxi) when I was shifting home. The vehicle had already more than 100k on that. It was kind of handful in the beginning(no power steering!). After around 100 odd kilometers I was beginning to appreciate the vehicle. I felt it could cruise forever like that through the worst roads. No squeaks or complains from the suspension. A beautiful feeling of indestructibility.
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Originally Posted by Dippy View Post
Fantastic write up V12 . The success of the Qualis just stamps the fact that looks really dont matter when it comes to a car selling in the Indian market. The Qualis though lacking in looks came with refinement, reliability and other firsts which were just not there on the then available options. Used Qualis' still command a good price in resale.

The Qualis is a true Toyota and I have seen examples which have done 4 lakh kms plus and still going strong. They took a risk and then laughed all the way to the bank. They are now continuing the trend with the Innova.
I still have a 2.4D FS Qualis ( 2002 ) and its done 100000+ kms and still gives 10kmpl (city) and around 12-13 (highway) and also the sale value is around 4 lakhs !
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Originally Posted by princemanatt View Post
It was kind of handful in the beginning(no power steering!).
First time I drove the Qualis, its tiny turning radius took me by surprise! I don't know the exact number in meters, but it was definitely akin to that of a C segment sedan. Extremely maneuverable MUV in the city.

Originally Posted by ACM View Post
but the shaky gear lever that we had to follow around
Especially violent at engine start up / switch off.
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The qualis has been one of my favorite vehicles, even though I have sat in it less then ten times.
Our family friend owned a Petrol Qualis, which was in its own league as well.
I had the opportunity to drive a diesel one that had covered close to 2L kms in Delhi, and believe me, even with the amount of kms she had, she drove superbly!
The car belonged to my bua and was sold recently for a new Innova. However, in their entire ownership period, they had zero issues!
It is the Qualis that gave Toyota it's trouble free image in India.
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Hi Fellas,
I can vouch for the Qualis. I have one of 6 years now and I can proudly say its still cool. It's an RS(Royal Saloon) which is the top of the line model which was released at the fair end of the car's career, 2004. And this model is the best of the Qualis line up. It came in just two colours. Green/Beige and Red/Beige. We have the former. Buyers are queing for it, not the Taxi guys, but people who would want to use it as their personal vehicle. Btw, can somebody explain if one can convert a own-board vehicle to a taxi-board vehicle? I heard its only the other way round. Kindly clarify.
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Re: Toyota Qualis - Product Review / Discussion

Reviving this thread since I have recently fallen in love with this vehcle after riding around in the mountains of Ladakh in one.

I spotted some Qualises there that were badged "Turbo" and since there was no mention of turbo Qualis in this thread (the models listed here sport the 75 BHP NA engines) was wondering if there were indeed any turbo Qualises launched or was that aftermarket mod at work?
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Re: Toyota Qualis - Product Review / Discussion

Nice thread, V12. The Qualis really shooked up the MUV segment when the Indian players were getting complacent with their products. I never knew that it could munch so many miles without a drop of sweat.
They are a rarity on the Delhi roads now.
OT: just curious to know how long can these modern CRDi mills can go?
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Re: Toyota Qualis - Product Review / Discussion

What to say!
We own 2002 2.4D FS. Blissfull 8.5 years passed. 225000 on odo. Few observations after 225K KM & 8.5 Years:

1. Bodywork needed as it has started rusting on door panels.
2. Just had 200K KM service, will post service report some time.
3. Still gives 13KMPL on highways.
4. Regularly does following duties:
- 6 trips of 1000KM+ in a year with 6+ passengers
- Couple of runs with 0.5 ton of load for 50KM every week
- Father's daily companion

It's a workhorse. Yes it had regular servicing in period of 5-10 KM since last 8 years. We WERE looking for its replacement from last two year, but it's not possible(!)
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Re: Toyota Qualis - Product Review / Discussion

I know someone who has done almost 3L kms and is yet to hear a rattle from the dash board.

Truly a reliable workhorse.
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Re: Toyota Qualis - Product Review / Discussion

This thread really makes me nostalgic! My first car bought with my earnings, (well with a substantial help from dad as well). Finding T-BHP while searching for one. Leading the Qualis Life to the full almost every weekend.
Didn't have a digicam back then, ransacked my digital storage for some pics to share, here are a few :

1)Dad, enjoyed the upgrade the most( after me that is)
2) Sis, enjoying breakfast on Durgapur Expressway
3) Frequent trips to Tarapith used to be a breeze. It would take ages in the Amby. The AC was another most welcome addition.
Attached Thumbnails
Toyota Qualis - Product Review / Discussion-photo143.jpg  

Toyota Qualis - Product Review / Discussion-photo120.jpg  

Toyota Qualis - Product Review / Discussion-photo179.jpg  

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Re: Toyota Qualis - Product Review / Discussion

Even today there is no alternative available in market which,

a.) Can accommodate more than 5 people
b.) Has driver centric handling
c.) Has a priced less than 10 lac
d.) Is very very reliable (engine+body)
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Re: Toyota Qualis - Product Review / Discussion

I have never owned a Quals or driven one, but had been a passenger in many.

My cousin drives a FS version in Rameswaram for a cab agency. It has run more than 400000 kms right now and is in top notch condition. The agency owner got the qualis when it had around 98000kms and since then my cousin is driving it. He will not give this vehicle up. He still covers around 6000+kms on average a month.

My inlaws had a qualis till last year before moving on to an Innova. It had run more than 250000kms when it was sold and it fetched almost the same price when they got it three years back. Their driver still cribs about Innovas handling and how the qualis would have glided over this and that :-)
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my Toyota Qualis GST May 2001 model restoration

Hello my dear respected stalwarts of the mobility solutions

I am Vishal and newbie seeking your grace, knowledge and wisdom,
since I am a new bie, pardon me if i use wrong terminologies while explaining my MUV basanti Qualis ,I am sure TEAM BHP gurus Mods and members , are going to help me to the T.

In my quest for restoration of my 2001 May model Toyota Qualis I seek your help

Good news is millennium authorised Toyota workshop has claimed that they also sell parts , if i want to save on labour cost and get any work done from local mechanics.

Some work suggested by Toyota dealer lakozy on 18.4.12 is attached as attachment no 1, please guide me on the attachent no 1 points which are most critical.

the following are the issues which are to be addressed additionally.
1) Body restoration (rust removal,rust prevention,anti-corrosion ,fresh paint , same shade silver
2) any idea of how to achieve lower NVH levels , and over a period of time , how does a car loose points on Noise fronts. does the sound insulation material loose its properties.
3) also heat insulation also deteorites over a period of time. any remedy or a expert denting and painting guy who takes care of NVH levels and also insulation against heat , sound .
4) various dents as shown in bonnet , etc to be removed.
5) slight dent and cracks are appearing in rear end door , one above the key hole is visible.
6) all four corners have a decent share of dents and scratches with rust starting to spread.
7) foot board on both sides below doors , to be inspected and fitted if loose.
8) As sliding as well as power windows are Jammed to various degrees . Again here , toyota recommends to buy a new pair of sliding windows which cost a whopping 9000 for each side, so 18000/- just for middle row, sliding windows.
9) fender has dent at two places , can be seen on top and other is right below the qualis lettering.
10) want to know if i can fit internally adjustable side view mirrors , if yes, then which brand. and where available
11) one can notice the gap on the side glass on the front side seat next to driver , which is filled by a newspaper bundle to block warm air from outside.
12) trunk or dikki door has to be banged hard to shut properly; else one side of the dikki door remains , one centimeter outside.
13) front crash guard is toyota's original installation, welded at one or two places as was going loose.
14) bumper is to be restored
15) there is no question of water seeping in the car, so its ok in that front.
16) scar next to the lock in the trunk dikki door,
17) car needs urgent cleaning , actually sterlizing , as it has accumulated all sort of dirt, allergies, bacteria , due to 11 years of neglect and driven in a dusty enviornment and used sometimes to even carry construction materials e.g corrosive 200 kg cement bags etc.
18) all rubber linings are to be inspected and /or replaced , especially the ones which are for front side and middle four windows .
19) OEM bullbar - crashguard to be restored
20) rain water drain channel above doors are getting rusted and, Authorised service station is suggesting to get it done outside as they can only replace, not do patch work. in fact , they have suggested to replace many parts , including bonnet, fender, windows sliding in middle row, trunk door.
21) Last row seat to be replaced by a used one in mint condition by visiting a used parts market in Kurla Mumbai , they have lot of parts of accident vehicles
22) As sliding as well as power windows are Jammed to various degrees because of rubber linings and electronics; due to them. all power windows and central doors locks to be repaired as they fail frequently
23) All door switch to be repaired as they work with only internal button and not key.

24) Engine is in mint condition , just needs a oil and filter change
25) Planning for a K&N air filter - if available for quails , pls comment if ok.
26) steering some bush in a joint is gone , my mechanic has told to buy from Kurla used parts market. as the the joint part is not available , one has to buy the entire steering assembly.
27) Although the odometer reading is 121600 Kms (It is actually 195000) , since i bought it from a political party treasurer and car dealer , he tampered the meter from almost 88900Kms to 16300 Approx Kms, and showed that he is sentimentally hurt , when i asked his original owners contact details.
28) I have just in april 2012 , reinstalled by Airconditon and put a new cooling coil , for Rs.6000/- + service charges of 3500/-.

29) Seats / upholstery
30) The bumps to a large extent should also be absorbed by seats, in my case , i have padded up my car seats with high density foam , because the original seat and foam has lost its property of cushioning.
31) inside upholstery is very dirty , needs to be cleaned by removing also new heat insulation solution is requested.

32) NVH and Sound Heat insulation
Headlights and other lights and covers
33) Head lights need to be cleaned or restored. if not replaced.
34) OEM Fog lamps are again gone and removed as life was over'
Wheel , rims and tyres
35) right now i am using bridge stone potenza RE 88 , 195 / 70 / R-14 in three wheels
Rest two wheels for front ; I am planning for g 195/70 Bridgestone Turanzas. Pls guide if I should change the model of tyres for rest 2 wheels or buy RE88 for other two as well.

36) stepni kit and jack s et to be replaced as old one is not working
37) the rims of all wheels are in the condition similar to one shown in picture.
38) 4 more wheel rim to be changed at Rs.7648/- and two old tyres replaced at Rs.10000 approx.
39) and as per mechanic instruction my dad is inserting tubes in tubeless tyres due to the anticipated leakages from the rough corners of rim.
40) pls suggest some coats to ensure the new rims , i am buying for all 5 wheels dont get rusted for next 5 to 8 years .
41) my spare wheel pulley system has ditched me twice,
42) once when i was surprised to see no spare wheel on mumbai pune expressway - it still remains a mystery as to when the wheel fell or got stolen
43) last year , I installed a sparewheel pulley system from Authorised toyota workshop and again in 12 months , atleast my tyre is visible but is jammed in the pulley and the rod cannot rotate the pulley and so i had to tow my car recently on highway.
44)Windshield to be replaced as current one has lot of glare at night
45) Suspension
46) Stabilizer bar bushing to be replaced ( single bush)
47) Local parts found in suspension
48) Fronth both door weather strip to be replaced
49) Hatch door stay to be replaced
50) Leaf spring local (will it improve suspension of OEM is installed)
51) I have installed 4 shock absorbers both front and rear , left and right side, from lakozy toyota in may 2011.

39) please suggest a good vendor for silensor as toyota said to replace both pieces of silensor. is it worth spending on OEM silensor from dealer.
40) as someone said that bull(crash ) guard is actually harmfull in case of front accident as crumple zones dont function as desired, is it still applicable in case of toyota itself installing them initially.
41) film installed by the 1st owner has started coming out , pls guide as to replace the film with which brand and model film to reject maximum heat. Including windscreen
42) at least due to night time glare( of opposite vehicles on my 11 year old windscreen) , i am going to replace the windscreen .
43) after removal of carrier on roof , the rust can be seen on the rainwater drain channel

Which works to be executed from local mechanics and which are to be done by Toyota authorized workshop

if you want to see some major repairs incurred till now , it is attached as attachment no 2.

to see the pictures of my qualis i have given the facebook link. as below
Attached Files
File Type: docx attachment no 1.docx (12.0 KB, 857 views)
File Type: docx attachment no 2.docx (12.6 KB, 745 views)
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Re: Toyota Qualis - Product Review / Discussion

Guess what. Got a chance to drive a 2000 manufactured Qualis for about 100 kms and I never thought I'll fall in love with a 16 year old car. A friend has recently added a Qualis to his car rental business & he's the 5th owner of the car. We decided to do a short trip during the long weekend of Jan 15 - 17th & drove to a nearby city that's about 100 kms from my place. We decided to drive in his newly acquired old car as we thought of getting familiarized with the car before taking it for a longer drive during the next long weekend.

It's the FS model with AC but no power steering. Once I turned the ignition on, the car gave a very heavy jerk and the gear shook to the level of hitting my knee bone - not an ideal start, but went and drove the car for a few kms. Immediately, fell in love with it given the brilliant engine - trust me, I didn't feel like driving a 16 year old vehicle that has completed a few lakh KMS on the odo. The refinement was way better than modern day diesels and the car easily cruised upto 90kmph mark. Beyond that, the noise got louder and it also found difficult to pull. However, for a car that is as old as this, I'd rate a 9/10. After returning home completing the trip, the only thing I complained to my friend was the lack of power steering. Everything else was top notch - not even a single squeak or rattle from anywhere.

Can't hold my excitement to drive this car on a longer trip in the coming weekend.
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Re: Toyota Qualis - Product Review / Discussion

Hi i had a quick question for any Qualis/Innova experts. Is it possible to use the innova turbo/intercooler on the qualis engine. We have a 2004 qualis with 2.3L kms. Power on the Highways etc make driving the qualis boring. Can anyone suggest or just completely drop the thought?
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