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Originally Posted by Kida View Post
i love that car too , but i am afraid the after sales would kill me .. as in put spurious parts and all , If that happpens my dad will make their and mine life hell.. What features are there in the ottoman seats ? as in massage n all ?
There have been cases where that has happened with their ex-dealers like Nummer Eins etc. But seems to be (and i hope it's true) that things have changed at Skoda. They have ofcourse sacked Nummer Eins and being in Bombay we are in a better position as JMD has a good reputation with their service.
The product is too good to ignore just for the slight doubt about A.S.S. I would like to believe the malpractices have now stopped but it is always better to keep a vigilante check when your car goes in for service. Few dealers have ruined Skoda's A.S.S reputation but malpractices happen often enough at every company.
I strongly suggest you test drive all cars before you decide, you are shelling out a good amount of money, best to be sure of what you buy.

If you want more snob value then the E250CDi would be my suggestions.
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Originally Posted by Kida View Post
2. Cars which are low profile ( Lay man should not know the real cost )
3. Good mileage
4. Good suspensions
5. Diesel preferred
Do Beemers/ Audi/ Mercs match the requirement no 2? Is there a different order of priorities?
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Originally Posted by SamtheLeo View Post
Dear Akshay,

I did read the whole thread & only then I knew that no body suggested a Beemer

However if some one can suggest a Merc costing 30 L why not a Beemer which is for 23-24L
I believe Beemer has Good Suspension & it is a 5 seator (if a Honda City can be, no offense to Honda City owners)

Low profile : Yes no body (most of Junta) right now knows a Beemer can be bought in 24 L. Aint it Jokes apart. Dear all in this world are aware that wether you buy a Volvo or Nissan nothing is gonna come on lesser side of 25 L
well a merc and bmw are both much more well known than an audi or say a nissan or volvo. the bmw has a good suspension for handling and due to the runflat tyres the ride is pretty stiff.

now about being a 5 seater, id rather be the 5th person in a honda city than in a 3 series or a c class. both have almost no padding for the rear middle passenger and the transmission tunnel is so high that sitting for more than 10 mins becomes awkward.

hope you get what i mean buddy.
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Has anyone done a review on the new Volvo s80 d5 ?
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Originally Posted by Kida View Post
Has anyone done a review on the new Volvo s80 d5 ?
Check out the March issue of AutoCar India.

My 2 cents - the S80 is priced very close to the BMW 5 series and I think the 520d would be a better car overall compared.
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the s80 isnt worth it. better to go for a 5 series.

personally i would go for the superb.. its a brilliant car especially if youre being driven around!
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Are you looking for Indian only or Imported too ??
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Go for Accord,10+ FE,and Low maintenance cost
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The Superb is a great option as said by all. If you need to be a bit more outstanding, get the Passat. Might not necessarily justify the premium but then again is rarer than the Superb, spacious and German. Now with the DSG out of the way, it should be more reliable too.
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There are many threads on the horror stories of Skoda on the forum and Superb is from the same stable . No matter how good a car may be, the after sales we have to live with for much longer period. It will be better to pick a 'lesser ' car at a higher cost with a good after sales backup as compared to Superb.

However, Superb definitely, is a good car and doing pretty well in the market. May be Skoda has really improved its service back up.

The shortlist is already available here. Would it not make some sense to have a test drive of the ones mentioned here and take a call !
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For some reason, it wouldn't let me edit my last post, by here is a review of the S80 by Kelly Blue Book

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European: Volvo S80
Comfortable rear-bench: Volvo S80
Low Profile: Volvo S80
Diesel: Volvo S80
Good Suspension: Volvo S80

I think you'd get the drift! The Volvo is perfect for your dad. I'm sure he'll love it. Do take it for a test-drive, though. And if you could bend 'Criteria No. 2', I suggest you check out the Mercedes E/Audi A6/BMW 5 Series.
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If you have 50 lac to spend why are you worrying about low-profile? Get a BMW 5 series dammit!
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Can someone plz confirm the price of a VW Phaeton ?
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Originally Posted by ThE Godfather View Post
Can someone plz confirm the price of a VW Phaeton ?
About 89 L on road Mumbai
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