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ajmat 26th August 2007 10:57

Pranlal Bhogilal Collection - Auto World - Dasthan - Kathwada - Gujarat
As mentoned elsewhere, I happened to visit Auto World, which houses Mr Pranlal Bhogilal's collection.

The reknowned Mr Bhogilal has a prolific collection of vintage beauties, some of them rare gems. These are distributed betwen Kathwada, Mumbai where he resides and in Ahmedabad where he ownes a palatial home.

Virtually, all the the cars are complete but alas not all are in concours condition. given the sheer quantity of the fleet, it is a herculean task to get there. IF you observe some pics, the chrome is tarnished, some cases the paintwork is too thick, a lot of orange peel finish. Some colours are questionable. imagine a Wolseley 6/110 mk 2 painted bright yellow (it is a distant nephew of the amby and cousin to scooby's uncles late lamented austin westminster) and labelled as a sports saloon! In my years in England, a Wolsely was something that ld tweedy aunts drove.

Anyway, credit goes to the man for putting whatever he has into these cars and sharing with all. A lot of these cars were deemed white elephants by the owners and given to him to preserve so one must salute his accomodative spirit. The museum is situated on his 1000+ acre farm outside Naroda in Kathwada about 45 min from the airport. Those of you with 4 hours to spare during a business trip in Ahmedabad, it is worth a look. Place is about 45min from the airport.

I was staying on a neighbouring farm for a family event. We were invited for a quick visit as Mr B was coming in the next day and all attention would be diverted.

As Naveen says, I am a dinosaur using film cameras still hence i could only take limited shots. fortunately, Rudy in his "eve" avatar tempted me with an Apple so I could enhance and retouch the pics. So here goes - apologies but photobucket would not let me thumbnail the pics

ajmat 26th August 2007 10:58

As one enters a narrow courtyard, one sees these old dowagers, mounted on axle stands and spotlessly clean.

On one side are a host of carriages and on the other, the older american cars are lined up. Since all folks are more interested in petrol fed and not wheat fed horses, let us focus on the cars

First car sitting in the corner which struck my eye was the 1934 Chrysler Airflow. I certainly question the colour scheme but the lines are as striking as when the Citroen DS was introduced

ajmat 26th August 2007 10:59

Another line up of pre WW2 american tourers

ajmat 26th August 2007 11:00

1938 Packard Convertible

ajmat 26th August 2007 11:00

Chrysler Convertible - apologies - lost the details, am sure Ram can fill us in !

ajmat 26th August 2007 11:01

This Langonda 2 liter is a beauty. Not apparent in the pics, it has a grace and poise similar to the old Jag's. This was my favourite

ajmat 26th August 2007 11:01

Some rare American gems

1936 Cord 810 - again questonable colour and the paintwork was orange peely, needs a strip down but putting it back together with refettled parts will be a challenge due to rarity

1940's auburn

1958 Hotchkiss - This car seems to be in imacualte condition

ajmat 26th August 2007 11:01

1928 Rolls royce (hope I got year correct) - Hooper bodies and trimmed. Please not interiors

ajmat 26th August 2007 11:02

Another Rolls from the same era. My wife thought the paint scheme was "sweet'

This car originated from Jodhpur and was used by the Royal women so was the purdah special. Communication lights were used to tell the driver where to go.

ie. Light for- Market, Palace, in laws, etc

ajmat 26th August 2007 11:03

1922 Rolls Royce

As designated "PlayBoy" version. Not sure where the centrespread would pose

Bodywork was faded

ajmat 26th August 2007 11:03

1958 Cadillac Fleetwood

Just the thing for the old man if in Black.

They normaly try to challenge you to find the fuel filler - any guesses

ajmat 26th August 2007 11:04

1927 Hispano-Suiza H6C from the rolls hating Maharaja of Alwar

Note the provision for hunting rifles. Needs a spot of detailing

ajmat 26th August 2007 11:04

The oft talked about unswappable 1937 Maybach SW38 from Kota

ajmat 26th August 2007 11:04

A slightly tarnished 1952 Merc 300 adenaur cabrio. Another one is also in the collection, I think it is a saloon. The colour is Palio burnt orange.

ajmat 26th August 2007 11:05

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