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Default Re: Formula 1: 2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix - Imola (16-18 April 2021)

Originally Posted by wrongturn View Post
Yes I'm well aware of these facts
But I'm not typing words out of my fantasy imagination. I did my homework before coming out with my opinion, because I knew I'll be cornered out, nothing personal honestly.
Also from the same article:
Bottas’ Mercedes was severely damaged in the accident and Wolff believes the repair bill could have a knock-on effect in this season’s development race.

Wolff added: “It was a big shunt, our car is a write-off, and in a cost-cap environment that is certainly not what we needed and it is probably going to limit upgrades for us.

Decontextualizing much?
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Default Re: Formula 1: 2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix - Imola (16-18 April 2021)

Originally Posted by mayankk View Post

Decontextualizing much?
No, if you read what context I wrote it in the first place.

And, also it doesn't change the fact that it was true, so doesn't make any difference to it, it's just that now I've shown that it was you just want to accuse me, unfairly, of something else for some other irrelevant reason.

For once, stop defending so much and accept it. I didn't say it, weren't my words. Please lash out on Toto Wolff on his twitter handle instead. I agree he should not be concerned about whether Sir Lewis wins his 8th WC or not and should concentrate on the team as a whole, Bottas included.

Also, as I've said plenty of times before I don't hate Hamilton or Mercedes, but as a F1 fan I don't like how things are going and hence the dislike.

Also, before lashing out with another question try to answer or debunk for the sake of it, imaginary stories I've made, like for once why can't we see the T-cam footage of Bottas? Why did F1's official channel paint Russell guilty to make Mercedes look good?

I would thus conclude my argument until someone really does answer them, with valid points and evidence, like has been asked of me every damn time.

Also, just to remind you, all I've said so far is absolutely in context of this race.

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