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a special edition with out alloy wheels and fog lamps? its really special then , i think !
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Why did they even bother making such a hue & cry about it ?

This in no ways is appealing to a private buyer. If they wanted to target the taxi market, distributing catalogs to tour operators & drivers outside BPO's would have done the job

Wheel caps please Toyota ! Looks really ridiculous, like wearing a suit with chappals :(
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Why do manufacturers feel compelled to stick body graphics on special editions? Makes the Innova look cheap.
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I didn't know the Innova was so badly affected by the Xylo that it needed an el cheapo special edition.
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Looking at the 2nd pic it is B IV compliant, understand that the B IV are priced higher than then earlier version of innovas. Hence the pricing might be interesting to some buyers who normally go for the entry level variants of innovas.

Other than B IV it looks like only a sticker job, in my opinion, without even having wheel covers.

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Old 3rd June 2010, 15:35   #21
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Recently, a cab driver told me that Mahindra is opening up the Xylo to the taxi market. So a side-effect of that? Isnt this specific model priced on the higher side to be bought over by taxi operators?
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Old 3rd June 2010, 16:18   #22
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Understandably, this White coloured Special Edition with Power Windows, Central Locking, Body Coloured Bumpers, Air Conditioner, New Grill, etc, but sans the Power Steering is meant for Taxi Market. Still I am bewildered at limiting the numbers to 700 (& upto limited period) only. What are Toyota are trying to achieve with this edition?!

If they want to compete the Xylo in the Taxi market, they should not have limited the numbers;
If they wanted some anniversary edition not necessarily for Taxi market, they should have put the Power Steering...
..., & why the penny pinching for wheel caps that would cost not more than Rs.2,000/set to the company.
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Old 3rd June 2010, 16:22   #23
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This is taking us for a ride...specially!! Sticker jobs, no wheel caps, no fog lamps, no PS

Need we say more!
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Old 3rd June 2010, 16:23   #24
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Innova Special Edition (YUCK) Launched

Toyota is to launch a limited edition Innova (700units). I think this is the worst limited edition ever. It doesn't even have wheel caps and is painted in Premium Super White. It has black door handles and ORVM's and a sticker SPECIAL EDITION written on it. We have to accept that these features make it a SPECIAL EDITION.
Attached Thumbnails
Now, an Innova "special edition". Edit - And one more...-innova_special_edition2.jpg  

Now, an Innova "special edition". Edit - And one more...-toyota_innova_special_editi.jpg  

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Old 3rd June 2010, 16:35   #25
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This is the E variant mailny focused on the taxi walas. The rear doesn't have any variant badging. This one (THE SPECIAL EDITION) is a 7 seater (E variant doesn't have a 7 seater option). The vehicle have already arrived in the showroom.
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Old 3rd June 2010, 16:55   #26
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This reminds me of the 'Special edition' Qualis they launched about a year or so before they pulled the plug on that one. It had a huge TOYOTA sticker diagonally plastered across the side of the car.
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Old 3rd June 2010, 17:11   #27
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Power steering is part of this variant as well.
Attached Thumbnails
Now, an Innova "special edition". Edit - And one more...-screenhunter_01-jun.-03.jpg  

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To all comments posted above:
- The Special Edition comes with PS.
- E grade had 7 seater option earlier also.

Its almost like buying the G grade without having to pay as much.
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Old 3rd June 2010, 17:48   #29
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Only 700 units of the Innova Special Edition will be available for sale, for a limited period."
Just 700?? ran out of stickers?
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Old 3rd June 2010, 18:01   #30
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Guys, PS is and should be standard to a MUV. Its obvious. The E version of the Innova was not much of a seller, even the tour operators never bought many mainly because of the lack of PS.

This limited edition is a big joke.
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