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Default Mercedes W124 Crashed!

According to the witnesses of the accident , the car was doing a high speed (really really highspeed) overtaking manouvre . Apparently the bus driver made little effort to slow down inspite of seeing a car in his lane from the opposite side. On a look at the side pic of the bus , one can just imagine the intensity of the accident. The owner of the car is a very prominent business man of this place . Driver of the car died enroute to the hospital. The best part is inspite of the impact the front tyre is still intact apart from a dent in the disc.

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Very Sad to see the blood on the air bags.. Feeling sorry for the person who died due to his negligence.. One should know how to drive by being attentive not being a fool... and end up like this
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I guess your signature is very fitting for this merc driver. was he crazy or what ? how could he have taken such a risk ? surely he would have been above 120, maybe 140/160 too. How many people in the car & what is the damage ?

p.s. the bus looks more totalled than the merc. build shows.
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Looks very very fatal for the occupants of the Merc. You can see the Airbag drenched in blood.

Drive responsibly guys!
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OMG! this is really scarey....drife safe guys!
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Damn thats bad! Just goes to show, no matter how many airbags, or any other safety the end it's all up to the driver.

Drive safe everyone....don't push your luck on the highways.

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Damn..!!!! thats scary ..!!

Any idea about the condition of occupants?

The bus is in a bad condition too..

Where did this happen?

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It looks like the AIrbag has not deployed completely.See the steering, looks like its been cut and the airbag been pulled out.. Generally the entire top part of steering comes off when airbags are deployed..

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Old 20th April 2007, 12:06   #9
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Very sickening indeed.
You buy a powerful, fast car so that you can overtake quickly and safely. Abuse of power leads to tragedy. Even a car as well built and safe as a W124 is not going to protect you if you're not responsible enough. As the saying goes, "Power is nothing without control."
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Old 20th April 2007, 12:06   #10
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Default shocking!!

Front axle of the bus is vanished or what?!! Tooo scary!!
Built quality of Merc is evident here!! Sad that driver is dead!

You might be right Max. The situation would've compounded only due to the idiotic road manner of bus driver! Private busses along Kerala highways are the MOST dangerous road users in the world!
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Man, the car's halfway through the bus. The airbags wont help in this case. As usual the bus height makes the crumple zone useless.

The car's gone under the bus and the front has taken the impact only when it hit the bus front axle.

If the bus was lower the driver would have survived.
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Old 20th April 2007, 12:20   #12
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I am sure the bus driver escaped with no injuries. As far my highway knowledge goes, one should give way to the vehicle which is involved in an overtaking maneouvre. As is always the case, the bus driver thinks the road belongs to him, and refused to slow.

Sad to see cases like these.
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Hope the bus driver's legs also vanished along with the front axle.
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Man that's one scary crash. If you look at it apart from the bus height causing the roof to crumple, rest of the passenger cell looks unaffected.
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Oh my god!! .........................................
No words coming out!!
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