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Default My mod project

Car: 2006 Optra 1.6 VGIS

First off, I didn't want a drag machine. If I did, I'd have gone for a Baleno/Vtec/Corolla. Also, I have opted for 205/55r15 tyres. While these slow me down by a couple of seconds, they make a huge difference in highway handling. Which is where I prefer to do my driving.

What I wanted was a high speed cruiser, which would give me great ride quality and comfort, coupled with great performance. Also, I wanted her to remain a sleeper with no flashy mods except for the rims.

The Optra fulfilled all my requirements except for the performance. Which is why the project began...

All mods were carried out in stages, so I could observe them individually. My thanks to Viper Performance India for doing an excellent job and patiently putting up with my calls at all times of the day.

Step 1

Tri Phase Module: I've already written in length about this in the Tri Phase Reports thread. Great product. Absolutely no regrets.

Step 2

Ractive EV500 Conical Air Filter + OWS Dual Tip Iridium Plugs: Seriously, I don't know what the fuss is over K&N. I've also used HKS abroad, and I found the Ractive EV500 does a great job and is actually cheaper than its K&N counterpart. The car breathes much better and has a nice grunt.

The car was previously running on NGKs, but the difference with OWS dual tips was obvious right from the first time I hit the throttle. Extremely good response. I'm happy.

Step 3

Straight Pipe Free Flow Exhaust + Headers & Throttle Body Enlargement: This was a tricky one for me. I wanted maximum performance without compromising heavily on the Optra's famed NVH reduction. I also wanted it to look as stock as possible. No big, loud flashy muffler for me.

After a couple of conversations, Viper/Jignesh put together a great combination that was customised to meet my every requirement. The new headers run through to a straight pipe. The muffler with 1.5" SS tip is nice and discreet at idle and low revs, but sounds great when you start ripping. The entire setup is designed for mid and high range power. The throttle body was also enlarged and a new butterfly valve was fabricated and fitted.

The FF and Throttle Body work really changed the character of the car. The overall torque and driveability has really made a big difference. Once you cross 3k, the fun begins!

Step 4

Stage 2 Porting and Polishing + 3 Angle Valve Job + Head Shaving:

Mindblowing! No other words for it. The car is now pulling like a freight train. There is a significant increase throughout the powerband, but once you hit the high revs, you can really feel it kicking in. The sound is also extremely gratifying.

Step 5 ?

Well I'm considering a standalone ECM in the future. Have heard some great things. Will post if/once that happens.


The project has been extremely satisfying. Along the way, I have learnt many new things and made some good friends. Sure I'm poorer, but I'm happier

What I have now is a perfectly functional daily cruiser that has all the plus points of the Optra, coupled with performance that puts a big smile on my face.

As far as FE goes, I've not had the opportunity to check properly because I've been ripping it at every opportunity. But once that settles down I'll post a comment.

Thanks for reading

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A REALLY good thread.

I spent the earlier part of the day reading your posts on the Tri-phase Thread and now THIS. I can almost sense the excitement in your Tone, and that's a good thing - esp. since it comes from the satisfaction of money well spent.

I've noticed the clarity in your thoughts, so I'd like you to add to this thread in the following way .. :-
  • The timeline i.e. approximate gap you gave between each of these upgrades. Also, why you chose this particular order to do things.
  • The cost (approx.) for each of these along with that of the other options you considered (which you didn't go in for eventually .. e.g. Ractive vs. K&N)
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Hi Manveet, yes I'm finally excited driving an Optra! Bet you don't hear that everyday...


Car was bought in Jan 2006

Tri Phase Module: Early April 2006 - 3000kms approx.
Started out with this because I wanted something that was plug n play without major installation procedures.

Ractive Filter + OWS Plugs: Late June 2006 - 5500kms approx.
Ma(n)son suggested Ractive. Busa suggested OWS. Decided to try them out and no regrets. These were simple mods so didn't require much thought.

Free Flow + Headers + Enlarged Throttle Body: Early November - Approx 10,500 kms.
The car completed 10k, so figured it's time to have some fun!

Porting/Polishing + Valves + Shaved Head: Mid December (2 days ago) - 13,500 kms approx.
Jignesh suggested it. I said why not. I'm very glad I did.

I'll get back to you on the pricing in a bit. Not too sure about forum rules.

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Well done Boom. Glad the cars turned out exactly the way you have wnated it. All credit to Jignesh for a fantastic job well done.

Your next mod in my opinion should be an upgraded clutch and try and get hold of a set of lightened pulleys. You will be amazed at the differnece it makes. By lightened pulleys I mean, the crank pulley, Power steering pump Pulley etc. etc. I am sure Juignesh will be able to help you source the same.

Lets not forget about the brakes, better brake pads also needs to be a priority item.

Take care. Drive safe.
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AFAIK, the forum has no rules against revealing pricing.
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Thats good thing you did Boom done upgrade in phases with this you know what things perform at what level, glad you are happy with the results.
few queries..
* how much was throttle body enlarged in terms of mm? compared to stock.
* is optra 1.6 VGis intake manifold is dual stage?
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Boom, Glad you are enjoying the additional ponies. All the mods seem well thought out and executed. One question though, since this is more of what you wanted from your car in the first place (given you started modifying fairly early on in the life of the car), wouldn't it have been prudent to go for the 1.8?

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Tri Phase: Rs.18,500 - I got an inaugural discount. Viper's also giving 10% off to all t-bhpians

Ractive EV500: Rs.3,500

OWS Dual Tip Iridiums: Rs.750 per plug

Customised Free Flow + Headers + SS tip: Rs.12,500

Throttle body enlargement: Rs.2,500 + Labour

Porting/Polishing + Valves + Head Shaving: Rs.20,000 including labour + parts

NOTE: These prices are car specific and differ from car to car. I suppose you can PM Viper for more details.

@Jeetu: Throttle was enlarged by 2.5mm. Yes the manifold is dual stage.

@Sideways: I fully agree about upgrading the brakes. However, right now I have to hit the brakes on spending any more on my car! I have ordered a strut brace which is due next week though.

@Red: I thought about it a lot. But the 1.8 was only 11bhp more and didn't seem worth the massive cost difference (2 lakhs!). It made more sense to get a 1.6 and spend the money on enhancing the performance.

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Good one, Boom. I don't venture much into the engine-vengine area, but when I do, to read threads like this one, I do get a whole lot of gyaan. And that was a really nice review, well written too.

That's a lotta money there. I'd rather spend it on ICE :-P Now let me run for cover before I get flamed to death :-)

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Boom, neatly executed project.
In the current line-up of cars that we have till 10lacs, the Optra easily wins the award for the best looker. And, now you have the performance part too covered. Good job.

Just curious as to how many extra horses all these mods would have added to what the Optra originally came with ?
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Old 13th December 2006, 17:56   #11
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Nice job there BOOM. Now your Optra will sure boom the hell out of other cars

BTW Pics will be appreciated. All mods + Car..
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well thats surely money well spent. id like to know the timings also if possible..0-100...100-0 and so on.GREAT JOB about comparing the timing of similar mods done on a baleno that viper modded in malad.just for a comparision.
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Old 13th December 2006, 18:18   #13
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man just one word for you :SWEEEEEEET ... great job there bro .. drive safe and enjoy your drive
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Boy thats some amazing mods, the car must be flying like crazy. You have made all the decisions very well Boom.
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Team-BHP Support
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Soon in Bombay. Soon to check out this babe....Boom, I'm there on third week of this month.
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