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Originally Posted by vij4all View Post
Don't mean to hijack this thread but didn't want to start a new one with mostly the same queries.

I had a Pulsar DTSI (of the first batch) in end 2008 and rode it for 4 years before selling it off. I was then in awe of the new batch of pulsars with mag wheels, digital speedometer etc. However I rode a friend's pulsar last week and an hour's ride ensured a pain in the a**. I also found myself stopping lower (I'm 6 "2) than I did on my bike so i dont know if they have raised the seating position slightly. Also the age old bajaj problem of the gears making lots of noise. My bike after a couple of years had the gears slipping too (2nd to 4th or getting stuck in between) Whatever, I found myself disliking the pulsar which 5 years ago was my dream.

Now, Im planning a new bike sometime in march / april so have started my research again. After reading scores of reviews and views, I have shortlisted the following:

CBZ Extreme
and now the new Yam FZ16

Let me tell you my issues which would eliminate some of the above.

I will be using the bike largely for office commute and the occasional Mumbai - Pune ride (solo). Sometimes, my wife or father may ride pillion to the local mall etc thus it is not recommended for a 40 degree seating style. Even on the pulsar, my father would feel the pain riding pillion. As of now, i love the style on the new yam (except the front number plate positioning) but the seat's too vertical for my liking. - Is it possible to bring it down slightly to look more horizontal ?

I just saw the hunk but it has what most bikes nowadays have. Those extra fender kind of things that hang out outside the body of the bike (they are located below the fuel tank typically) and i hate them. Dont know about other specs but I've been reading other posts on this forum on the hunk and been unable to judge.

The unicorn and the CBZ thankfully dont have those extra hangings. I believe that the unicorn is good for commutes with a refined engine and no hassles but if one is looking for some jazz and style, its the cbz one should go for.

I'm not looking for a high mileage. Used to get 50 kmpl with the pulsar so anything above 45 suits me fine.

I'm inclined towards the cbz extreme - just wanted your opinion.

A wise choice! Both the engines of Hunk and Xtreme are same. You would get 50 kmpl in city without doubt. One major difference between Hunk and X-treme is, the hunk hot Gas Shocks at the back (GRS named by HH) and x-treme got normal spring shocks. The ride quality on Hunk is a bit plush and kushy compared to x-treme which is good on broken roads at slower speeds than x-treme. Of course, the gas shocks never bottom out even at high speeds on bad roads.

The choice is obvious; go for any of the bike, it will serve the purpose. If you want a bit better ride quality (only comparitive; does not mean x-treme does not have better ride quality), go for Hunk. In all other aspects, both the bikes behave the same.
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I would choose FZ16 then unicorn... over 350cc CB400.. just for office some where on the BIAL road.
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i noticed that my T is inclined towards right by few inches. Can it be the problem due to which it shakes when ridden on edges?
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Old 7th December 2008, 19:57   #49
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Best handling bikes are

1 -> R15(priced a bit high)
2 -> FZ16(big rear tire so good road grip)
3 -> Unicorn(has great handling,comfort,mileage,smoothest engine etc)
4 -> RTR (Good bike for sporty & speed enthusiasts but vibes a lot after 65+)

Mostly in a long run, bikes with mono suspension has better stability in curves at high speeds than conventional dual spring as in due course of time both the springs might not function equally so reduces curve handling after some years.
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Old 6th November 2009, 17:07   #50
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Has to be the R15, but the RTR is more "nippy" and much better priced.
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The R15, the classic CBZ, RTR and Karizma i felt extremely confident when taking corners on these from the word go. Not ridden the fz16 yet, but heard good reviews about its handling.
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Originally Posted by navpreet318 View Post
Define Handling!!
I frankly cannot cannot define handling.different people like it differently.

Agree with you completely - my two pennies worth of handling is as follows :
1. Should carry me and my pillion (on the straights/around corners/up and down hill) without losing its poise.
2. Should stop when the brakes (front+rear) are applied without any drama.
3. Should allow me to cut corners and squeeze through gaps - without requiring me to put my foot down on the road.
4. Should change gears smoothly and accelerate well in any gear
5. Heavier vehicles overtaking me should not upset the bike

Amongst Pulsar / Unicorn / Karizma / Apache (150) - (touched speeds of 85 - 95 kmph as per odo) Unicorn is the best. Karizma runs close. Apache's hieght and handlebars felt slightly off mark. Pulsar was OK in the city, but at higher speeds my confidence progressively went down.

(PS - My bike Gladiator. Why? (a) Budget! (b) Fulfilled all the above!!. But it doesn't score on two fronts (a) bike tramlines a lot (b) seat is too soft and you can't slide your a** back and forth easily)
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1> Any day Apache RTR 160 With MRF Rubber
2> Karizma.. Very slow to response to quick lane cutting .Crosswinds make her unstable.
3> Bajaj/Unicorn : Notchy gearshift for Bajaj.Good handling
4>R15 May be good but who will pay the premium.And its low end torque is very bad so one has to always ride her hard to get best out of her.
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Old 7th November 2009, 09:02   #54
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Any day Unicorn has the best handling,comfort,mileage (55+kmpl 100% city traffic),smoothest engine.
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(Dont downtrade R15 by comparing it to other bikes in the 150cc category plz. Its in a diff league altogther.)
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Came across this article on Bike India, might be of help in making a decision.

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