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TusharK 9th February 2018 10:52

Executive Modcar Trendz @ Auto Expo 2018
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Big shoutout to khan_sultan for shooting these pictures & his coverage of the Auto Expo. Thanks for sharing, man!

No Auto Expo is complete without a few wild and wacky modified cars. Executive Modcar Trendz is a company based out of Mumbai which specializes in custom cars, replicas and motor homes.
Attachment 1727930

This is the Nemesis:
Attachment 1727931

It is based on a Honda Accord V6 .Price of the kit = Rs. 7 lakh excluding the base car and it takes 1 month to build:
Attachment 1727932

It has a U-shaped grille up front and chrome hood vents:
Attachment 1727933

Twin-pod projector headlights and faux carbon trim:
Attachment 1727934

A zoomed-in view of the front fascia and bumper. Lower bumper piece has fallen off.:
Attachment 1727935

LED tail lights with L-shaped turn signals:
Attachment 1727936
Attachment 1727938

Chunky rear bumper with integrated diffuser:
Attachment 1727937

18-inch, 5-spoke alloy wheels by Forgiato shod with 245/40 ZR18 Falken tyres:
Attachment 1727939

I guess the designer was inspired by the Lamborghini Aventador:
Attachment 1727940

The rear door handle looks out of place. Stock door handles for the front doors:
Attachment 1727941

Zoomed-in view of the rear door handle - shoddy paint job:
Attachment 1727942
Attachment 1727943

Apart from the dual-tone upholstery, the interiors look stock:
Attachment 1727944

Diamond pattern on the door panels:
Attachment 1727945

Faux carbon fiber panels on the C-pillar:
Attachment 1727946

The panels are screwed into place. Just look at the panel gaps!
Attachment 1727947

TusharK 9th February 2018 16:12

Re: Executive Modcar Trendz @ Auto Expo 2018
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Take look at this custom Mahindra e2o. Cost of build = Rs. 8 lakh excluding the base car. It takes 2 months to build. It has a similar U-shaped front grille:
Attachment 1728250

The dual-tone exterior seems to have been inspired by the Gen-1 Smart ForTwo. Also note the outboard wheels:
Attachment 1728251

Rear windshield is tiny:
Attachment 1728252

Door panels look a bit too fussy:
Attachment 1728253

We hope they haven't put it together using Fevicol:
Attachment 1728254

Scissor doors on the passenger side:
Attachment 1728255

Ill fitting door panel:
Attachment 1728256

Imperfections in the paint:
Attachment 1728257

Driver side door panel. Driver side scissor door broke after someone tried to open it like a normal door:
Attachment 1728258

Basic ORVMs:
Attachment 1728259

Door sill rubber beading has come off exposing the metal beneath:
Attachment 1728260

Household door hinge used for the charging port lid:
Attachment 1728261

Interiors are finished in a dual-tone. The dashboard and steering wheel have been carried over from the e2o:
Attachment 1728262
Attachment 1728263
Attachment 1728265

Exposed wires in the driver-side foot well:
Attachment 1728264

A view from the rear windshield:
Attachment 1728266

Looks like the car was painted in a hurry:
Attachment 1728267
Attachment 1728268

A view of the outboard wheels:
Attachment 1728269

Exposed lower control arm and other suspension gubbins:
Attachment 1728270

Aditya 9th February 2018 16:22

Re: Executive Modcar Trendz @ Auto Expo 2018
Thread moved out from the Assembly Line. Thanks for sharing!

ACM 9th February 2018 16:41

Re: Executive Modcar Trendz @ Auto Expo 2018
The Accord based model looked quite neat except for the door handles, interior seat colour combination and poor finish of the faux carbon finish parts.

aravind.anand 9th February 2018 16:49

Re: Executive Modcar Trendz @ Auto Expo 2018
If this is the quality that they want to showcase at a huge event like the Auto Show, then I probably would keep my car miles away from them.

The E2O especially looks to be pasted together in a hurry, not that the design was any better, but the execution seems to be even lower. Wish they took their time, paid a lot more attention to the details that really matter - these could really make or break their enterprise.

On the other hand, I think we T-BHPians are a minority and really love looking for intricate details and immaculate finish at even the odd places, while the majority of their intended customers are already smitten by the scissor-doors on the E2O and have paid an advance to have their cars modified! lol:

kiku007 9th February 2018 18:30

Re: Executive Modcar Trendz @ Auto Expo 2018
I see that the restroom is closer to these monsters. That's the only saving grace. How can people stomach this horror?!

Maverick1977 9th February 2018 19:39

Re: Executive Modcar Trendz @ Auto Expo 2018
I am going to totally go against the tide here and am prepared for a backlash.

I feel we as a bunch of auto enthusiasts have now-a-days become just too judgmental. EMT is a Mumbai based company and a few years back used to have a small 1 car display showroom at Prabhadevi. I used to pass that place everyday (en route to work) and see the different samples that used to be displayed by them. Some were not bad at all and some were like OH-MY-GOD. But lets remember that not everyone wants a sleek looking beautifully designed car. Some might just want to make something really wild & wacky to stand out and that is what these guys are going to build. Remember that not all people have the same taste.

All I want to say is that these guys seem to be a small outfit and have made the effort to showcase their designs (however good or bad it may be) at an event which isn't cheap to exhibit at. Their designs may not be good looking but some of the above comments are in bad taste. We may not support them or even get our cars any where close to their workshop but I must salute the guts of this company to invest money, time and effort to come and display their products at a show patronized by the who's who of the auto industry.

I feel we as a community are just too accustomed to come down heavily on any/all small & medium-sized Indian brands without listening to their side of the story or knowing the extreme difficulties that smaller brands like these have to endure to survive.

Please don't get me wrong, but I know and understand how difficult it is to build a brand but how easy it is to destroy it.

Disclaimer: I am in NO WAY associated with EMT, nor have used their service. I am also in no way associated with the Auto Industry now.

condor 9th February 2018 20:04

Re: Executive Modcar Trendz @ Auto Expo 2018
While the Accord was still ok, the e2O was such a waste of time and effort ! I am not able to spot a single part of the car that was worth trying out - forget displaying the car in AE

Theyota 9th February 2018 21:31

Re: Executive Modcar Trendz @ Auto Expo 2018
Ugly, Uglier, Ugliest is how these designs could be defined in my opinion. Who in their right minds would fund these kind of ventures is something I am not able to think of.

NiInJa 11th February 2018 14:30

Re: Executive Modcar Trendz @ Auto Expo 2018

Originally Posted by Maverick1977 (Post 4354389)
I am going to totally go against the tide here and am prepared for a backlash.

Agree with you partially, the company has put efforts and that is commendable. But what is not commendable and really needs to be criticized is the quality of work. Its written somewhere above that the kit for Accord costs 7 lakh rupees. Everybody here will agree that if someone is paying 7 Lakh rupees for a kit, the deliverable has to have a good quality on all fronts. It doesnt look durable as well. The unfinished places will rust or stain in the long run, the exposed screws, household hinges will rust if not painted properly. If someone is bringing half baked product to a national event, there is going to be criticism.

EMT should take this criticism in their stride and come with better finished products in the next AutoExpo, surely they will be praised by one and all !

Sankar 11th February 2018 15:32

Re: Executive Modcar Trendz @ Auto Expo 2018
DC used to showcase their products at autoexpo; now what happened they have withdrawn? DC's products used to be of better quality (finish and design) compared to the ones posted here on this thread.

Arjun Reddy 11th February 2018 15:50

Executive Modcar Trendz @ Auto Expo 2018
Thanks Tushar and Khan.

Honestly not my taste. The modifications are both loud and busy. The E2O is way overboard.

Quite expensive as well.

extreme_torque 11th February 2018 17:10

Re: Executive Modcar Trendz @ Auto Expo 2018
Lord almighty you actually have to pay them to get these done! Both of them are horrendous, the Accord especially since it was such a big canvas to start with. Yuck!

Prathiiik 11th February 2018 20:21

Executive Modcar Trendz @ Auto Expo 2018

Originally Posted by Sankar (Post 4355046)
DC used to showcase their products at autoexpo; now what happened they have withdrawn? DC's products used to be of better quality (finish and design) compared to the ones posted here on this thread.

As far as I know, DC did take part in the auto expo.
They showcased the TCA sportscar, the DC hammer and the innova ultimate plus.

Link to Powerdrift Video:

ashutoshb 11th February 2018 20:54

Re: Executive Modcar Trendz @ Auto Expo 2018
The build quality is shoddy and cheap at most places. Doesn't deserve the asking price. 7 lakh for the Accord. 8 lakh for the e20.

Auto Expo has come far away from what it was earlier. It is not your typical college ground auto exhibition, but an important even for auto companies, the world over. Now, when you showcase your product, you have to prepare yourself accordingly. And if you aren't ready in time, better not show up at all. It will do more damage than good. An example being this thread.

The design is polarising. And I will say a majority won't like it. A good design doesn't have a price. A cheap car can look good. And an expensive car can look ugly. So, blaming the company's budget is a lame excuse.

Honestly, this company doesn't deserve a separate thread.

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