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Originally Posted by GreenmachinE View Post
HH in this regard is a puzzle to have such a huge lead, when they don't have any meaningful engineering or product development ( no exiting products like P135 , Jive , R15, Disc 100 etc) nor do they pass on the economy of scale to the customers or have hugely better quality then others or great marketing campaigns ( i personally think all HH ads suck ) . But still an average indian will think three to five times before buying a non HH product.
A normally maintained HH retains 80-85% of its original quality/ ability after 3 years. Wheras for a bajaj it is at around 60-65%. That is the vital differntiator. 2 wheeler buyers hardly worry about *** for they are mostly trouble free except for the clutch cable or brake pad replacements which can be done neatly by any roadside mechanic.
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Originally Posted by carZest View Post
-> If they can bring on an Eeco challenger from their global markets
Eeco though a good product has not become that big for anyone to consider it as a threat. Dont think anyone will design a strategy to tackle it.

Originally Posted by san2 View Post
maybe we are all forgetting that the lead from Hyundai is a very small margin and the nano doing better numbers will result in tata gaining ground
but the margins from Nano for tata motors is very less
going ahead the diesel nano launch will play the deciding factor
But I would expect Tatas volume only go up, even despite Nano, with Vista gradually gaining acceptance among the users. As you mentioned the Nano sales peaking would be the differentiator.

Regarding margins, remember in this race to the top it is always the numbers that count. You can move up the value chain once you build up a greater base of customer. Just like Toyotas the initial Corollas were having margins upto 1/10 or lesser of what Ford made of F150s. Now the story is different altogether. This is because of toyota customer go to Toyota again to upgrade

Originally Posted by Daewood View Post
A normally maintained HH retains 80-85% of its original quality/ ability after 3 years. Wheras for a bajaj it is at around 60-65%. That is the vital differntiator. 2 wheeler buyers hardly worry about *** for they are mostly trouble free except for the clutch cable or brake pad replacements which can be done neatly by any roadside mechanic.
If you dont mind. Lets not go off topic discussing about HH, then all will pounce and start taking digs etc.

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Kudos to Tata, making us indians proud on the global scene. Tatas are known for vfm be it cars, watches, there telecom or any other field they take. though they re improving, as earlier quoted tata should try to overcome small niggles in the machines and at least try to match the A.S.S. of Maruti.
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Originally Posted by anmol2k4 View Post
Tata should launch this ASAP :-
Yep. They should launch the Vista Sport. Along with that they should start thinking about giving more upgrades and new models. Atleast in the near future, iris, venture and ARIA are going to be launched.

Iris being a variant of Nano, should help with the economies of scale. I do think venture is also a variant of the ACE/Winger platform, that should appeal to the semi commercial / people mover segment.

So, yes the numbers are bound to go up. But still MSIL is not in any danger until the NANO numbers pick up like crazy.
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Default Super ACE - Passenger VAN?

Congrats Tata! Apart from Tata's growth, Hyndai is losing its shares to Ford & GM's small cars. I20 will also get affected by VW & Nissan Micra products.

Once Nano production is in full swing it will retain its 2nd position for ever.

When are they Launching MPV based on the SuperACE platform?
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Good to hear Tata is moving up. I am a big fan of Tatas. Don't ask me why, but I am. I also love MUL. After all they are the ones who kickstarted new gen cars. However, Hyundai seems to be slipping. Looks like, initial success seems to have gone to their head. One, their product totally suck as far as looks are concerned. And two, they are over-priced. Anyway, coming to Tata, I wish them good luck ands I am sure in the coming years they will be much more respected brand than they are today.
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TOI made this observation a couple of months after Team-BHP did . Look up one of my sales reports from earlier this year. While Tata being at the No.2 spot ain't news, its still a commendable achievement nevertheless.

Reason they overtook Hyundai the first time? The Manza (in addition to consistent performance from the Indica sisters). The new sedan gave them a healthy 3,000 - 4,000 monthly bump (to a total of 7,000 sedans). At the time that Tata overtook Hyundai, production of the Nano was still limited to 2,500 only.

Reason Tata will stay ahead of Hyundai? The Nano. Simply put, the Gujarat plant is gaining serious momentum. In June, and for the first time, over 7,000 Nanos were delivered in a single month. This will sharply rise to over 15,000 - 20,000 over the coming quarters. Hyundai simply doesn't have anything to match these volumes. And by the time that the H-800 is launched, the Nano Diesel will have flooded the market. Compared to only two volume sellers from Hyundai (i10, then Santro), Tata has a substantially wider portfolio of products.

Except for the i20 (monthly average 4,500 - 5,000), Hyundai hasn't launched any serious car in the last 3 years. Compare that to the player above, who has launched the Ritz / WagonR / Eeco / A-Star / some others in the same period. Did Hyundai stagnate at the no.2 spot? You betcha.
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That surely is a great achievement -beating the Koreans to take their place. Kudos to Tata. Though I wonder how much of an impact the labour unrest at Hyundai had to do with this.

Originally Posted by NST440
Kudos to Tata, making us indians proud on the global scene.
Saar, we are talking No.2 in the Indian scene, not No.2 globally. I guess you missed it in your euphoria.
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Post deleted by the Team-BHP Support : SMS / Slang language posts are strictly prohibited on Team-BHP. We advise you to visit our board rules before proceeding any further.

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Tata, way to go!!!

Tata is attempting an image makeover with Aria MUV in 10-15 Lakh range and JLR concept car in 20-25 Lakh range. If these cars are moderately successful, then it sure would pave the way for Tata inching closer to number one.

No, I am not saying that these segments will provide the numbers. But presence of luxury offerings will positively impact image. And that will result in more numbers in the hatchback/entry sedan segments.

I guess in the long run, it will be Tata vs VW vs Toyota vs Hyundai vying for the top honours.
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Great achievement by Tata Motors. TML is one company that deserves to be, and is capable of , being where MUL is today. And please (fervent appeal!) ,enough said about A.S.S all the time.It is just an overstatement. People have gone so overboard that it is done to death.Please give readers a break!

As to Hyundai, I have a feeling TML's Dolphin will be out before the H800. And I can quite surely say it will be better looking at the very least. As long as Indians aren't still crazy about ridiculous cars like the i10, it will be a steady no.2.
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well today over lunch my college was lamenting about Hyndai A.S.S , The Service bills are inflated and parts are not available over the counter. So he vowed not to buy another Hyundai.

So this may have some effect.
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Fantastic achievement - hope this leads to better competition and better products for all of us
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I own a maruti SX4. My daughter has a TATA Manza. I used to criticise TATA passenger cars prior to getting feed back from my daughter/ son in law. They are happy with their possession.

TATA is definitely improving and it needs encourangement. I am happy that they are No.2 and hope they will keep that slot for many more months to come.

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While Tata has made a good comeback after a poor 2009, lets also not forget Mahindra, churning out consistent numbers despite their limited product line up. Both these relatively new car makers (esp. Tata) have done well despite the entrance of bigger and more experienced global rivals.

The fear though is about their overdependance on the Indian market. While it is always growing, any downturn will have shocking effects on these two Indian flag bearers. While I appreciate that they are slowly (real slow) diversifying into foreign shores it looks like it will take at least another couple of decades before we can call them Indian Auto MNCs.

I dont mean that we should be attacking Europe or the US, but their cars have plenty of potential in Africa, Eastern blocs, South East Asia, Middle East, where there is a huge market for VFM options rather than niggle about plastic feel or the couple of seconds gained around Nurburgring.

The potential of the likes of Aria, Nano, upcoming M&M SUV etc... is huge. I hope we see these two show a more aggressive approach, than the conservative approach taken right now.
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