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Default Re: About Autonomous / Self-Driving Cars

Originally Posted by swissknife View Post
Here is one from our own backyard from Maruti. From the looks of it, it's far from being on the streets any time soon, if at all.
The link to the video seems to have vanished into zypherspace!

Here it is again.

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Default Premature adoption of autonomous cars can save lives

Research and Development Corporation (RAND), an American non-profit think tank has published their analysis on the early adoption of autonomous vehicles. According to the research, introduction of driverless cars before they are perfected will result in saving thousands of potential accidental deaths on the roads over the years.

Currently, only the testing of fully autonomous vehicles is allowed while the cars on sale offer only partial automation. While there has only recently been some form of regulation over the driverless cars, most people are sceptical of using them. The research reveals that in 2016, over 37,000 people lost their lives on the American highways where driver error was the primary reason. While majority of people are happy with the current level of human drivers, they want absolutely perfect autonomous vehicles. The delay in introduction of such error free vehicles requires additional time and resources.

Name:  rand01.JPG
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The human error factors like speeding, incorrect judgement of other road vehicles, or impaired / distracted driving causes over 90 percent of the crashes. Additionally, autonomous cars don't get drunk, tired or distracted. It is reported that while the autonomous cars of today are not perfect, the machine learning algorithms used by them do improve as they put on mileage. These cars communicate with other vehicles as well resulting in an exponential learning curve. Back in July, a US Congress panel introduced a draft on self-driving car regulations, which resulted in creation of a framework for autonomous car law. Meanwhile, states like California are already mulling introduction of such cars as soon as June 2018.

Name:  rand02.JPG
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The researchers at RAND have developed a model based on different parameters like rate of adoption of autonomous vehicles, usage pattern of such vehicles, improvement factor of the cars and safety of other cars. Taking into account the mentioned parameters and more, the number of lives saved (or lost) over the upcoming decades with different scenarios has been estimated. Using the model to try over 500 different future scenarios, in almost all the cases, introduction of autonomous vehicles early resulted in lives being saved.

The organization has published a tool where one can input 8 different parameters and compare the future with and without the introduction of autonomous vehicles.

Name:  rand03.JPG
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Source - RAND

Link to Team-BHP News

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There are some other things to consider as well when it comes to self driving cars. A little peek into the future:

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Default Re: About Autonomous / Self-Driving Cars

Just saw this Tweet about an autonomous Tata Hexa undergoing testing on streets of UK!

Attached Thumbnails
About Autonomous / Self-Driving Cars-screenshot_20171117095139_01.jpg  

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Default 'Humans reportedly involved in a spat with autonomous cars'

With vigorous autonomous vehicle testing going on in real world, get ready to see the above headline often in the newspapers from now on. As per the California's Autonomous Car Regulations - any collisions with a robot vehicle must be reported to the state’s department of motor vehicles, even if they’re incredibly minor. Thanks to this, we know that two of the six incidents reported this year involve humans literally attacking the autonomous cars.

That figure was highlighted this week in a brief story by the Los Angeles Times: On Jan. 2, a Chevy Bolt EV operated by General Motors’ Cruise driverless car division in San Francisco’s Mission District was waiting at a green light for pedestrians to cross when a man “ran across Valencia Street against the ‘do not walk’ symbol, shouting, and struck the left side of the Cruise AV’s rear bumper and hatch with his entire body,” damaging a tail light, according to a report filed with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.
Name:  49EA8660000005785467619imagea22_1520334206373.jpg
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Fortunately, there was a driver behind the wheel, driving in autonomous mode and no one was injured. However, this can be disastrous from April, as the current law requires a person to be at the wheel in an autonomous car, is set to change and these cars can go driverless.

This is just the beginning. We are in for a lot more and a lot worse to come. Six incidents have already taken place in 2 months this year. Expect these numbers to rise when the cars are let out on robot-mode without humans. In case of a serious injury, who will take up the responsibility? The person who owns the car, the manufacturer, or the government? With Artificial Intelligence growing rapidly, expect the car to slap you back in case of road rage! If there were a movie made on this, I'd title it - Men v/s Machines in Machines!
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Default Re: About Autonomous / Self-Driving Cars

A potential problem with Tesla autonomous cars....

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Default Year 2050: Would you need a Driving Licence?

Fast forward to year 2050, level 5 autonomous cars.

Would you really require a driving licence ?

Or you would just walk in with the money and buy your Mercedes, Audi or Tesla, set it up on google maps and just should I say drive away or transport yourself to your destination.

I would really hate that day if it were to come today. Thank God I would be old before we see that day.

What would Team BHPians have to contribute ? Folks discussing between level 4 autonomy vs level 5?

No talk of the V6s and their famous growls? No discussion on ABS, braking or the car's handling. No front wheel drive vs rear wheel or AWDs. No steering feel discussions.

What will we talk about? Your software vs mine, Tesla vs Mercedes vs Audi vs BMW on how good the radar works?

Interesting days ahead, as car manufacturers are putting all their resources to make this a success. Are they trying to kill the goose that layed the golden eggs? Why would you need a Mercedes when you can use the hyper loop.

Makes me wonder.
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Default Re: About Autonomous / Self-Driving Cars

Silicon Valley to become the first pilot-testing city for Bosch and Daimler, by 2nd half of 2019!!

Source -
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Default Re: About Autonomous / Self-Driving Cars

Car Reports survey shows future car customers shun automation technology, rather values more features like blind-spot monitoring and rear-view cameras the most.

Only 11% back autonomous technology.

Only 11% percent wanted a car with technology that automatically accelerates, brakes, or steers, including systems such as Tesla’s AutoPilot, GM’s Super Cruise, or Volvo’s Pilot Assit

That wariness comes even as automakers increasingly market partial automation technology, such as adaptive cruise control, lane-centering assist, and lane-keeping assist. These systems promise substantial safety benefits, but survey indicates the tech isn’t yet predictable enough for drivers to feel comfortable depending on it.
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Originally Posted by volkman10 View Post
Car Reports survey shows future car customers shun automation technology, rather values more features like blind-spot monitoring and rear-view cameras the most.

Only 11% back autonomous technology.
When we were still driving horses and carts a survey showed that less than 4,3% of the respondent backed an autonomous propelled (i.e. engine) car.

When it comes to innovation, adaption of new technologies, surveys have shown that they are more then 99,43% unreliable about predicting the future!

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