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Default Soldier of Fortune: Wanderings with a Trusty Toyota Fortuner - 150,000 kms up!

It was around 8 PM when my phone rang. I went to the terrace to take the call. It was my boss from the US, CEO of the analytics software company for which I led global marketing. “Sorry, Nilanjan, we have to shut down marketing operations to ride out the downturn – the VCs have mandated it.”

I should have seen it coming – this guy was a professional CEO, and I knew the bloodbath that was happening around the world. I had read Sequoia Capital’s infamous presentation that was doing the rounds, and knew that most VCs were ruthlessly cutting costs. But I had thought I was safe –hadn’t the CEO repeatedly called me a star performer? Didn’t I get extra stock options and a raise sometime back, and didn’t I just spend the whole night playing (and winning, after reading up on card counting) blackjack – two months ago - with this guy during our planning offsite in Las Vegas?

What timing for this to happen!!! My wife and I had an 8 month old daughter. I was (well, had been) the only earning member – my wife had quit her job, and was yet to rejoin work. We didn’t have much savings, and our investments had lost a lot of value. I had been lusting over the Grand Vitara for months, and was planning to buy one as soon as my wife found a job again. So much for all the dreams...

Fast forward two years – from September 2008 to September 2010. The journey was rocky and long (the kind of road that you need Toyota SUVs for). But things eventually got better. I didn’t visit Team BHP for many months – it was too painful to read about cars without thinking of the Grand Vitara. But eventually I got back, just before I bought a black SX4 last year while consulting. Many people asked me why I didn’t buy a Scorpio or a Safari. I always told them that I will wait till I can buy an SUV that I can be excited about – a tough @#$$%%* that I can drive for 10 years – one that can keep moving on good roads, bad roads and no roads – and deal with the many &^#$@!! that can happen on the road (and in life).

So why the Bollywoodish flashback? Well, look who came home today...

Coming up: why I opted for her, the evaluation, booking and buying process, initial experience, and more pictures.
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Soldier of Fortune: Wanderings with a Trusty Toyota Fortuner - 150,000 kms up!-img_5930.jpg  

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Mind blowing prologue
Seems like this one is going to be an epic write up.

Thread Subscribed.
Coke - check
popcorn - check.

All excited.Awaiting more pictures meanwhile
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congratz. waiting for a detailed report and your story too.
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Congratulations on your Fortuner!

This one is going to be an amazing story to read. Great beginning! Looking forward to reading the full story.
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A very good prologue!
I foresee an exciting turnaround of events in this story! Glued to your thread!
And yes, lest I forget, congrats on getting your rough and tough SUV!
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I m sure this is going to be among the best, if not, the best Fortuner report on TBHP. Congrats on the buy and waiting for your updates on the thread.
Please keep it as detailed as possible.
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what a start Nilanjan, full filmy style opening, now you are increasing our eagerness to wait for your next posts. Typical IT field experience which I believe most of the IT people would have faced (me too).

Awaiting your write up and anticipating gorgeous pics.
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lovely start - yes the 18 months odd were indeed bloodbath (Im just back after watching Wall Street and it's kinda brings back all those days !)
Glad to know you did buy the beast rather than compromising the dreams or being lot more conservative after the untimely setback. Love it !
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awesome. Guess huge jump from SX4. I have something similar in mind, but not soon
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nilanjanray, Congratulations!

I am glued to this thread... Looking forward to your next post!
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You have a flair for writing man!! Loved the way the prologue was put. Like others, eagerly awaiting further write up.

Congrats on joining the Q-club.
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Awesome introduction my man! Please please be as detailed as possible! I'm also waiting for my black Fortuner and I din't find any threads with a black one!

Anyway congrats on the new buy and have loads of fun in it!
Drive safe!
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Congrats on the Monster.

Fantastic Prologue. Thread Subscribed. Awaiting the full read. Bring it on
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When you really thrive for something to be bought, the wait for even a short period of time is long. In your case two years must have been like mount everest to climb. I feel very good at last you got what you deserve. Eagerly awaiting for a full fledge report from your side. one thing is for sure being an SUV fan my self i will be glued to this thread

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Congratulations Niranjan. I was actually telling my wife y'day "One from TBHP is going to pick up a Fortuner today and am expecting another Lion thread " and she was like "What the heck !"

Btw, your B&W shot of Fortuner is really nice and expecting few more beasty shots.

Good one Niranjan - Enjoy the ride.
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